Reminder To Media & Dems Preaching ‘Unity’: Go To Hell

I swear I start most days totally fine amid the reality that the three most powerful forces in our lives hate with the fire of a thousand suns our most sacred 1st and 2nd Amendments, and that we literally just watched an election get stolen after four years of failed coup attempts by the media and this new dirtbag to the party that sounds like a bogeyman but is in fact very real and apparently has been for some time: the deep state.

So I think about all this before I even get out of bed in the morning and given the gravity it’s surprisingly easy to get my head around and move past. But this, mind you, is nothing new for nearly every conservative, libertarian and/or conservatarian in the country. The clearly fraudulent election that we’re forced to just accept is new, but we wake up every day acutely aware of our society’s struggling vital signs — and prepared to be attacked if we say or do anything to stop the bleeding. It’s like they want us to become the same sneaky liars that the Democrat party became after they lost the ability to literally segregate and enslave brown people. They want us to start lying about who we are and what we want, to stop operating with a transparent and unapologetic love for this country and instead go along with their shady “I love America, but” narratives.

Not gonna happen. The future is bright and we know it. It will take work. It will take generations. But it’s happening. The cultural shift is underway and the America First movement is and will remain at the center of it. There’s a lot to be excited about which, with respect to social and political activism, keeps people like me going. But it’s all very far off. And we’re only just now seeing cracks in the bigoted left’s stranglehold over the culture. 

And I know we’re only just seeing the cracks because the next thing I do every morning is set aside the reality that those credited with mitigating racism and racial disparity are the ones who create the most of both, while those who are blamed for racism and racial disparity create the least of either. And I know the bad guys who we are told are good are doing the bad things on purpose because the America Last Democrats derive their power from pain. And I know the people getting falsely blamed for racism and racial disparity have zero recourse against those devastating accusations and for decades have just had to suck it up and “take it” from the massively powerful and pervasive institutional left.

I get up every day and I know with respect to race and progress, that’s the evolutionarily degenerative world I’ve lived my whole life in and I know it’s likely the only world I’ll ever know. And if I’m being honest as much as it absolutely kills me, that cesspool of media and Democrat-sponsored bigotry and division is likely the only world my son will ever know. And the only world every one of his friends, no matter their color, will ever know. And it makes me violently ill from a social awareness standpoint. But still I wake up every day well aware of it and nevertheless ready and eager to do whatever small things I can in his life, and for his mom, to help ensure our family is strong and loving and committed and accountable to ourselves and each other and, in turn and without even trying, the world around us. Because the love of a committed family, more than anything else, is what breeds accountability in free individuals.

I wake up every day knowing that they’re massively inflating the number of actual COVID-19 deaths, and they’re suppressing the reality about the percent who live, and they’re manufacturing massively destructive fear and pain and then exploiting both for political and social purposes, and forget about jobs and businesses: literally every child in America is paying a price greater than we know and more imminent than we’re admitting in multiple growth-stunting and health-eroding ways.

It’s all so astonishing but I wake up every day knowing all of it, and fully prepared to soldier on and do my small part in my own life to keep my own backyard productive and abundant for myself and those who rely on me.

I wake up and I move on.

And then I make the mistake of stopping just momentarily to look around, and I realize that fully half the country either knows none of this or worse they actively contribute to all of it while telling themselves without evidence that it’s the morally just thing to do.  Meanwhile, the other half of the country is bullied into silence and not allowed to speak out because today’s leftist-dominated America has fully accepted that any non-conformist speech from the right is hate speech, and it’s not only okay but in fact courageous to attack, marginalize or otherwise “cancel” those who engage in it.

It becomes a lot harder to power through a day when that reality hits me, so I get distracted and stop momentarily to write it down and remind that liberal half of the country…

You’re not cool. You’re not woke. You’re not progressive. You’re cheesy and you’ve been taught to embrace hatred and bigotry under a horribly-molested banner of “love.” You embody “useful idiot” in a more prominent and sustained way than any other class of people in the history the world, and you make it more difficult for legitimately cool people to do legitimately cool things. I’m not going to tell you to stop existing because I don’t think like a leftist. But this is me telling you that your idiocy is sometimes a real distraction in a world that’s already pretty distracting thanks to your idiocy. And I guess my hope is that maybe if you hear the word “idiot” enough attached to you and what you do then you might not like me very much for it but at least, whether you planned to be or not, you’re a little closer to the truth.

And then it feels like the playing field is more level because while most of you are useful idiots in service to corrupt forces that thrive off of our collective failure, and you truly do believe what you’re doing is good, you at this point deserve to know what it’s like to have your day rudely interrupted by the reality that you’re not liked or valued in any way socially or politically. You’re only doing bad things. You only create pain and disunity. And there isn’t a chance on God’s green earth that we’re gonna miss a single opportunity over these next four years to figuratively spit in your face the way you’ve long allowed your most powerful allies to do to us. They put you in this fight. They used you as pawns. They still are. We couldn’t have another election if we wanted to because your base is too stupid and violent and hopeless to actually do something civilized like that. The businesses boarded up their windows because of your base. Because of your allies.

