Trump Should Keep Beating The Snot Out Of Bush, Obama & Clinton

There’s nothing the media, Democrats, establishment Republicans and deep state (aka “the swamp”) would like more than for Trump to start playing nice with the other past presidents.

All over social media the last several days, the slavemasters who manipulate you from Twitter and Facebook are feverishly touting the stately nature of Bush, Clinton and Obama all committing together to publicly receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

They will at some point make an overture to invite President Trump into their mix for select events. They’ll want to cajole him by finally, however grudgingly, accepting him as part of their tiny little grift clique.

President Trump should smack the shit out of them publicly the second they try to do this. Their only goal in accepting him at this point will be to tamp down on our enthusiasm. I have to think he knows better than that but in case he doesn’t, I’m telling him in this post.

Never forget, Mr. President…


We are counting on you to stay in their way.


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One comment

  1. Are there really people who believe that these swampers will be getting the same big pharm Frankenstein vaccine that the unwashed proles will be getting?
    No wonder this republic is in such a sad state of decline.


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