Trump Wins Again As Media, Democrats See Dreams Of Masks & Lockdowns Dashed

In what might be his greatest achievement yet, President Trump appears to have again thwarted the America-hating left by developing a vaccine that will end the nightmare they hoped to continue inflicting on us and our children.

I realize many of you think they’re wonderful people determined to spread love and charity, but the modern American left and its globalist allies are at best well-intended but wrong and, more typically, socially perverted scum who deserve to be crushed and humiliated. Many in the grassroots are brainwashed which of course is tragic, but we can’t be bothered with “saving” them. Whether they live or work on the Democrats’ centuries-old plantation, it’s where they are today and likely will be forever and there’s simply nothing we can do for them.

The massive global forces that enslave and employ the Democrat base with faux moral purpose (big media, big tech, big business) promote the myth that America is an evil place. They claim that while we will never fully atone for our many sins, we’ll be doing the world a great service if we die trying. They hate the USA but are too weak to admit it so I call them the “I love America, but” crowd: they’re anti-America leftists who hate our country, its history and its people but love what America might someday become if only we’d get out of the way so they can destroy and rebuild it. They think our country is evil and those who love it unapologetically are just uneducated rubes. But they can’t say that out loud so they pretend to love our nation…

Oh I love America. This is the greatest country on earth! I just think white supremacy is the rule in our country and dominates every aspect of daily life, our principles are juvenile, our excess is humiliating and our founders were all war criminals whose bad behavior has brought shame to us all and we must now spend our collective lives atoning for. But other than that I totally love this country. USA! USA!

Nobody buys it.

Which is why it’s increasingly obvious that the media and Democrats didn’t just exploit and weaponize a flu bug to hurt President Trump and punish our nation for electing him.

That apparently, if they had it their way, was just the tip of the iceberg.

Because if Lester Holt, Jake Tapper, Anthony Fauci and Kamala Harris got what they really wanted then America would stay disconnected and depressed from behind our bacteria-drenched anti-herd immunity masks while pissing away the entire U.S. economy and country more broadly until there’s nothing left except desperation, dependence and that same stupid “But will there be enough toilet paper?!” look on your face that you’ve been wearing since March 2020.

Leftists like Barack Obama and Joe Biden base their success on how pathetic you are, and how badly you fail. Because the more pathetic of an individual you are, and the more desperate you are for their big government assistance, then the more “successful” they view their work.

America should’ve come roaring out of the 2008 great recession that the Democrats caused with their socialist housing policies. But that’s not the America that the media and Democrats want. They want a struggling America. They want an America that’s ashamed of itself. They want an America that’s constantly ceding its blood, treasure, integrity and pride in service to a globalist left that gets stronger as we get weaker. If every American man, woman and child were standing in line waiting for bread, healthcare and work assignments — then and only then would Democrats and the media feel like America has met its potential.

They’re the most repulsive and disgusting people on the planet. And you who have stood by and condoned what they’ve allowed to happen to the rest of us will get payback for it.

This isn’t a joke. This isn’t a stupid little “political fight.” The legacy news media in America has become a terrorist organization that must be destroyed. And the pathetic, racist, fascist, violent little pansies and fatherless criminals in the Democrat base are casualties. That’s not my fault. I tried for years to communicate the positive message around individual liberty, and to highlight the Democrats’ ongoing commitment to racial disunity and disparity, and to demonstrate how the media are nothing more than a propaganda arm for the corrupt and disgraceful swamp that for generations has enriched itself at the expense of our nation and its people.

I tried.

But for four years I watched as half of this country just didn’t care.

The media said Donald Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election. That was bullshit. In fact, Hillary Clinton and the Obama/Biden intelligence community colluded with Russia to obstruct and seek to frame President Trump.

The media said Donald Trump abused government power to advance his personal interests. That was bullshit. In fact, Obama and Biden weaponized the U.S. government to go after a political opponent, subvert the will of the American people and meddle in our free and fair elections.

