Much To Celebrate As GOP Base Prepare To Make ‘Media Bias’ A Top Political Issue

They can’t stop us. There is a generations-long pendulum shift happening during which the Democrat party will yet again be exposed as destructive bigots, and their adherents either badly misguided do-gooders or captives who are shamed and humiliated for expressing diversity of thought.

Pride in loving our country without apology, putting America first, draining the DC swamp and being responsible, accountable parents who live within their means and pay their own bills will become what’s considered “cool” among young adults. (They not long ago got aroused listening to Obama talk about ocean levels. Trust me. It’s not that far-fetched.)

It’s in the air all across our culture. We’re seeing things we don’t normally see like private citizens speaking truth to power in the face of powerful media darlings like Nancy Pelosi and Phil Murphy. We’re speaking up against the media with a seriousness we’ve never before achieved. They’re scared and as a result they’re acting in desperation, transforming into audaciously dishonest propaganda machines in plain sight for all to see.

The truth will always win.

And those in our culture who have long been viewed as the arbiters of truth create more lies, division, disparity and destruction than anyone or anything else in modern times.

And they do it in service to the Democrat party.

And everyone knows it. And it’s a slap in the face when people lie about it or act like we should just go on and try to have a fair game with officials who are 100% in the tank for the other team.

But they’re losing their power rapidly. And President Trump was and remains a wildly successful initial storming of their palace gates, and the 2020 election proved that in or out of the White House he’ll have left a much more fatal wound on their credibility than they ever imagined possible.

And the truth is the landscape just doesn’t feel much different now than it did before the election. The energy and enthusiasm are all still going the same direction. There was a red wave up and down the ballot and the only Republican of great import who lost was the one at the top of the ticket who got everyone to the polls. That’s weird. That’s not normal. That smells a lot like fraud especially when coupled with the media’s years-long effort to destroy Trump up to and including depressing support and fundraising by promising it’d be a blowout blue wave for Democrats.

Regardless, even if we have to swallow whole and watch what we believe to be an illegitimate president who stole an election be sworn in, it still feels like we’re in charge. And everyone knows it. The Republican party is biding its time because they know damn well we aren’t going anywhere. They have to figure out how to navigate now. And around 80 million of us will now steadily remind them that “the media issue” is among the only social or political matters we really care about right now. Because as long as the media is allowed to do what they’ve done to us for decades but most egregiously and obviously in the last several years, our nation will continue to grow more angry, divided and self-destructive. The media must be dealt with and there’s a very easy way for elected Republicans to get that message across: simply don’t talk to them anymore about anything except “the media issue.”

It’s extremely simple. And necessary. The dishonest and disgraced legacy news media is the greatest modern blight on our nation’s progress and unity. The days of elected Republicans patting us on the head and saying “There there” or “Gosh but we have to play nice with them” must be over.

There isn’t a chance on God’s green earth that we can let any elected Republican in the House or Senate go back to that. And it’s pretty easy to find out if they did, and then let them hear about it. We can absolutely get every one of them on board with this. We simply must speak up and make it our most critical and central issue.

We will not continue to be spit on and terrorized by the legacy news media that — adding insult to injury — claims with a straight face to report the news without favor or partisan characterization.

Every shred of every story, every minute of every day, is designed to hurt and depress Republicans and their supporters while helping and inspiring Democrats and their supporters. However subtly or flagrantly, they frame and characterize and massage and pursue every detail of every story from an entirely left-minded perspective.

That’s the issue, more than any other, that most presently and negatively effects our republic. And it’s not that difficult for elected Republicans to stand up for us in a way that’s long overdue and we now expect.

“Oh they’re not that powerful. It’s those gosh darn Democrats we have to worry about. Darn that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer!”

Sit down.

Shut up.

Sit down and shut up.

The media write every headline. They decide what stories we’re going to talk about. They decide how those stories are characterized. They decide what holes get focus, what questions demand answers, who looks good and who looks bad. If it weren’t for the media doing literally every ounce of marketing, lobbying, security and opposition research work for them then the Democrat party as we know it today would be a distant memory laughed out of the public conversation long ago.

Stop telling us that the entirety of the legacy news media working feverishly everyday to deify the left and demonize the right, while gaslighting and lying to us about their partisanship, with their seething hatred for Trump and his supporters at the front, center and ending of literally every action they take and word they speak or write…

stop telling us it doesn’t matter and to just suck it up.

It does matter.

And we expect you to start actually doing something about it.

The formula is simple. Every time they ask you any question, you push back on their bias. Hold them to account for it. You can do 5 minutes of research every morning and be prepared for questions from any major network or newspaper.

Yesterday your organization framed [X] story [Y] way. Do you think that was fair and neutral to [Z]? Do you think it fairly reflected both positions? Tell you what: get out your phone and let’s look at what you’ve written lately. Let’s see if there’s a pattern or a theme, and how you characterize the news. Let’s see if it’s neutral or has a partisan slant. And let’s see your Twitter feed. Is there some equity to who you try to make look bad, and who you try to make look good? By the way aren’t you good friends with some of the folks at Twitter? Let me see what you wrote about them censoring stories they don’t like. Surely an enterprising journalist like you with such deep appreciation for the sanctity of a free and fair press would have noticed that story and commented on it. Yes? Let’s take a look at some of your work and that of your colleagues’ before I answer your questions. Because I bet there will be a theme. And I bet it’ll look and sound a lot like political bias. And I think we should have a good understanding of that up front so we can all be certain that you’re asking your questions in good faith. I think that’s pretty fair and I can tell you my constituents expect it. That’s more important to them than anything else right now because they know you and your colleagues are dishonest, and you’re tearing this country apart.

Just own them, repeatedly, all day, every day, for their light years of dishonesty and bad behavior.

Stop rewarding them with content for stories they select and frame exclusively to hurt you and humiliate your supporters.

It’s so easy to do and we’re sick to death of you guys playing nice with them or feigning outrage over their bias but then being all chummy when it’s your turn in front of their cameras.

If you all start doing this then their bias has to become the only issue anyone talks about. We can make it happen. And it’s long overdue. So I’m gonna do my part and pour all of my energy into getting this message out there.

There’s a new single-issue voter coming up scorching hot in the GOP base.

We are focused on media bias and we expect every elected Republican to start focusing on it with us. We don’t care about your speeches. We don’t care about your legislation or insufferable hearings. We don’t want the government to fix this problem. This is a problem for the free market and culture to fix and when you stop talking to “your friends” in the media about anything except how awful they are, it will stop being a problem much faster than you think. Then and only then can we get down to the business of making America great, and united, again.


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  1. Until you get rid of the trash, like Murkowsky, Romney, Collins Sasse, and the host of career dbags, the R’s are NOT in charge with those tools screwing it up!!


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