Many Democrats Ignorant Of Media’s Awful Behavior & The Pain It Guarantees

I’m trying to envision any of it going the other direction.

The media spending the whole campaign lying about literally everything solely to help Trump and hurt the other guy.

A virus being exploited and weaponized by the media to help Trump and hurt the other guy.

The election being staged in such a way that Trump’s opponent promised would allow for massive vote fraud.

And then when the election happens, myriad statistical anomalies and impossibilities exist all in Trump’s favor across several swing states that merit a closer look.

But when Trump’s opponent tries to exercise his constitutionally-protected rights, the media laugh and mock him and simply pretend he no longer exists but for their amusement.

Republicans who support Trump begin announcing on Twitter that we must start tracking anyone who supported the other guy so we can hold them accountable later for disagreeing with us.

The media (New York Times) finally decide to look at what the other candidate is up to in challenging Trump’s victory. When they see it’s getting some traction, they begin coordinating with attorneys at the law firm representing him to break attorney/client privilege so they can disparage the effort in their newspapers.

A political action group that supports Trump tells its followers to attack attorneys who work at that law firm, encouraging Trump’s supporters to harass, intimidate and bully them out of helping your candidate navigate his constitutionally-afforded protections.

And the media (Washington Post) happily and uncritically celebrates those efforts, noting that the law firm’s other clients will also be targeted as retribution for even considering helping your candidate.

It’s third world, banana republic stuff — but it’s all happening right in front of your eyes.

Oh and the other guy isn’t some fringe whackjob. He’s supported by roughly half the country and the media have already spent the last four years just brutalizing them and their candidate. In fact you can’t even walk around a major American city wearing a hat that supports your candidate because the media have so demonized him that you’ll get assaulted if you do.

How would you feel if that happened to you and your candidates, Democrats?

How would you feel to have the entirety of big media, big tech and big business working in a coordinated effort to shit on you and the other half of the country either didn’t know it was happening or, worse, convinced themselves it was fine and they didn’t really care?

Seriously. That’s a real question. Because I’m trying to envision how you would act if this all happened to you. Think about it and let us know because tens of millions of us are dying to know at this point if you can even imagine what it would be like to face the fight we do.

But don’t mistake this for a “poor us” post. It’s an accounting of what’s going on in this country and has been for some time. And virtually all of you who support the Democrats, support all of it.

The media have dragged you into a fight that’s far more brutal, ubiquitous and imminently escalating than the vast majority of you realize. But if you support the media and Democrats, then you’re signed up for it anyway. So if you don’t know what’s actually happening right now and how your superpowers in the big media and big tech are treating the rest of us, you should take a minute to bone up on it and make sure that’s the side you want to be on. Because at this point you’re in the fight whether you want to be or not.


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