All Democrats Hate Thanksgiving And The Ones Who Don’t Are Posers

All Democrats hate Thanksgiving because all Democrats think America is evil and Thanksgiving, more than any other holiday, celebrates the history of that evil.

The only Democrats who don’t think that are the ones with their heads in the sand about what their party today truly stands for.

Like, for example, those who don’t know that their white skin means they literally have to go to the back of the line in today’s Democrat party, or that their brown skin means they lack the ability to do small things like think independently or get and keep an ID.

There hasn’t been a single point in our nation’s history where the Democrat party’s entire platform wasn’t built entirely on the idea that skin color matters above all else. From their founding right up until the 1960s, the Democrat party got every shred of its power by convincing much of our country that all white people were victims and all brown people were the reason why. And ever since then, the Democrats have been amassing power by trying to convince us that all brown people are victims and all white people are the reason why.

The sad part is that virtually all Democrats believe that stuff. Even the ones who don’t know that they’d be literally spit on by half of their party for not renouncing holidays like Thanksgiving entirely, even they still believe that America is inherently racist and brown people will always be victims and white people will always be the reason why. They see stupid videos like this one which went viral for allegedly highlighting the ugly reality of “white privilege.”

It had dramatic music and everything! But what nobody really pointed out is that the first two questions set the stage for every other question that followed:

  1. Are your parents still married?
  2. Did you grow up with a father figure in the home?

If you answer yes to those two questions then you’re exceedingly more likely to answer yes to the rest of them.

That is the issue which, more than anything else, drives disparity in young people’s lives.

Not racism.

Single parent homes.

And I’ve written about it several times and it’s the origin for this website’s name. “Love breeds accountability” has nothing to do with me being nice to you or vice versa, and everything to do with the value of a loving, committed, 2-parent home where the mom and dad honor their commitments to each other and their family even and especially in the face of adversity. That — seeing that example and being part of the family that set it — more than anything else breeds accountability in young people as they become adults. That example of love and commitment from a mom and a dad, more than anything else in the world, compels hope and security in the children who grow up with them.

So if you really care about racial unity and parity then get your leftist head out of your Democrat rear and start focusing on what matters instead of what your billionaire masters in big media, big tech and big business tell you to focus on. Because the only thing you do by promoting diversity of identity over content of character (aka the entire Democrat platform) is create more division and disparity. And we’re seeing it play out all across our nation, and have been for decades.

It’s not “Racist America!” creating and exacerbating these problems.

It’s not white people being “afraid or unwilling to accept” a changing demographic.

It’s racist Democrats doing what they’ve always done.

And you’re fully on board with it whether you know it or not.

Whether you want to be or not.

Want to snap out of it or otherwise wake up for the first time in your life? Cool. Have at it. That’s not my interest or my goal. I’m not here to “change hearts and minds.” I couldn’t move that slowly if the future of social evolution and progress was on the line which, incidentally, it is.

No that’s not what I’m here for. You’re not what I’m here for. I’m here to kick your most powerful forces in the teeth because I love this country and hate those who shame and exploit it.

There isn’t a single holiday on the U.S. calendar that the Democrats don’t hate. Every single one represents a unique evil exclusive only to this country and its inhabitants past and present.

And this year, ahead of Thanksgiving, I think we should talk real quickly about how nations are developed. Because if you can find one that wasn’t established through force, I’d love to hear about it. So please spare me the incessant insistence that America is evil because instead of negotiating for this land more peacefully or doing the truly noble thing and just leaving altogether when we found out someone was already here, our settlers and founders fought for it and won. The same way literally every nation on the planet was established: through force. And people died. Some of the people who died weren’t well-equipped for the war they were in. That, when someone ends up losing in war, is often the case.

But throughout the Democrat party’s most potent and fashionable echo chambers — academia and Twitter — a different story is told year after year, holiday after holiday.