There are 80,000,000 furiously pissed off Trump supporters in the country right now and not a single city burned to the ground. 

Had it gone the other way or God forbid if we asked for an actual election where people had to show up to vote, the Democrat base — the fatherless thugs and career anarchists and hopeless drug addicts and grifters and drifters you polite suburban liberal idiots pretend don’t service your most powerful partners — our nation would be forced to watch as hundreds if not thousands of your idiots were slaughtered in the streets. The media and America-hating Democrats created these failures and thugs. They created this environment. They love it.

This is what they want and you condone all of it. And the proof is that it’s the country we live in right now, and you pretend not to see it.

So every last one of you can go to hell. And if you find that distracting and negative, welcome to the party. We on the American right should be so lucky. When you on the left who don’t actually condone this stuff but have turned a blind eye to it finally stop gaslighting and start acknowledging it, then and only then can we even flirt with the idea of “unity.” Until then, I’ll keep pushing this message and more to crush the America-hating terrorists in big media, big tech, politics and big business whose power is amassed by the confluence of America’s pain and ignorance. 

“Unity?” Not a chance. We’re gonna try to impeach that senile old fool Illegitimate Joe Biden and then kick Willie Brown’s sidepiece, Kamala Harris, back to the gutter where it belongs in 2024. We’re gonna crush any Republican who plays nice with the media and Democrats. We’re going to obstruct, resist and punish. And we’re gonna enjoy doing it. You brought this on. You fucked with us too many times and now you’re going to reap what you sow. And, in the end, America will be stronger and better for it. Because that’s the direction this country is finally headed after so many years of swamp molestation, and there’s nothing you can do to stop us at this point. You think one cheated election is going to stop the glacial scale of the America First and Drain The Swamp movements? Good luck with that! In the meantime, let’s stop pretending we like each other. Or, better still, I’ll afford you the respect you never afforded me and simply tell you point blank: I don’t like you. I don’t want to be friends with you. I don’t want to find common ground with you. I think you’re a blight on this nation’s progress and unity and I’m sick to death of pretending there’s anything remotely “progressive” about your laughably naked attempts to grab power.

“Racial climate justice?!”

I mean, are you effing kidding me at this point?

Have fun in that world because it’s a fast-shrinking one that can’t be mocked into obscurity fast enough. 


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  1. What unity can light have with darkness? What unity can ice have with flame?

    If the linguine-cans do not stand with Trump and let Biden and his replacement in, I am all for contributing to a mobile, well-lit billboard that will follow them around saying “ILLEGITIMATE.”

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  2. Loved reading every bit of this, but especially your last paragraph. This whole “2020” ordeal also makes me queasy and angry…but angry is the norm these days, for almost a year actually, what with their Great Facilitator, “covid,” having been rolled out last winter. Thank you for telling it like it is.
    Even the suggestion that Biden got 80 million+ votes is ridiculous; such obvious vote count fraud is insult on top of injury. Hell is too good for these demented, evil power freaks.
    Regarding “covid” deaths, in the years 2015 through 2020, 2020 is the year with the lowest overall deaths in the USA, something like 400,000 less than each preceding year on average. Those numbers are from the CDC, who also continually terrorize the public with covid horror tales. I’ll post that in a separate comment in case it’s spammed here. Those who believe them are equally to blame but nowhere near as evil, are mostly just gullible dupes. Who, by the way, VOTE in massive numbers. Which is truly sickening.

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  3. I simply place the ‘leftist-democrats delusional word of note into the ‘antonym machine; it spits out what the true meaning is:
    “unity” => “discord is what they truly mean!

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    • Like Muslims pretend that “Islam” means peace when it really means only peace through SUBMISSION to their ideology, leftists call for Unity when it actually means submission to them with all differing opinions and their holders suppressed. Only one opinion allowed. The wrong one.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I disagree with the assertion about Muslims. Strongly. Because it’s incorrect. Their religion is in fact being hijacked by evil / terror. And too many of the most vocal and publicly-adorned Muslims do too little to combat that hijacking and, instead, pick fights with you and me for correctly identifying the cancer that currently exists within their religion. But it’s by no stretch of the imagine “all Muslims.” And I know plenty of people will quote chapter/verse from the Koran and try to explain to me that it does in fact mean they have to lie and kill and blah blah blah. I simply don’t buy it. And I never will. And I think those who do create more obstacles than avenues for the liberty-loving right. Personal opinion.

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