Quick Test To Prove Democrats Are A Joke & We Must Fight The Media

I’ve argued for more than a year that the America First movement — founded by the great President Donald J. Trump — should ignore the pathetic Democrats and focus our ire on the far more powerful legacy news media.

It is the legacy news media, after all, that does the Democrat party’s most effective lobbying, marketing, rapid response control and opposition research.

Tonight as I finally watch The Plot Against The President (excellent documentary about the media and Deep State colluding to destroy Trump), it was said that Adam Schiff is most responsible for the false Russia collusion narrative getting such a long shelf life.

And while it’s true that little pencil-necked freak is a bottomless sewer of low budget anti-Trump porn that scum like Jake Tapper get on their knees and beg for, do you really think they’d run the stories if a Republican brought them that trash? Do you really think they’d set every other real news story aside and salivate over sensationalizing the fake one if a Republican was fueling it and a Democrat was in the White House?

It’s not Schiff who was responsible for the Russia collusion hoax. He was at best a pawn that the media found some use for. But with or without him they would have manufactured a similar narrative by making “news” out of whatever threads they decided to pull on. If the media wanted to they could’ve driven and staged the entire Mueller investigation and the Ukraine impeachment bs for that matter all around Don Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer.

Does anyone really not understand that yet?

The question isn’t will the legacy news media continue disgracing itself amid new lows of shamelessness and recklessness in service to the “America Last” swamp upon which they rely for survival. The question is which fake news stories will they select and sensationalize to most effectively facilitate that service.

It’s not Schiff. It’s not Biden. It’s not Pelosi or Schumer. It’s not even George Soros or some other billionaire bogeyman we’re often warned about. Without the partisan legacy news media doing the heavy lifting for them none of it happens. It all goes away.

I’m fine with a strong, tenacious and powerful national news media.

I’m not fine with a strong, tenacious, powerful, partisan national news media.

The former is critical to our Republic.

The latter is devastating to it.

And every intellectually honest person reading this knows which one we have, which is why we are demanding that elected Republicans start doing something about it. You and I dumped the legacy news media a long time ago. It’s time for our elected Republicans to do the same if they want to keep their jobs and our nation intact.


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  1. I believe both are equally complicit in the mess we are in,. Politicians both d&r are for the most part bottom feeding trash and the so called press are enablers of the trash. A complete cleaning of the entire system is decades overdue.


  2. Democrats are no joke. For some time, they have been an insidious, sometimes violent subversive cabal whose objective is the Great Reset (the NWO before it was renamed by the UN)


  3. The First Amendment guarantees freedom of the press. By becoming little more than a Democrat propaganda machine, the MSM is no longer the “press” as defined by the Framers, and is no longer covered by its constitutional protections. So they’re fair game for a thorough housecleaning.


  4. Every media type and Dem or naif defending the media should give 5 examples of where media have treated President Trump or Republicans fairly on any issue. Better yet, they should have to give 5 examples where they have been biased in the President’s favor…because one can cull hundreds of examples of favoritism toward Obama or Biden.


  5. It appears that the “news” outlets/cable/tv have succeeded in fronting a usurper candidate who holds no vision or platform, into a possible presidential office.
    What now and what next? How do we defeat the Democratic Borg attempting to force their way into the White House?


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