Fascist Democrats Strike Again: Google Removes My Website From Its Search Results

I’ve never had big numbers but I saw them drop off dramatically right after the election.

Now I just did a search that appears to show Google having removed my website, LoveBreedsAccountability.com, from its search results.

Try it out yourself.

Below is a snippet from something I wrote and published here months ago:

“and local leaders that the media and academia have been hyping”

If you do that search in Google, including the quotation marks, it will not bring back my website. But that’s insane because my website is where the line originated from.

If you do that same search in DuckDuckGo, it does bring back LBA. Like it’s supposed to!

See for yourself if you’d like.

Click here for the Google search results.

Click here for the DuckDuckGo search results.

Google does not bring back my website.

DuckDuckGo does.

That means Google has actively told its search engines to exclude my website from its results.

Here are two more sample phrases from the same piece…

“the absence or inefficiency of masks means lives are at risk”

Click here for the Google results.

Click here for the DuckDuckGo results.

“little less sanctimonious, and mean, and uninformed, and afraid”

Click here for the Google results (no LBA).

Click here for the DuckDuckGo results (LBA).

In fact, click here for the Yahoo results (LBA) and click here for the Bing results (LBA).

Everything is working just fine everywhere else. But Google, for some crazy reason, can’t seem to find my website even when you do a search with quotes that originated from my website.

If Google is censoring little old me, lord knows how many other books are being burned in support of the anti-American, anti-America, free-speech hating Democrat party of 2020.

I guess I’m over the target.


UPDATE, 12-6-20 at 9:07AM ET — After publishing this piece I noticed it — this piece that you’re reading — came back in the Google results. That means it’s not my entire site that Google blocked from its results, just that one piece I pulled the quotes from. “Just that one piece” which, incidentally, was the most popular I’d ever written: Your Mask Is Making You Meaner, Dumber, More Afraid & Less Safe. After its first 100K shares on Facebook, they reset the counter on the bottom back to 0 and it started over. That stunk for me because it was the first time I had a piece get that kind of traction. Right now it says over 200K shares on that one but that number should be at least 100K higher. I don’t make a penny off this website and work, and don’t want to. But seeing that kind of traction is a badge of honor and gives my site some flex. So for that to have happened and now to see that Google also targeted that specific piece is just…it’s weird. The left’s hatred for free speech and Hitlerian insistence on censorship isn’t just scary. It’s weird. What a bunch of sad freaks.


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  1. Google? We don’t need any stinking Google. Remember their don’t be evil slogan?
    That was just a slogan. Look up the comrades who run Google and who made them the arbiters of all internet information?
    The internet is so wonderful because it is wide open and it shouldn’t be a monopoly for any tech or social media company.


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