The media said Donald Trump acted inappropriately with Ukraine. That was bullshit. In fact, Joe Biden and his disgusting, diseased, drug addict son sold American influence to both Ukraine and China and countless others as part of their work for The Biden Crime Family.

The media said Donald Trump and his supporters are a violent threat to American safety and norms. That’s bullshit. In fact, the media and Democrats have put targets on the backs of every Trump supporter and the majority of us have lost our right to free speech. We can’t even show support for President Trump in public without being viciously assaulted for it by the animals you condition to be failures and slaves who don’t leave the plantation much but when they do it’s to commit felonies.

The Democrats always have and always will derive their power from racial division and disparity. That close to 75% of black babies grow up fatherless and as a result with pissed off, entitled, deadbeat moms who think they’re victims and the world owes them is, to the media and Democrat party, a phenomenal achievement. And the slaves both white and black who buy into it with them are casualties and there’s simply nothing we can do for them. The media is a propaganda arm for the whole thing and if they had it their way they would have forced our country to suffer in perpetuity under the guise of “slowing the spread.”

I’m sure they’ll still try to prolong our pain, and create new pain where and when they can. Because that’s what the media and modern Democrat party of America-hating leftists do. They’re disgusting, wretched, regressive, fascist, bigoted blights on progress and unity. And Donald Trump working brilliantly on behalf of the American people to get a vaccine developed and ready to go, was a beautiful kick right in their ugly faces.

Here’s to many, many, many more to come.

Because given what I just watched “my fellow Americans” accept and condone, I have only three words that I encourage every Trump supporter and right-minded American to focus on no matter who ends up in the White House:

Obstruct. Resist. Punish.

We will figuratively beat the shit out of every Democrat — public and private — who gets in our way. We don’t like you personally. We don’t want to be friends with you. We don’t want unity. You are supported by bad people with bad intentions who cheat, hate America and promote violence as a response to speech. You are not a friend. You are a not a patriot. You are not even an enemy. You’re a pathetic little distraction, like a fly. You have no idea what is actually happening in the country right now and your sleepy platitudes about morality would carry at least some weight if you weren’t such mindless little bigots incapable of independent thought, action and/or any shred of social courage. You do what you’re told, when you’re told, why you’re told. You’ve hijacked and exploited once-sacred institutions and perverted them for your wildly dishonest and immoral social engineering. And for most of you that ride has been pretty pleasant. And it’s been pretty easy for you to just goosestep along while you’re serenaded morning, noon and night by America-hating leftists who tell you that you’re a good and moral person.

You’ve become very good at doing what you’re told.

You’ve become very good at being afraid.

And now there’s nothing left of you.

You’re scared, mindless idiots.

And President Trump thwarted your heroes in the media and Democrat party by developing a vaccine that will defeat the COVID-19 virus.

He thwarted them by developing a vaccine that would get us back to normal.

Because the media and Democrats don’t want a vaccine. They want the pain. They want the carnage. They want the control. They want you to be dependent and pathetic. And then they want you to thank them, and the media who promotes them, for saving your life with some bread.

Those are your heroes, you morons.

(And you thought Donald Trump was a bad guy because you didn’t like the way he beat the shit out of your dirtbag heroes!)

You’re pathetic. And we’re gonna keep crushing you. We won’t let a single Republican work with or help you in any way. We will primary them for even speaking to your media. This movement is coming and it’s coming strong. I’ve been right about everything, including the landslide win for Trump. The only thing I was wrong about was the audacity of inner city Democrats to cheat our country. I should’ve known better. They are, thanks to the Democrat slavemasters who have crushed them for generations, the lowest form of American life and they value American life less than any and everyone else. And now we know what they’re capable of. But there will be no more ballot-spraying our nation paving the way for their widespread fraud. So we’ll crush them soon in the Georgia Senate run-offs, and then beat them up and down the ballot in 2022 and 2024.

Just like we did in 2020.

