The Media’s Lies Have Desensitized & Empowered Trump Supporters

If you look at the news from NBC, CNN, Washington Post or New York Times with even a shred of intellectual honesty then you’re at least able to admit that they’re generally slanted to the left.

If you’re intellectually honest and you care about progress and unity, then you recognize just how destructive “generally slanted to the left” is from these ever-present marketing machines that claim without evidence to prioritize honest journalism over manipulative social engineering.

If you’re intellectually honest and you care about progress and unity, then you know that “generally slanted to the left” has become, for example, “inspiring hatred for all who support Trump and then refusing to cover let alone atone for the normalized violence-as-a-response-to-speech that now occurs daily in our streets thanks to the media being ‘generally slanted to the left.'”

“Generally slanted to the left” is what allows the media to pick only those stories that slant to the left. That’s why what looks like “news” to you is actually a barrage of “generally slanted to the left” propaganda to the rest of us.

“Generally slanted to the left” is what allows the media to tell those stories as characterized in ways that slant to the left. That’s why what looks like “news” to you is actually a barrage of “generally slanted to the left” opinion masquerading as news to the rest of us.

“Generally slanted to the left” is why the media can choose to drag out stories that slant to the left and bury stories that don’t. That’s why what looks like “news” to you is actually a desperate overreach to selectively prioritize stories in the national conversation for nakedly political reasons, to the rest of us.

“Generally slanted to the left” is what allows the media to present every detail of every story, all day, every day, on highly-charged social and political issues, from exclusively left-sided perspectives.

And “generally slanted to the left” is what allows me to call them all liars in perpetuity because they deny that leftward slant and claim instead, dishonestly and disrespectfully, to be “generally honest.”

You can’t be both.

But because this debate is happening between one side that’s honest about it and one side that is not, the dishonest side pretends that that particular disconnect doesn’t matter. They will sheepishly admit that the media is generally biased to the left, but ignore the massive implications of the media itself denying that reality. Worse, they will often then start gaslighting those who do know the significance of America’s most massive communication and information vehicles claiming to be neutral while in reality brainwashing half our nation to disrespect, hate and/or fear the other half.

If you’re a Democrat, socialist, communist, leftist, progressive, etc and you want a break from the news, it’s easy. You just turn off the news.

If you’re a Trump supporter, Republican, conservative, libertarian, etc and you want a break from the news, you can’t get one without just disconnecting entirely. And that’s great. We should all do more of it. But to have to do it in order to be free from leftwing bias? That’s cancerous for a healthy society, but it’s the one we live in.

Do you know why?

It’s because our goosestepping Democrat brothers and sisters, along with most elected Republicans before Trump came along, casually accept that the news media is generally slanted to the left.

The news media are supposed to be the adults in the room. But their generally accepted slant to the left gives way to all kinds of bad behavior all across the board. Entertainment institutions that once gave us space to unite away from political stressors are now ground zero for much of it.

The left hasn’t been funny in years. Saturday Night Live lost nearly all feeling in their funny bone because their hatred from Trump and his supporters was so seething and so visceral that they were just no longer able to be funny. Same goes for the late night hosts. Everywhere you look there are very powerful people who hold meaningful sway over our lives, telling us in no uncertain terms that Trump and his supporters are all evil people.

Every celebrity you see in every nicey-nice feel good promotion is there because he or she publicly and viciously attacked Trump at some point.

Every commercial you see leans into left-wing branding because corporate America is a collection of spineless pansies who have been hijacked out of doing business and into begging not to be cancelled.

I’m against racism and bigotry of all forms. All of it. And I’m not a “white rights” person or anything close to it. But if you can find a commercial with a white male and anyone else of any other identity wherein the white male is not the idiot, then please let me know. I’m not complaining, but I’m also not an idiot. It’s there, it’s constant, it’s in one direction and yes it makes a difference.

Every form of entertainment is overrun by leftism and leftist causes. We are all bombarded by it all day long. So while you, grassroots Democrat, can disconnect easily and enjoy yourself in what you believe to be a fairly and accurately represented country by the media — fully half of us are prisoners to your side’s bullshit and virtue signalling even when all we want is to relax a bit.

And that pisses us off. And it pisses us off that you either don’t see it, or worse that you slap us in the face again by pretending it’s not there.

The media sure knows it’s there. They’re well aware of the content they produce, and the impact it has. And the news media especially should know better. They are, as noted, supposed to be the adults in the room.

Instead they’ve spent decades lurching “generally to the left” and the last four years dangerously attacking and dividing our nation with absolute shamelessness. It’s been painful to watch and endure but, usefully, it’s also desensitized and empowered us.

For example, if Trump doesn’t concede and this drags out then this could happen and it would be perfectly legal:

[S]tate legislatures have the constitutional authority to conclude that the popular vote has been corrupted and thus send a competing slate of electors on behalf of their state. The 12th Amendment to the Constitution specifies that the “President of the Senate shall, in the presence of the Senate and House of Representatives, open all the certificates and the votes shall then be counted.” That means that in the case of disputes about competing electoral slates, the President of the Senate—Vice President Pence—would appear to have the ultimate authority to decide which to accept and which to reject. Pence would choose Trump. Democrats would appeal to the Supreme Court.

