Be Not Afraid, Elected Republicans: MAGA Brings You Tidings Of Joy & Hope

They’re struggling to understand why so many of you aren’t yet dancing dutifully to their tune, like you largely did before Trump and they anticipate with bated hostilities you will again.

If you’re an elected Republican and you’ve not been here before (so virtually all of you), then you need to study up and get your head around what I’m proposing. Because our future is very bright. The Republican party has long been our nation’s most consistently pro-freedom and pro-America political movement, and what we’re seeing right now suggests yet another historic shift toward those values. I believe God loves America not because America loves God, but because America loves freedom and individual liberty. (The latter being something God might liken to free will.) And He’s positioned us well for generations to come. Donald Trump was an instrument God used and every last one of us knew it was happening. Few if any of us were roped in to an allure as described by the media or inferred by so many of you. We know imperfection when we see it. But we also know God is infinitely more powerful and wise than we are, and that for decades we felt abandoned by so many of you who left us for dead; to be lied to, and about, by our nation’s ubiquitous institutional left with the legacy news media leading that charge.

But our faith, it often appears, is so much stronger than yours. And we knew and still do know why God helped Donald Trump, and why we must now soldier on after being clearly cheated. Many of you don’t, however. You still think it’s some fluke or that we’re just dumb enough to be suckered by some conman.

You’re too wrapped up in your bubble to see the forest for the trees, and that’s a big reason why you’re still so afraid of the media.

But try to understand the importance of these two realities: You, more than anyone else, empower the media. And the media, more than anyone else, divide our nation.

It’s neither a small nor an inaccurate observation, and deserves tremendous sunlight in the coming years.

The shift toward pro-Republican values — life, freedom, equality, justice, individual liberty, celebrating character more than identity, celebrating unity more than diversity, and now putting America First and draining the swamp of its most toxic elements — these are happening where all the most important changes in our society do: from within the culture. And we exist influentially inside that culture even though we are effectively written out of it but for lies and misrepresentations by the media, Hollywood and academia. But we told you long ago that we’re here and we have your back. Some of you didn’t hear us and others didn’t believe us. We’re telling you again now at a fever pitch you’ll either tune for or be deafened by.

George W. Bush was the first Republican I watched really fall flat on his face because he didn’t know the base was smarter than the media led on. So Bush became their whipping boy. And he never even began to fight back. He was paralyzed with fear over what the media would do next. How they would humiliate, marginalize, bully, provoke, obstruct, punish or simply lie about him.

Democrat politicians don’t get treated this way.

Bush did and it was brutal, and he bent over and took it and asked for more.

McCain did the same thing.

So did Romney.

And every step of the way we’d be screaming at you guys, telling you to stop apologizing for the biased media and to start fighting back.

“No, no,” you’d insist. “They’re good people just doing an honest day’s work.”

You looked and sounded like hostages when you made those statements because you were. Either that or you didn’t actually care about the media’s destructive stranglehold over our national conversation. Whatever the reason, it was a colossal failure on your part and now those days are done.

We know the future is bright but we need to hold you accountable, and we need you to trust us that we have your back. We in the base can’t do a damn thing about Democrats cheating in elections, or the media flooding every home with love for Democrats and hatred for Republicans. They are silencing us and shouting us down and bullying us out of our right to free speech and free expression. They’ve hijacked science to make it look like we either don’t exist (scientific polls wildly understating our presence) or shouldn’t exist (scientific studies explaining how we are hard-wired to be dumber than Democrats).

But we are still here. And we’re pissed off, and we’re strong, and we’re right, and we’re well-positioned for massive wins socially, politically, legislatively and culturally in the coming years and decades. I know many on our side don’t see that right now but the cracks in the left’s stranglehold over the culture are clear as a bell to me, as is the massively important implications of President Trump’s successes.

And the greatest of those successes remains his showing you that you can stand up to the media and thrive in your political work.

A lot of you are grifters. You know who you are. Some of you were grifters before you got to D.C., and an even bigger group became grifters after you got there. I used to write often of you and your teams: most come to “do good” but stay to do well and in the end do little except help themselves and each other.

It’s true, tragic and for a while had become pervasive.

But in the last decade or so there have been an increasing number of die-hard America First patriots who were holding the line long before President Trump came along. Still even the best among them didn’t take it to the media the way Trump does.

That’s why he was so successful (he alone drove our 2020 red wave and we all know it), that’s what we need more of and that’s what I’m proposing above all else and will continue trying to hammer home until at least one of you gets it. Because as soon as just one of you gets your head around this, the rest will have an easy time and it’ll get real fun, real fast.

We have to make “media bias” a national issue.

We can’t have honest conversations about all the other issues if the referees (the media) are constantly in the tank for one side. And, importantly, it’s not just about political momentum or fairness.

Not by a mile.

Because the Democrat party has always derived all of its power off pain and division. Before they lost the legal right to segregate and enslave brown people, they got power by insisting that all white people are victims and all black people are the reason why. Today they get power by insisting that all black people are victims and all white people are the reason why. The more pathetic, dependent, depressed and divided our nation is, the better the Democrat party does. The more happy, healthy, independent and united our nation is, the better the Republican party does.

The media is operating in service to the Democrat party.

Are you starting to understand the massively powerful and destructive force that the legacy news media has been in our lives for so long?

So while the future is in fact very bright, a great source of that light is our opportunity right now to start doing the work. And we in the base are bringing you, our elected representatives, this good news.

Go fight. Go win. We’ve got your back. We don’t give a prancing lick about the feckless Democrats or their senile paper cut-outs right now. They are a pathetic joke of a party that wouldn’t exist at all if the media didn’t do all the heavy lifting (marketing, messaging, lobbying, opposition research) for them.

So the next time someone from NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, WaPo, NYT, PBS, NPR or AP asks you a question, don’t answer it. Instead hold them to account for the myriad partisan characterizations they and their employers traffic in under the guise of impartiality and neutrality. Hit them in the face with the hard reality and promise not to stop until they either apologize and improve, or confess what they really are to the world.

Make that the issue.

This just isn’t that hard.

That we can’t have a fair or honest one in this country is more damaging than anything else in the world right now, and no one is more to blame than the partisan propagandists in the media who falsely claim to be arbiters of truth and integrity while taking turns gaslighting and torching our nation.

Good things are afoot for our party, nation and world. We just have to do the work. And this will be a central component to all of it. Who will lead the charge?


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  1. Well spoken. You say what millions of us have been thinking and trying to tell for years now. I can’t see our President taking another oath because of our gutless representatives in DC. They don’t have the spine to put on brass knuckles and come out swinging. The DOJ is headed by a sloth that is positioning himself for another gig in Biden’s camp. The Democrats are devious devils that are going to get away with this fraud. It’s up to the 80M or so of us to take to the streets. It’s 1776 all over again.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Another great one…I do hope those Republicans at issue see it and get a spine regarding the media and start kicking the crap out of them. This inspired me to do a short article on my page, which people might want to take a look at.


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