Steve Scalise & Chuck Grassley Take Turns Failing Us On Fox News

I’m short on time here but here are two examples of what we absolutely must not tolerate anymore from our elected Republicans.

Steve Scalise was on with Bill Hemmer, and Hemmer asked Scalise to explain the GOP’s exceptional performance against all odds with respect to the House in the 2020 election. Scalise eagerly approached his victory lap waxing poetically about great candidates and Americans’ rejection of socialism.

He didn’t say a single word about the anomalous nature of Trump’s voters bringing massive GOP-over-Democrat enthusiasm and everyone except Trump comfortably securing their wins. It’s the top-line story to any discussion about Republicans’ strong performance, and yet Scalise didn’t even stop for a millisecond to articulate it. That’s unacceptable. And it’s old school swamp behavior: taking undue credit while lacking the courage to speak honestly when in the company of your media betters.

How did the Republican party do so much better in 2020 than they did in 2018, even though 2020 was supposed to be a blue tidal wave? It’s because Donald Trump was on the ticket. And that virtually everyone except him won is extremely suspicious. Say it loud. Say it proud. And if you don’t say it, expect a lot of friendly fire.

Next up was Chuck Grassley talking to that doughy pajama boy, Neil Cavuto. Cavuto spent literally the entire interview pleading with Grassley to say something that would offend or otherwise marginalize President Trump. Nothing Cavuto asked about mattered. None of it had any significance in any way to anything that’s happening in the world right now. The only thing on Cavuto’s mind was getting Grassley to attack Trump. And Grassley, gracious albeit gruff like always, either didn’t pick up on it or didn’t have the guts to call Cavuto out for it. Neither is acceptable. And so I’m telling him about it in this post. (The video isn’t up yet but I’ll post it later once it is.)

Senator Grassley, the next time some America Last activist in the media spends the entire interview petulantly pressing you to stoop to their obnoxious level, please call them out for it.

Everything you’re asking me about today, and every direction you’re trying to steer me, all point toward disrespecting or otherwise marginalizing the President. I don’t understand why that’s so important to you. Why are you playing these games? Why are you so laser focused on trying to attack President Trump and his supporters? I think there are a lot of important things happening in the world. Some involve election fraud. Some involve likely transitions of power. None of it involves me coming on your air and spending my time being goaded into saying something against the President of the United States whom I support and appreciate and stand behind, along with nearly 80,000,000 other voting Americans. If you have something ugly you’d like to say about President Trump, feel free to. But there has to be more to this interview than just asking me to do it for you.

That’s the posture and it’s honest and easy.

And going forward we want to see some of it, followed by a lot of it, and eventually only it.

There’s a way to beat the media. What I just saw inside one hour of Fox News interviews was a few solid Republicans all too easily preparing to slide back into their old ways. That’s not gonna do it this time around and we’ll be here reminding them of that as often as possible.


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One comment

  1. Trump’s strategy at this point is to call on Biden to acknowledge the obvious vote cheating and do his duty to bring the country together by conceding the election. If Biden did this, it would immediately reform the corrupt Democratic party and get the country back on solid footing.

    Of course they would break Biden’s other foot but that would be a small price to pay to become a true American hero.


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