It’s Time To Start Attacking Polite Suburban Democrats Who Still Believe The Media

If you support Joe Biden then for the last four years you have either promoted or condoned violence as a response to speech. For the last four years you have either promoted or condoned a flagrantly partisan legacy news media that worked 24×7 to divide and punish our nation for electing President Trump.

Yes, you personally. 

And while the very best of you are merely anti-American (you hate free speech and think socialism is peachy), the vast majority are anti-America. You actually hate our country. You think we’re a terrible place raised up on slavery and incapacitated still by racism, and that our only hope is to destroy this God awful nation and then rebuild it into something that our European betters might reward us for with golf claps.

You’re snobby and elitist brats too stupid to realize that there can be no greater proximity to utopia on earth than that which our Founders designed wherein people are free to enable themselves (or not) despite a still-necessary government. Not by, because of or thanks to that government. Despite it.

But you’re too basic to see that and thus laughably think you’re smarter and better than all those dumb rubes who blindly “love ‘Merica.” 

Here’s the response people like you have earned from the rest of us…

Go fuck yourself.

If you think the half of our country who just endured four years of abuse, targeting, cheating, lying, hatred and violence from your friends in the media are going to even pretend to like or respect you anymore, you’re wrong.

That’s not how real life works. But you wouldn’t know much about that because while claiming to “speak truth to power” you’re 100% backed by big media, big tech and big business. Your entire social and political existence is predicated on messaging from corporate interests who are much more committed to manufacturing narratives and driving revenue than reporting the news or promoting progress. 

You’re pathetic.

And the rest of us see it very clearly. We know you hate this country and love trashing everything about it, from our founding to present day where the real America is much different than what your media allies present. You can couch it in whatever you want. And you can goosestep along to the media’s bullshit thinking you’re some wild majority but if that senile old hair-sniffing criminal Joe Biden does end up winning, it’ll be by a razor-thin margin and despite Republicans beating the shit out of Democrats up and down the ballot.

Let’s think about that briefly: Not a single GOP House member lost their seat. That’s never happened in history. And Trump got a greater share of non-white voters than any Republican since 1960. Against all of the media’s hostility and odds, Republicans won up and down the ballot at every level including state Legislatures. But the guy at the top of the ticket who was 100% responsible for getting all those voters to the polls ends up losing? And not just losing, but losing to a guy who could barely get 12 people to a rally!?

Sure that makes sense.

Everyone knew Biden was a shoo-in.

You knew because the media told you so.

And the media is your friend.

You’re right to sleep through life while they serenade you with purpose.

You are meeting your potential, Polite Suburban Democrat.

You spent four years standing by while the media put targets on the backs of everyone you know and love if they dared to publicly express support for President Trump. You spent four years being too stupid to know or to evil to care that virtually everything the media said about President Trump, and by association his supporters, was bullshit designed to hurt and divide our nation as retribution for having elected him.

Well, it worked.

And if you think because the domestic terrorists in the media are trying to portray a “happy America” that we’re all gonna play nice with you, think again.

You personally deserve to be mocked, ridiculed and called out for your racism and science-denying idiocy at every turn. And that’s what you and your media/Democrat “leaders” taught us to do. These are the rules you goosestepping little liberal idiots taught us for decades but with particular efficiency over these last 4 years.

So now we’ll play by those rules too.

Ever imagine what it would be like to be sitting in your cubicle or walking down your street or out for lunch with friends, and to have a group of strangers run up and start pointing at you, yelling “RACIST!” and referencing your casual acceptance of violence as a response to speech? How about if you’re in front of a black person at the grocery store, and someone asks out loud if you’d like to strike up a conversation with that black person about how much you pity them, and how ashamed you are of your own bigotry and that of our nation.

“Go ahead. Have the conversation. It doesn’t work if you don’t talk about it. Tell that black person what you think when you see her skin. Tell her how you pity her because all of the hate and adversity she has to endure. Tell her. Do the work.”

The thought of humiliating you personally and with you the narrative on race in America that the media has set which only creates more division and bigotry, is glorious.

So get ready! : ))))

You can thank the media and your activist base for dragging you and your friends and families into this fight. Because the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing. And you, delicate little liberal snowflake who thought you could go on about your life in peace after what you just watched your media allies do to us for four years, you are standing squarely in the fight now whether you want to be or not.

These are the rules you created. And this is the fight that’s necessary to continue crushing the dishonest media and with it their stranglehold on the American narrative.

See you soon!


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  1. God reward you for this post! I cringe when I see posts on the supposed “victory” of Biden and the horrific language used toward our great American President (who still has a path to victory with all the prayers being said for him). The left preach love and practice hate; it’s disgraceful. I hope people keep their buildings boarded up if you know what I mean. Of course, you don’t see violence on our side one way or the other!


  2. Righteous retribution is not violence. It is as old as mankind and it has always served as a means to halt future violence. Whether it was Pearl Harbor or The Civil War. It was necessary to stop the creeping affects of tyrannies. So then, how do we proceed? We need to organize ourselves in ways that are specific and purposeful.

    Thank you to the writer of this post… \m/, …your writings encourage me that there is still ‘one small voice.’


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