Disgraced National Media To Blame If Biden Voters End Up Hurt Or Worse

Twitter, America’s most reality-challenged echo chamber, has in the last 24 hours seen many of its most powerful legacy news media operatives stop celebrating a Biden win and start sweating a Trump resurgence. 

They had been irresponsibly promoting a Biden win despite the entirely-predictable legal challenges and allegations of fraud that were baked into 2020’s heavily-edited November election. This, as most of you already know, after spending four years trying to exterminate President Trump and his supporters from the public conversation. They lied, cheated and stole the entire time. They equated us to Nazis and promised that our nation would cease to exist if President Trump were given four more years in the White House.

Nobody actually knows how much fraud took place in the presidential election. It appears to have been a lot because despite the media’s best efforts to tilt the election in Democrats’ favor, Trump’s GOP won up and down the ballot including record numbers with traditionally Democrat voters. Americans are smart but they’re not so coordinated that they know how to beat the ever-loving snot out of the Democrat party while also performing the 7-10 split of electing the Democrat party’s presidential nominee. That type of discrepancy is more aligned with fraud than anything remotely natural about an election.

“Well anything can happen!”

That’s true.

And one of these two things did.

Either fraud was committed by people who 1) openly insist that Donald Trump and his supporters are Nazis, 2) promise the world that the individual life of every minority in America is in jeopardy if Trump remains in power, 3) notoriously believe the ends justify the means, and 4) see America as a racist hellhole that deserves nothing good and needs to be battered in perpetuity to even begin paying for its sins.

So either the people who believe all those things went ahead and acted on those beliefs, defrauding our election under the righteous and dishonest banner of “saving America.”

Or, the other possibility: the man the media hates more than anything else on the planet lost by a nose despite bringing out enough voters to ensure not a single House GOP member lost their seat for the first time in history, personally winning the largest share of non-white votes for a Republican since 1960, massively outperforming every suppression poll the media used to help the Democrats campaign and fundraise, and whose presence at the top of the ticket ushered in the equivalent of a red wave despite all the media’s many months of promising there’d be a blue one.

One of those two things happened.

I don’t know which.

The second one is possible. It’s possible that our nation somehow miraculously managed to help Republicans beat Democrats up and down the ballot, defying all predictions, but that the person who generated all that enthusiasm to defy all those predictions personally ended up losing. It’s possible.

But the other side cheating to get that result is also possible. And reasonable people all across our country believe that’s not only possible, but probable.

Which is why the media are now desperately trying to convince us all that massive voter fraud is not possible. They are irresponsibly making that claim while the Trump team is actively pursuing multiple leads complete with sworn affidavits related to voter fraud. At what point a preponderance of that evidence coupled with statistical anomalies, data discrepancies and trend irregularities equates to “massive voter fraud” is a subjective question. But when the media outright dismiss it not just casually but angrily, it raises a lot more eyebrows than it lowers. They spent four years trying to undo our last election and meddle in our next one. Their lack of curiosity about the wildly improbable results — Republicans defying the media’s odds and cleaning up everywhere except the at the top of the ticket where all that pro-Republican voter enthusiasm came from — suggests they’re more interested in covering up and/or benefiting from fraud than identifying or combating it. 

Governors all across America right now are holding businesses hostage. They’re threatening, “If you let people in without a mask then we’ll shut you down.” They’re not threatening you or me. They’re threatening the business owners. They’re punishing Americans who bravely chose to open businesses by forcing them to use those businesses in ways the government itself can’t or won’t. It’s a manipulative exploitation of government power to infringe on our freedom in ways that are both disproportionate and without evidentiary backing.

Well, the media are doing the same thing with the election. They’re telling our country’s legal and elected officials that if they follow the law and the Constitution and the result ends up being that Donald Trump wins, then they better to keep it to themselves or else the media will help burn our country down.

They spent four years trying to undo 2016 and meddle in 2020, but they won’t give us four weeks of due process without poisoning the well to purposefully guarantee widespread American death and destruction if a result comes back that the media doesn’t like.

Such terroristic behavior and threats engineered by our national news media must not be given the credibility to guide us in any way except that which reduces their spectacularly bloated and mismanaged power.

For my part, I’m fully prepared for Joe Biden to be sworn in and serve four useless years during which the America First and Drain The Swamp movements only become more powerful while the Democrats and their identity-politics-saturated dumpster fire become more fractured and self-destructive. I’m ready for that, or some version of it, even if it means I have to swallow whole and accept that we were cheated. It’s not easy but it’s where I am.

I’m also fully prepared, however, for it to go the other direction. And that’s been a lot trickier because while it’s of course fun and easy to think about watching the media and swamp fail, there will be a massive amount of carnage and rioting and pain in our streets. It will be the media’s fault, of course, for the irresponsible behavior we’re seeing right now as they falsely declare themselves the arbiters of our nation’s power levers with no respect or regard for the legitimate process and/or immediate concerns around it.

I’m ready for either result no matter how unfortunate or destructive. 

