Trump Will Forever Be America’s Greatest Political Success Story & We Are Here To Stay

We all know the value of holding two thoughts at once. While our thoughts about the election are and should be still dominant, I’m also thinking about more than praying and standing proudly with President Trump. Because for years now I’ve studied and seen the media’s utterly evil shamelessness. So it takes me about two seconds to move into this reality…

The media will have just spent Trump’s entire first term trying to undo the 2016 election, and putting targets on the backs of any American citizen who supports President Trump. The Democrats will have just cheated in the election with a major assist from the media’s exploitation of a virus that led to ballot-spraying our nation. The media will cover for the Democrats cheating. Biden will be sworn in, and the media will claim that his rhetoric around “healing and unity” mean he does in fact have a mandate, because — they’ll all in one voice assure our nation — “that is what everyone wants and anyone who doesn’t want it is a bad person.” And ultimately it will all go right back to the standard media narrative: everything the Republicans want is bad, and everything they do is dangerous. Everything the Democrats want is good, and everything they do is out of love.

Okay? That’s what I prepare for. That’s what I expect when it comes to some of God’s more misguided children who prioritize charity and morality as being derived from the state, and who judge people by the diversity of the their identity instead of the content of their character, and who deny the science around intact families while promoting destructive lies about race in America.

Mine is a very low bar for both the media and the left.

And when I’m surprised at all by their bad behavior, it’s in light only of new depths.

I don’t see it changing. Like their alleged “love” for America, their faith too is largely non-existent. And that absence of religion is what gives way to their disproportionate penchant for an “ends justify the means” perspective. And that’s what gives way to their incredible shamelessness with respect to lying, cheating, stealing and increasingly even violence and vengeance.

And it’s not going away.

So while we hope and pray and fight for and support President Trump, there’s a good chance that like it or not we’re not going to get our way. I’m ready for God’s will, no matter what it is. And if it’s for the media and Democrats to steal this election, then okay.

Because that’s just one single action.

Many, many, many more actions will happen as a result of it.

And it’s my belief that most of those will be negative for the Democrats and progressive left.

President Trump changed the game. No matter what happens, he’ll be remembered as America’s single greatest political success story and one of our nation’s greatest and most productive presidents. For centuries he’ll be written about with exponentially more care and intellectual honesty than he’s ever gotten from America’s dangerous and dishonest institutional left (media, Hollywood, academia). And as I noted way back in April, no matter what else he might accomplish as POTUS Trump’s greatest legacy will always be showing Republicans how to stand up to the media.

I wish more people appreciated the weight of the media’s power and the depths of their shamelessness. And how, without the media’s unwavering support, the entirely feckless and laughable modern Democrat party would be a memory. I wish people got that.

And thanks to President Trump, millions more do.

Any Republican who capitulates to the media going forward will not be a Republican for long. By the time Trump’s base is done with our next round or two of primaries etc, you’re going to have dozens of “Trumps” running around the halls of Congress. And it will be brutal. And excellent. And exactly what the media and left need and deserve as we use the levers afforded us by the Constitution to subvert and fight them every chance we get.

There are in fact two Americas and it’s time the GOP stop dignifying the idea that the media represent both. They do not.

So every time an elected Republican is asked any question by any national news reporter, he or she should respond with this:

Tell you what. I’ll answer your question. But first do me a favor. Are you able to access most of your work pretty quickly? Good. Pull out your phone and show me all of your reporting on Hunter Biden in the weeks before the election. Oh you don’t have any? Well here let’s take a look at the last 5 things you’ve written. Let’s see if there’s a theme to how you characterize things. Let’s take a minute and do that together so that before I answer your question, we can both be confident that you’re asking it in good faith.

Every time they’re asked a question, anywhere they are, that’s the posture they need to take. Stop politely and uncritically giving the media fuel for stories that they very carefully select exclusively to put you and your supporters in a bad light. This shouldn’t be complicated stuff.

I’ve long said that’s the most important thing we have to watch for. I expected a Trump win in 2020 and frankly I think we got one. If God’s plan is for us to be cheated out of it and for our country to watch that happen and respond to it, so be it. But I expected Trump to win and I wrote often that the only things we need to worry about are 1) that the media aren’t going to change and that’s where our fight needs to be, and 2) we need to make sure whoever we put in charge after Trump must share his same courage and commitments.

That’s what we should be thinking about, no matter what. If Biden gets this, who are we going to put out there immediately to start beating up on the media? Who are we going to rally around and force our elected officials to come with us? Because that was the model here. All it took was one person for us to rally around, and the rest of the party had to come. We bucked our establishment. The weak Democrat base never could and now they know, if they’re lucky, they’ve got a one-term emerging dementia case and are stuck with Kamala in 2024. None of that is good for them. But we did better and beat our establishment once, and we need to be planning and pursuing doing so again because Trump fell in our lap and the establishment is working already to hijack our laps so nobody again can. That’s why we need someone immediately if this doesn’t go our way.

It might be President Trump again. He could absolutely run again in 2024 if he “loses” this race. But he might want to do something else. And if we rallied around another Donald Trump, say maybe a Jr., I bet big Don would be good with that.

Don Jr. is lightning fast and whip smart and he has the same sincere love for this country, and disdain for its bigoted enemies within, that his father has. He’s got the courage to sit there and call Joy Behar out for blackface, to her face. He’s tough as nails but still polished and polite.

He gets under the media’s skin like nobody else could or would, and can help better than anyone else continue the important work of putting America First, Draining The Swamp, and crushing the media that for decades has been nothing more than a PR team for that swamp.

Not to mention: He’s come to avenge the injustice done to his father.

Which leads us to talk of a “Million MAGA March” if Biden ends up getting sworn in on January 20th.

At first it sounds like an awesome idea because obviously Biden’s 29 supporters don’t actually want to come in town to watch him put his hand on “that thing” and say words. So to see the entire mall filled with Trump signs and MAGA hats would of course be glorious. Here’s the rub. The media will obviously just continue exploiting COVID-19, when and how it suits them. In this case that would mean praising Biden supporters for being responsible and staying home, while demonizing Trump supporters for what amounts to murder. (This, as most Americans are aware, despite their conveniently-timed abject silence about crowds gathered in the name of left-wing causes.)

We should go. We should plan to flood the national mall in MAGA hats and with Trump signs no matter who gets inaugurated. I love thinking about stuff like that being a real shot at the media, and I hate when they’re able to weasel out of it so easily like they will by using the virus as an excuse…but so what. Let’s do it and show them no matter what happens, we’re still here.

Do not stop praying for justice and for us to be there as President Trump begins his second term. But I’m praying also for the wisdom and courage to accept God’s will and the faith to remember that He’s still in charge no matter what. And I have some time to think about a few things and this is some of what’s been on my mind lately. So if it does go down this way, and Don Jr. feels like maybe organizing the January 20th Million MAGA March, I think a lot more than a million are eagerly listening.

And please spare me any lectures about me “giving up on Trump.” That’s not what this is at all. He’s bled more for this nation socially and politically than anyone else in my lifetime. He’s worked harder and gotten more done. He’s scarred the media in irreparable ways and helped give voice to the half of our nation that for decades has been bullied into silence. The culture is shifting back in our direction and Donald Trump was the critical vehicle to help start that important societal evolution. The man is a legend and I love and appreciate and respect him dearly. I just want to be prepared, if necessary, to make sure we crush those who worked to crush him — and continue his agenda as quickly as possible.


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  1. All of those people went into government and media because they love me.
    The doctor would work for free because he is my friend.
    Our media is honest and every politician loves mom and apple pie because I do.


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