GOP Base Dumped Legacy Media Long Ago; It’s Time Elected Republicans Do The Same

Despite their desperate attempts to convince each other and our nation otherwise, President Trump didn’t create our disdain for the media. Our disdain for the media created President Trump. And the minute that started becoming more apparent as one of his central focuses and he refused to back down to them, the media started behaving even worse than they already had been. And now, as an incredible silver lining to so much agony all these years, everyone sees their bad behavior. Nobody can deny that the legacy news media is rife with liberal political actors dishonestly claiming to be impartial journalists. That’s dangerous and it’s now the single most important issue that many Republican voters care about.  

First things first, we’ve been boycotting all wrong. It’s great that you personally don’t watch or subscribe to any of the legacy news media, but what we need now is to make sure not a single elected Republican engages with them either. You and I can “boycott CNN” all day and proudly denounce the network as fake news that’s not worth watching. It means, frankly, very little. But if Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy refuse to speak to any CNN reporters ever again about anything other than CNN’s own bias and the division and destruction it creates across our nation…

…now that is an exchange that we in the Republican base deserve, need and increasingly demand. It’s the only exchange with big media that we’ll approve of for the indefinite future.

We know what we’re doing now isn’t working. They’re not going to change and they’re only getting more shameless and more dishonest. We have to do something about it. We got off to an incredible start by electing President Trump but we have to finish the job. Many of you elected Republicans understand that, but many of you don’t. It’s time for all of you to stop pussyfooting around the real issue and start taking on the media who today do the Democrats’ job far better than the Democrats themselves could dream of.

Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama and Chuck Schumer aren’t the reason our country spent 3.5 years tweaking over a conspiracy theory about Donald Trump being a Russian spy! Russia didn’t even do it.

The media did that.

So here are the “#NotNews9” that I propose we need to target: NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NYT, WaPo, AP, NPR and PBS.

Elected Republicans should talk only to local media including affiliates, and anyone else not on that list. But the national news media’s “stars” and the anchors and hosts they report back to need to be made an example of not just in the name of justice and fairness for their years of divisive dishonesty, but also because a free and fair press truly is vital for our nation.

The problem is there are two sides to every story. And even as an admitted partisan I still know that the truth is usually somewhere in the middle. The national legacy news media never is.

We can boycott them by the millions and it means squat.

We need to demand that our elected Republicans stop giving them what they want and instead start pushing back on the pervasive open secret about their partisan leftward slant. Anytime one of them reaches out in any way, you respond by taking them to task for the persistent partisan characterization of the news that every last one of their companies is constantly guilty of.

Let’s fix this problem and then see what the Democrats can get done without the media carrying all the weight for them. Because if the media won’t engage in their own much-needed introspection (they won’t), we need to force them to do it. And it’s much easier than people realize.

If the Republican party goes into 2021 united in their refusal to dignify the national news media that for years has put targets on their supporters’ backs while dividing, manipulating, weaponizing and exploiting our nation’s pain, then our nation will become stronger and more united than many of us thought possible in our lifetimes.

The end game ideally is to bring awareness to this very real issue and in doing so not just starve the dishonest and disgraced media for the content they want, but bury them in the content they don’t. Doing so will eventually drive today’s most recognized and prominent offenders to early retirement in disgrace, forcing either a) a business model correction from within the media organizations or b) a final and marring concession that they are partisan political actors, not news organizations. 

To the elected Republicans: do the work and make this the issue. It’s so much easier than you realize. Donald Trump couldn’t do it by himself. All he could do was punch back with one hand while keeping all the rest of his promises to us with the other. United however, you can give our nation what we’ve all long deserved. For decades the media has terrorized us and held us hostage with their carefully-selected and packaged stories intended to hurt the right and help the left. And for decades most of you said “Oh we can’t complain about that, that’s cry baby stuff.” 


The media is exponentially more powerful than the Democrats and that’s why you’ve long refused to stand up to them. You’re afraid they’ll make you look petty and they’ll twist things to make sure they get the last word. Newsflash: they already do both of those things to you every single day.

We don’t want you to stand up to them on this one issue or that other issue, but on the media issue itself. Nickle and diming them with one-off examples is a losing proposition. The entire complex is crooked to the left and that’s what you need to educate yourself on and get comfortable litigating.

After what we’ve just been through and having watched the media cover so egregiously and flagrantly for every indiscretion they and their Democrat friends are guilty of, growing numbers among us are demanding this be done.

We don’t want speeches, legislation or your ridiculously useless hearings.

We want you to stop enabling the national legacy news media that has created so much hatred and violence all across our nation with their “general leftward lean” that too many for too long had wrongly dismissed as being an insignificant aspect of American political life.

It’s not insignificant. It’s massively important and informs a large portion of what our nation thinks and feels. I don’t honestly think I and my dumb little website am going to get elected Republicans on board on my own. It will take a lot more than just me. But I’m sounding this alarm because one of the media’s greatest remaining strengths is the ability to control our national conversations. And every conversation they force on us is intended to help Democrats and marginalize Republicans. Every single one. If one day every elected Republican just stopped answering the #NotNews9 media’s questions and instead called them and their peers out for their persistent bias, then that would become the story. And if they kept doing it indefinitely, talking only to local outlets and those that haven’t utterly disgraced themselves these last four years, then either a long overdue course correction or a long overdue break-up would occur. And either one is fine because where we are now with the national news media is untenable, and millions of us are ready to primary any spineless liar who says otherwise.

It’s time to stop being polite about getting repeatedly smacked in the face by people we’ve long had to pretend are fair and don’t hate us. Let’s take the conversation back and stop bowing down to those who think half of the country they cover is deplorable and the other half votes Democrat. If that’s not a serious issue in American life today, I don’t know what is. They are tearing the country apart and it’s not funny and it’s not a small deal and I’m calling on elected Republicans to stop being chummy with them and launch a coordinated and lasting offensive that will actually accomplish something meaningful on our behalf.


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  1. Republicans unite? If we can’t unite on Election Fraud, the one thing that will destroy the identity of America, forget about uniting about anything else. Very, very few in GOP leadership seem to have the integrity to do what’s right. We’ve had GOP leaders begging Trump to concede even while Biden was still receiving ballot dumps. And before we lay everything at the feet of our GOP leaders, we must remember that leaders are a reflection of the citizens that voted them into office. We can complain all day about Larry Hogan and Mitt Romney but they keep getting elected. We can’t unite until we share common goals. Too many GOP leaders love CNN, MSNBC and the exposure those networks give them.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I’m old enough to have seen Dan Rather when there were 3 channels to choose from, he along with MikeW, and WalterC were biased corporate shills 50 years ago. The new batch are the same just more open about it.


  3. Sadly, Angelo Codevilla’s categorization of Washington Ruling class vs the Country Class appears to hold true and GOPe (Repub elite) are co-opted into the Ruling class, demanding the Country Class’s votes to stay in Washington amassing personal fortunes and networks but they’re not very concerned whether that’s as a majority in Congress or including the White House. They can pursue their own interests even when Dems are in power. As just one example, the Ruling Class wants personally lucrative trade with China to continue instead of defending the US against Chinese theft and threats.

    These Repub sell-outs are perfectly willing to let themselves be rope-a-doped by the media – outnumbered by lefties, talked over or cut off. Their greed and/or gutlessness is apparently greater than their pride. Otherwise, they would have backed President Trump in exposing biased reporting. To expect them to do it without him is wishful thinking.

    There are too many RINOs and too many of those run the GOP, directing funds to fellow RINOs in their primaries, making it exceedingly difficult to primary them out.

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