Will Marco Rubio Follow Trump’s Lead Or Wither On His Coattails?

We all wanted him to be a rock star but then he caved and did that Gang of 8 immigration bill and we lost a lot of faith in him.

His recent dig at Illegitimate Joe’s prospective cabinet picks, however, suggests a depth of understanding and courage that I’m not sure Rubio had 4 years ago.

I’ve long worried that Republicans were enjoying Trump’s trickle-down support, but not actually learning anything about how to support those who support him. I’ve written in dozens of pieces about how standing up to an obviously partisan national news media is central not only to President Trump’s rock solid support with his base, but his duty to that base as well.

We’re not girding for a fight or hoping to get our jollies off watching you “own the media libs.”

The national legacy news media are tearing this country apart more than anyone or anything else on the planet. They have acted so egregiously these past four years that violence has legitimately become an acceptable response to speech, so long as the person speaking has a MAGA hat on. This is happening in our streets right now. It’s not hyperbole. Put someone you love in a MAGA hat and tell them to spend the day in any major city. You won’t do it because you know they’ll be viciously assaulted before lunch. It’s real. It’s domestic political terrorism and it’s happening in America right now.

And even setting aside the recently normalized violence-as-a-response-to-speech that the media not only inspires but conceals from public view and thus further enables, even setting that aside — we can’t have fair and honest conversations about other important issues (the economy, employment, immigration, healthcare, foreign policy, etc) with the entire national news media actively cheering for Democrats and trying to hurt Republicans.

Pick a year.

Pick an issue.

Now go look at how the legacy news media covered it.

Tell me there isn’t a theme that favors the Democrats and hurts the Republicans, and you’ll have proven to me that you’re either dumb or dishonest.

You won’t be able to do it.

Or go randomly select 25 front pages from the Washington Post or New York Times during the Obama administration. Then randomly select 25 from the Trump administration. You’ll peruse the 25 for Obama and get a sense that he’s a wonderful man on a critical mission to promote love and charity, and the worst thing happening in the world is there are people trying to do anything other than support him. You’ll peruse the 25 for Trump and get a sense that he’s either an evil dictator or a bumbling fool, and the only good thing happening in the world is that there are people trying to stop him.

The data is in. The evidence is clear and you can find it anytime, anywhere just by going and looking for yourself. On any given day the most prominent legacy news media figures are out there showing us their true colors on Twitter. Their coy “We’re just reporting the facts, sorry if you don’t like them!” line doesn’t work any more because we are increasingly prepared to chastise the media for their partisan characterization of the news, rather than getting in a useless tit-for-tat over every fact they omit or erroneously report.

And Marco Rubio’s jab at Illegitimate Joe’s cabinet picks just, to me, sounds like a guy who has the right amount of hostility right now and isn’t afraid to smack the media squarely in the mouth.

Biden’s cabinet picks went to Ivy League schools, have strong resumes, attend all the right conferences & will be polite & orderly caretakers of America’s decline. I support American greatness. And I have no interest in returning to the “normal” that left us dependent on China.

Disappointments along the way notwithstanding including his initial seething hatred for Trump, he does have a component to him that we’ve all liked at certain points. Not even personally, but as an activist for conservatism and liberty. And people change. And events change people. Much of what I’ve written since the election is about how President Trump’s ascent, and continued support, and the media’s unforgivably bad behavior these last four years, have in fact helped our country in positive and permanent ways that will become wonderfully apparent as time goes on.

People like Marco Rubio are just as susceptible as others to watching this all play out and having a switch go off where he just gets it.

And by “it” I mean that he can, should and at this point must start fighting the media with every bit the same tenacity, dignity, purpose and pride that he fights the left more broadly.

We need leaders like Rubio to start the charge and refuse to any longer dignify the #NotNews9 with content for their reports. Who are the #NotNews9, you ask?


You and I boycotted the legacy news media decades ago. Now we need our elected Republican representatives to do the same. But they’ve been afraid to and they’ve couched that fear in disingenuous claims that the media are actually quite fair, or that we shouldn’t complain about it.

I’m gonna do something I’ve never done before and probably won’t do again. I’m gonna claim with confidence that I am right now speaking for literally every single member of the Republican base except for Jonah Goldberg, Stuart Stevens, Ana Navarro and Rick Wilson. And here’s what I have to say, on behalf of around 80,000,000 voters, to assertions that the media is actually fair and that we shouldn’t complain about their bias…


If you’re an elected Republican then the national legacy news media hate every last one of your supporters. And the ones who don’t hate us have to pretend like they do if they want to be accepted by the rest. For too long we’ve just shrugged this off and accepted it.

That’s not okay anymore.

The media’s bias in service to a Democrat party that has always thrived off of pain and division is tearing our country apart, and it’s become an issue that demands serious attention from our elected Republicans. If Marco Rubio has what it takes to help continue this fight then he can start by being the first to adopt the media bias issue as the incredibly serious one that it is.


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  1. Our insanely biased and totally non-credible mainstream media is absolutely 100% intolerable to anyone who thinks independently. Unfortunately, such people are fewer and fewer as time goes on, with the “educational” system being also corrupt and destructive, teaching mainly class envy and its socialism “solution” and unmerited self-esteem and confidence. Honest people in power have surely got to start kicking them back into the sewers they came from.


  2. Rubio is a fraud. Trump revealed that. I don’t understand why you blog anything because it’s apparent you don’t pay attention to anything


  3. Rubio, really ? You want to put your faith in one of the biggest backstabbing, carpetbagging sellout in years ? Please spare us your nonsense, if you’ve going to mortgage the country at least choose a consistent Constitutionist and not a whichever way the wind blows candidate.


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