FRAUD-20 Superspreader Creates Immediate Need For Ballot Testing, Testing, Testing

The thing about fraudulent election ballots is that the vast majority of them appear entirely asymptomatic. So you don’t really know if a ballot has the FRAUD-20 virus or not without testing it. Under normal circumstances we might wait for other signs of illness before testing. In the case of the 2020 ballots however we already have significant signs of illness. And so we must conduct widespread testing across the board. Because while 99.9% of the people who get COVID-19 are fortunate enough to fully recover from it without even slight problems, there is no saving the millions of free and fair votes that are slaughtered by the inclusion of FRAUD-20 ballots. And as Jake Tapper, Lester Holt and the rest of the media have told us for years…

Nothing is more important than the integrity of our free and fair elections.


There’s no denying the facts. There’s no denying the science. We know vote fraud occurred. We know most cases of vote fraud appear asymptomatic on the ballot. We know there’s nothing more sacred or important in our nation than a free and fair election. We therefore know that ballots in states that are hot spots for vote fraud will all require testing, testing, testing.

It’s either that, or you hate America and you love vote fraud.


Yesterday I prepared myself for the absolute worst. We are potentially at an end-times level crisis point for our nation and I needed to take a minute to process that and the implications. And, miraculously somehow, I came out the other side of yesterday feeling prepared for whatever happens. And that was important.

Because today I woke up feeling good. Today I woke up hopeful. Today I woke up unafraid.

Today I woke up ready to fight.

And I don’t give one tiny damn what the media says about that.

I don’t care what races they call; the media are not electors.

I don’t care how many millions of ballots get scrubbed or how many crying Democrats are peppered on our screens saying they feel cheated.

I don’t give one damn about them because the media taught us to stop caring about each other. The media decided one side matters and the other doesn’t, and that one side should be mocked and ridiculed and scorned while the other should be praised and supported and deified.

And now I’m ice cold and don’t care even a little bit what happens to them as we battle this out to keep what they are now convinced belongs to them.

So while yesterday I prepared myself for the absolute worst, today I arm myself in pursuit of the absolute best. I stand proudly with President Trump, and I fully support him in this fight for victory.


Much to my great pleasure, this will very soon mean completely ignoring the media. They were all straight out of “Mean Girls” last night after President Trump spoke, mocking him mercilessly; literally pointing and laughing at him.

Big joke to you guys? Okay. I’m one of Trump’s first and staunchest supporters but to protect myself and my family, I yesterday got myself to a place where I was pretty comfortable accepting whatever comes down. Then I watched Anderson Cooper and the rest last night, and forget it. It’s on. And I don’t care how ugly or worse it gets.

A friend said to me recently, “Who cares what the media says? Only policy matters. We should focus on that.” That’s pretty easy to say when the media is constantly working in your favor. Two teams can’t have anything close to a real game, let alone a good one, if the officials are constantly getting in the way of the game and trying to help one side. That’s who the media are. That’s why they matter. And that’s why, in this fight, it will be an actual pleasure to just ignore them and their whining and watch literally half the country ignore them with me. I’ve written for nearly a year that ignoring the media is our best shot at beating them, and now about half of the country is going to do it in a very big way.


The media did everything they could, often dishonestly and illegally, to destroy President Trump and anyone who supports him. And when they think they may have finally pulled it off, they laugh at and mock their target. And I’m writing about that to document it for others, but it’s not a surprise to me. I’ve long known exactly who the ugly, hurtful, dishonest, America-hating bigots and fascists on the left are. Their repulsive behavior, more than anything else, fuels me.

And it’s why I won’t lose a wink of sleep if Trump carries re-election despite races “the media already called,” and all their little minions get bludgeoned in the street while they cry about it.

I couldn’t care less. 

I didn’t create this environment.

Donald Trump didn’t create this environment.

The media did this. And virtually every intellectually honest person reading this knows it.

For my part, I haven’t respected the legacy news media in my entire adult life and I’m not gonna pretend to care about them now. If the idiots in our country who do respect them get hurt as a result, okay. That’s on the idiots and the media they learned from. But the media doesn’t run our country. They are not electors. They do not safeguard our Constitution or Republic in any way, despite their laughable claims to the contrary. There was a time that the media was very useful because communication was slow and information was lean. Neither of those circumstances exist anymore which means every single one of us are “the press” if we so choose to be. (I was a straight-up D student in middle school and barely got Cs the rest of the way, but look at me now!) The legacy news media just happens to be better at digging, and have more resources, because they’ve been doing it for so long. But they’re not journalists and haven’t been for a long, long time. They’re salespeople and opposition research for the swamp, and anyone who says otherwise is either lying to you or stupid.

So now we fight the media, finally, in a meaningful way to a serious conclusion.


Yesterday I prepared myself for the absolute worst: losing because we got cheated. I was already prepared to lose fair and square on the off chance that happened, but was less prepared to accept losing amid widespread voter fraud. I just didn’t think in a million years they’d actually be able to pull off large enough margins to make a difference, so I told myself not to worry about that. Having seen very real examples of fraud and outright criminal rule over the ballot counting — and simultaneously seeing Trump’s very comfortable leads shrink just enough to give Biden a lead — and seeing how the rest of the GOP wildly over-performed despite their lackluster showing in 2018 when Trump wasn’t on the ballot — and the broader efforts to meddle in our politics every day by the media, pollsters etc who never once actually reported on the election but chose instead to help engineer a result they wanted — I looked at all of that and then weighed it against their propensity for utter shamelessness and destruction.

And I can’t be expected to just roll over and accept that. And neither should you.

President Trump has been fighting for us despite absolutely massive and merciless attacks, sabotage, hatred, dishonesty, corruption and unfairness foist at him every single day by the media and their swamp allies. He’s never once given up. He’s not going to now. Others died for our freedom and for our right to vote, and I will not casually accept a stolen election while Anderson Cooper and the rest of the media giggle and laugh at me for caring about it.


The more I think about it, this fight couldn’t get here soon enough. It’s time for the media to lose in a way too big and humiliating to recover from. And if that fight gets really ugly and dangerous for those who support the media, so be it.

President Trump will fight tooth and nail for this victory. I support him 100% and so too should anyone who cares about the integrity of our free and fair elections. That’s my line in the sand. I don’t expect to convince Biden supporters or others to agree with me. I’m just giving you a fair warning that the media has picked a fight on your behalf that you may not be very interested in. But it’s coming whether you like it or not. We’ve been trying to warn you for a long time. You didn’t really hear us. Now it’s happening.

Good luck and Godspeed to President Trump and all who support him. My sincere apologies to the very good people caught in the middle. We truly didn’t want this fight. But we will not bow down and cede this country to those most responsible for its abuses, dishonesty, violence and decline.

The media and their bigoted, fascist, America-hating Democrat foot soldiers will be defeated.

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