America is uniquely racist and evil, and we’ve only ever done bad things. We should be ashamed of everything we celebrate, and we should celebrate everything we’re ashamed of. Anyone who loves this country unapologetically is stupid. They’re not necessarily evil. If you tell them they’re stupid and they deny it, then they’re evil. But give them a chance first. Because we’re really a party about love. And we love the idea that America is awful, and always has been, and anyone who denies that is a war criminal, but we can still become a great nation if we just get rid of a few minor freedoms and become a lot more socialist. And I have 7,832 studies to back my claims up because I spend a lot of time around academics who spin off bias-affirming studies like toilet paper. So I’ll be happy to prove all of this to you using this new version of “science” we recently created, if you’d like. It’s basically just a platform to rebuild the future with a weaker, more subservient America bowing in perpetuity to our globalist betters. And it’s all proven by science. I’ll send you the link.

That’s their story and they’re sticking to it: America is awful and so is anyone who denies that reality. And, new and improved, now they can use “science” to prove it!

Obviously, to that group, the idea of shutting down Thanksgiving because of the flu* is fantastic.

I know many of them. I know this is how they think. And I know the ones who don’t have any clue what their party today is really about and who still “naively” think Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday to celebrate and be joyful for. The ones whose heads are so far in the sand that they’re ignorant to what’s really happening. And when we talk about what’s really happening every one of them quickly has to either feign or reveal ignorance (I can never be sure which), ultimately retreating to “Well that’s not something that I agree with.”

Me: Your party teaches black kids that they’ll always be victims and white kids that they’ll always be racists.
You: Well I don’t like that.

Me: You can’t wear a MAGA hat in a major American city without being assaulted for it.
You: Well I don’t like that.

Me: The media is the reason for it. They censor and manufacture the news in a way that demonizes Republicans and deifies Democrats.
You: Well yes it stinks for you guys that the media is so biased. I agree. But let’s move on.

Me: Violence has become an acceptable response to speech all across college campuses and other quarters of American life, as long as the violence is left-on-right.
You: Well I don’t like that.

Me: You’re told by the big media, big tech and big business that you’re “speaking truth to power” but you’re one giant mass of intellectually and socially monotone props all in perfect alignment with the messaging and direction of the same big media, big tech and big business who pat you on the head for it and try to make you hate me for stepping out of line.
You: Orange Man Bad.

I digress. This post is just about how giddy the left are at the thought of cancelling Thanksgiving, even if just for a year. Not a screed for those Democrat goosesteppers who have no clue what their party is really about. When I think about them sitting around their tables with their families and “celebrating” the Thanksgiving holiday while the most powerful and growing wing of their party are seething with so much hatred for our nation and its founding that they literally want to kill them for it, I get a pit in my stomach. It’s hard to watch.

Which is why I still won’t watch it very closely. And my focus instead will remain on the legacy news media that creates so much division and destruction across our country. I simply don’t have the time, patience or energy to mess around with anyone or anything less powerful. I have become a single issue voter and that issue is the media’s bias and bad behavior more broadly. I want and expect every elected Republican to put that issue at the fore because I know there is no greater investment of time or energy in pursuit of our nation’s progress and unity. Liberals hate America. They hate our holidays. The ones who don’t, don’t have a clue what their party is truly about. And they don’t know because the media does all the work to protect them from the reality while at the same time creating a very ugly and dangerous one for the rest of the country. This Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for the visibility to see that and the strength and courage and wisdom to fight it.


*Yes, I’m calling it “the flu” now. We’ve all seen countless examples of administrators categorizing non-COVID deaths as COVID deaths. We all know they count anyone who dies with COVID as having died from COVID. So the only thing we know for sure about today’s “death count” is that it’s an entirely flawed data point being corruptly weaponized by people we’re told to trust so they can inflict pain and exact social engineering. And you might be cool with literally every child in America over 3 years old having their social growth and development significantly stunted in completely uncharted ways ahead of entirely unknown, lifelong, negative psychological consequences. And you might be cool with your 10-year-old gulping down his own recycled carbon dioxide from inside a bacteria-drenched face diaper several hours a day because like your Facebook page he’s really just a prop you use for virtue signaling. For my part, I’m done and have been for months. I’m not okay with any of it. And I’m calling it what it is: a flu bug.


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