I promise, to everyone who supports America First and Drain The Swamp: we are nowhere near done fighting, or winning. All the media and Democrats have done is piss us off more, and thrown their unwitting base of polite suburban liberals deeper in the fight.

It’s going to get uglier for them and better for America. It may take a few minutes more than we planned but they’re all terrified right now because they know they just pissed us off more by cheating and we’re nowhere near done with them.

If Biden gets inaugurated then he’ll be the loneliest hair-sniffing pedophile in D.C.

He’ll get nothing done outside of symbolic gestures to the losers around the world who we’ve persistently crushed and can again any time we want to. And Willie Brown’s sidepiece, aka Kamala Harris, will be easily thrown back to the gutter in 2024…where it belongs. The media’s descent toward obscurity will continue and thanks to President Trump, even if they manage to steal the 2020 election, he’ll still have foiled their greatest prospect for continuing to inflict pain and failure on America.

Hold the line, America First compatriots! All they did was piss us off and lower the bar and if they think we’re gonna stop fighting them and their idiots just because they got dirtier and more dishonest, then kicking out the few teeth they still have will just be that much more fun.

Put it on your calendar because regardless of the bullshit the media try to promote, or how their fatherless cowards, dropouts and deadbeats behave in the streets before going back home to kill each other and their own babies, neither our work nor our momentum are anywhere near finished. And the people in this country who can actually audit the battlefield are on pins and needles right now because they know that’s still the reality and they’re going to have to live with it every waking minute of every single day.

PHOTO CREDIT / FUN FACT: For the “featured image” I decided to use pictures of Barack Obama’s whore mother. It’s not really instructive with respect to the content, but “instructive with respect to the content” isn’t really the world you Biden, BLM and AntiFa supporters have opted to live in. Is it? So yes, Barack Obama’s mother was a porn star. A little trivia you may not have known that helps explain quite a bit about his beta-male worldview.


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  1. The comrades just need the Emma Goldman treatment. She went to the glorious workers utopia and found out that it was just another man made hell on earth.
    Nothing is more hilarious than people talking trash or threatening Trump all day on social media and then prattling on about how he is some evil dictator.
    The author is correct do not waste time on Jonestown Kool-Aid drunk true believers and avoid them if at all possible.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. If you actually believe that a vaccine is going to put a stop to the pandemic scare then you do not know what you are talking about. The scare mongers are not going to stop just because Trump brings out a vaccine.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Excellent article, wow! Except for a couple of points I disagreed with, but there’ll always be that. You really let it all out, yet you still showed restraint. The rage is far more than fully justified, of course. I agree with 90% of what you said 1000%

    I imagine dirty old George Soros (and the rest of his ilk) sitting back in their mansions pleasuring themselves while watching footage of what they have brought about with their dirty money, from their hideaways. That video was so very sickening. There really is no communication to be had with these hate-crazed people out there…they’re made of hate, no sensibility at all, and our “news” and “entertainment” media have indeed worked to nurtured that sickness in them, all for absolutely vile “reasons.”

    I know the vaccines are supposed to quiet people down about “covid” and get all the “restrictions” removed, life back to normal, and to enhance the “popularity” of whomever is president when they’re “rolled out,” but I’m not taking it and wouldn’t want anyone I love to take it. And I think it’s just the beginning of their dreamed-of medical/socialist dictatorship. The test run. This is all a sham, and only those who’ve eagerly believed in it all along and welcomed and relished in the “quarantines,” etc., should get the sinus/brain assault, the vaccine, the dna tampering, the microchip, the contact tracing, whatever, as those would be who want it, or deserve it.

    One other point; you called those seething, violent lunatics “animals.” I would never make that comparison…all animals, even brutal predators, are nice and lovable in comparison. These people are a breed of their own, but it’s definitely some sort of “human” variety, bred and raised being “cared for” by democrat social programs for decades, and hating others not of their kind with a purple passion. They are the true racists, class-ists, marxists, all the nasty “ists” rolled into one.

    Our “news” and other mainstream media need serious punishment, ages of it.


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