In normal times that would give me some pause. But I just watched the media spend four years punishing our nation for electing Trump, cripple our government with obstruction, poison our social climate with lies about race and disunity, normalize violence as a response to speech against Trump supporters, weaponize a virus to literally destroy our economy and crush the development of every child in this country indefinitely…while lying about all of it and claiming they’re doing a good thing, and it’s Trump and his supporters who are the bad guys.

I’m sorry but I don’t care how much you guys are celebrating or how much the media tells you they’ve decided it’s over. If this things ends up swinging back Trump’s way, I won’t lose a wink of sleep watching what happens in our streets as the well-conditioned criminals and unhinged psychopaths among you flood them while apparently trying to get killed.

I never thought I’d see the media weaponize a virus and literally try to destroy our country so directly and audaciously. I never thought I’d see the GOP base actually buck the establishment and get a nominee through whom we actually liked instead of the one(s) they select for us! I never thought our own government could get away with spying on political opponents and the media wouldn’t even be remotely interested. Or that the son of a presidential candidate could be caught red-handed revealing the sale of American political influence and that the media not only wouldn’t care, but they’d actively work to cover it all up. I never thought I’d see any of that.

But here we are.

So I’ve written a few times about being prepared if this doesn’t go our way. And while it’s an extraordinary longshot that it will go our way, I can confirm that I’m prepared for that too. Not just the happy part. That’s easy. But I’m thinking about the people on the other side who legally voted for Biden. I’m thinking about the pain. I’m thinking about what happens in the streets, and how the media will promote the violence and revel in the carnage — blaming Trump every step of the way despite the real culprit being their eagerness to prioritize social engineering over just delivering the news.

See if the roles were reversed the media would be making every effort to uncover fraud and find every bad vote. They’d be hyping it all day, every day. The streets would be flooded with the dropouts and deadbeats they’re able to so easily activate, violently rioting over claims that Trump “stole the election.” And the media would be calling them freedom fighters. They’d be cheerleaders for Biden not conceding and they’d be our nation’s biggest advocates for uncovering fraud and flipping the election.

The media has one job: report the news fairly and honestly. They failed at it in response to Trump exercising his perfectly legal and in fact warranted options. And if that leads to millions of their audience members being crushed emotionally or worse, that’s the media’s fault. Nobody else’s.

Still, what will likely happen now is a senile idiot named Joe Biden is sworn in and does nothing and then Republicans beat the shit out of Democrats in 2022 and kick Willie Brown’s sidepiece to the curb in 2024 at which point we’ll have dozens of “Trumps” running around the House and Senate.

That’s how it will probably go down.

But it’s important that the media and Democrat base know that if it happened another way, and it was very painful for them…

…we’ve thought about that, and would be okay with it.

Everyone needs to know that thinking just happened. Because I can tell you personally it’s really not a good place for us to be. But with deference to the facts and the law, I’m prepared for it if it does happen. And in light of the media’s abusive stranglehold over our national conversation and the bad behavior from institutional leftists that has over decades emerged as a result, I think about the suffering and the violence and the pain that would result, and I have to step back and remember that it’s not my fault or my problem.

It, like so many of our nation’s most fatal ills, is on the legacy news media that claims without evidence to honestly report the news while instead creating more hatred and division than anyone or anything else all thanks to that “general slant to the left” that most of you casually accept and they outlandishly deny.


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One comment

  1. I just discovered your site and am very impressed; thank you for this informative and compelling article (and all the others); you’ve inspired me to write some more, when I’ve been stalled for awhile due to all that’s going on, sort of stunned into non-creativity, except for farcebook posts, etc. All I have to do is think up a new topic. 😖 Hah, I might still be stalled.

    My favorite paragraph here:
    “We are all bombarded by it all day long. So while you, grassroots Democrat, can disconnect easily and enjoy yourself in what you believe to be a fairly and accurately represented country by the media — fully half of us are prisoners to your side’s bullshit and virtue signalling even when all we want is to relax a bit.”

    Virtual prisoners in their hideous world, their celebration of the low-life; the Clinton era/1990s all over again but this time on steroids.

    Personal freedom is anathema to them; their “peasant” class actually prefer to live like prison inmates, but a “nice” prison where you’re not kept in a small, barren cell with a toilet visible to all, where you can have a modest government issue “home” and live as if in a zoo, as they say you can live. Like the WEF’s Klaus Schwab says: “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy.” It’s mostly about living like dependent children with no adult responsibilities…just let the government worry about all that. They’ll take real good care of you, oh yes, just like Mao and Marx. Just obey orders, be happy with what we allot to you, and be monitored, that’s all you gotta do, “folks.”

    To hell with them.

    Well, I did sort of an article here; I need a nap now, lol.


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