But because the media’s faithful audiences and those who only casually tune into politics have yet again been lied to by the media, they are completely unprepared. And that can get very dangerous for them, very fast, depending on what happens. And what happens is anyone’s guess because we don’t know what we don’t know. All we know for sure, if you’re an honest observer, is that the media have behaved badly for years trying to defeat Trump and his supporters. They lied repeatedly to destroy Trump and spent a year before the election promising Americans that he didn’t stand a chance of winning, and that only losers and idiots would support or donate to the Republican party he leads. We know based on their own numbers that if the election stands as they’ve counted it today, he’ll have lost by a slimmer margin than Hillary did. (They love talking about how she only lost by “77,000 votes in 3 states” or something like that. Trump’s would be in the ballpark of 44,000 in 3 states.) We also know ballot-spraying our nation could lead to increased fraud. And we know the media and Democrats think Trump and his supporters aren’t just disagreeable politically, but they believe we’re legitimately bad people who not only shouldn’t be allowed to win elections but also must be eradicated from polite society. We know that the GOP ended up massively out-performing every poll and expert’s predictions. We know President Trump is the reason all those people came out and defied the imminent “blue wave” that we’d been promised for months. We know that Joe Biden could barely get 12 people to a rally and virtually nobody was excited about voting for him. We know in politics that hating one guy isn’t nearly as powerful as loving another. We know that enthusiasm for Trump was off the charts, far greater than even 2016. We know that translated to voters because that’s how the rest of the GOP won so defiantly. And we know the media and Democrats are willing to lie, cheat and steal to get what they want. If you add all that up then it’s not exactly preposterous to consider the possibility that they might have cheated and they might be lying about it rather than readily admitting it.

It’s a possibility.

And it’s one I’m prepared to accept if it comes to pass.

That you might not be, and that it might be very painful for you if it happens that way, is not President Trump’s fault.

It’s not my fault.

It’s not your Trump-supporting Aunt’s fault.

It’s the media’s fault.

God-willing, you’ll all stay safe. Whether that’s in the wake of what I agree at this point would be a highly improbable electoral victory for Trump, or amid a media that has dragged you into a fight you’re not prepared for and uses your safety and well-being as leverage without your consent to help bully the courts and state legislatures.

Whatever the outcome, I truly do hope everyone stays safe. I write at times callously about the “casualties” who comprise the left’s base and we’re unable to save, or the “joy” many of us feel when we watch the media and their goosestepping audiences endure failure and pain. Who among us hasn’t “drank the tears” of someone we oppose socially or politically in the last few decades?

But I am concerned right now thinking about what might actually happen if the impossible occurs, and Trump ends up pulling this out.

Yes, pulling this out. No, not “stealing” it.

If he wins — if the courts and everyone else who needs to get on board does in fact get on board — then it will be because that’s the right action based on evidence and their Constitutionally-protected authority. What the media want and how they feel isn’t actually part of the process. And what the media has done by irresponsibly engineering beliefs to the contrary, is on the media. Nobody else. 

It could be wishful thinking on Trump’s part and if that’s the case, and what Powell and Dershowitz are staking their reputations on is in fact a collective nothingburger, then okay. Time will net that out. If they have solid evidence but it’s not enough to get the result I want, then okay. Time will net that out.

But if it comes to pass that their evidence convinces the courts, and the preponderance of that evidence and conclusions result in 270+ electoral votes being awarded to Trump, the media’s feelings about that don’t matter. And just because they’re irresponsibly pretending there’s zero chance that could happen, doesn’t mean it can’t.

They’re also irresponsibly pretending there’s zero chance any fraud occurred. They’re answering the “If a tree falls in the woods” question with a resounding “No!” But that’s ridiculous. Of course a falling tree makes a sound, whether you are there to hear it or not. So too does voter fraud exist, whether it’s immediately recognized in the public record or not. The absence of a conviction doesn’t mean the absence of a crime. And to simply promise that voter fraud “doesn’t exist,” as the media is doing right now, is to promote and enable its survival.

And sadly, it’s no surprise that a national news media intent on promoting and enabling election fraud would also exploit and gamble with the safety and well-being of their audiences. 

Well it’s “no surprise” for a lot of us, anyway. But for about half the country it would be very surprising. And that’s the part I grapple with. But what are we supposed to do? Roll over and let dishonest leftists like Jake Tapper, Lester Holt and Stephen Colbert just get away with stealing an election because they so effectively poisoned the well in its aftermath that we were too afraid to do the right thing?

Not a chance. We simply can’t live that way. And while it likely won’t happen, if this goes Trump’s way and the media’s most faithful audiences take to the streets and get hurt or worse, that’s the media’s fault. Nobody else’s. And that’s worth remembering no matter what happens because these are serious allegations made by serious people. And the media’s irresponsible claims to the contrary are just yet another example of how little they care about their audiences, respect the integrity of their profession, and are unable to set aside their partisan leanings in service to a nation that needs and deserves better from them.


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