Preparing For Either Outcome, Honest Thoughts From A Grateful Trump Supporter

I can’t imagine the turmoil being felt right now by America’s most honorable and patriotic citizens: Trump supporters.

There’s still some daylight for a victory but those avenues are very lean.

The media and Democrats say they’re surprised it wasn’t more of a blowout for Biden.

Obviously we Trump supporters are saying the same thing about our candidate.

I’ll submit again real fast to all the loosely-affiliated Democrats and others who don’t pay much attention but like letting Jimmy Kimmel and John Legend tell them what, when and how to think…

You’re on the wrong side of history.

And you create exponentially more hatred, bigotry, violence, division and racism in one day than you’ll ever mitigate in your combined lifetimes. You eagerly support a party that always has, and it appears always will, derive its power by inciting racial grievance and disunity. You pretend that you’re courageously “speaking truth to power” but you’re 100% backed by big media, big Hollywood, big tech and corporate America.

Did you hear what I said?

I said you pretend that you’re courageously “speaking truth to power” but you’re 100% backed by big media, big Hollywood, big tech and corporate America.

You are many, many, many things. But “speaking truth to power” isn’t one of them.

Four years ago, in the Republican party, we forced Donald Trump past our establishment powers and got our nation an incredible result. You Democrats — the ones who know that “the swamp” is real and people like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden are VIPs in it — you weren’t able to do that with Bernie. The Democrat party establishment stopped you. Then you tried again in 2020, and they stopped you again. And now, if Biden wins, we’re right back to the same steady decline and great American sell-off that both Trump and Bernie rail against.

But because we were able to temporarily buck their rigged system, the swamp and media spent Trump’s entire first term trying to punish our country for disobeying them. They did everything they could to create pain and disunity among the people, and to obstruct the government we elected to work on our behalf. And it looks increasingly possible that after all their hard work, they’ll get one of their own back in power.

And guess what?

Everything in this country will feel like it’s gong “back to normal.” The media and institutional left will again let us live our lives under the auspices of absolute security. Of course that welcome sense of security will have nothing to do with Joe Biden or Donald Trump. It will happen because a Biden wins means the media will stop spewing hatred, dishonesty and turmoil into our homes like they have in perpetuity the last four years.

That’s the side that may have just won.

The people who were accusing everyone else of stoking fear and disunity while meddling in our elections have themselves spent the last four years doing more of it than anyone else on the planet. And now there’s a decent chance our nation will have rewarded them for it with an electoral victory.

They spent the first three years of Trump’s presidency lying and calling him a Russian spy. At the same time they were doing that, they were putting targets on the backs of every Trump supporter you know while radicalizing the so-called “Resistance” that opposed them. Stop lying. Plenty of Trump supporters exist in your life. And you love them. And while the media weren’t lying about Trump and gumming up the works of our government, they were putting targets on the backs of any American who openly supported Donald Trump. That includes the people you know and love. Many of you Biden supporters were contributing to that. Not all, but many. Those who weren’t should be aware of what exactly they may have just allowed to happen, and this is me doing my small part to try to help make them aware.

I said it before and I’ll keep saying it: I dare anyone who doubts that the media have normalized violence against Trump supporters to put on a MAGA hat and go spend the day in any major American city. You won’t make it to lunch before you’re viciously assaulted verbally or physically or both. And you can record it happening and send it to every media outlet in town and nobody will cover it because they created this environment and condone it.

The media did everything they could to destroy Trump and his supporters. And contrary to what they told you, it had nothing to do with Donald Trump. Their problem wasn’t with false allegations of racism or sexual assault, bad spray tans or a salesman’s penchant for enthusiastically making his case. Their problem was an outsider coming in to put America first and drain the swamp that for so many decades put itself before our nation.

The media is part of that swamp. They are, as I’ve long noted, its most effective and important messengers.

The Obama / Biden Administration weaponized the IRS against the GOP in 2012, and they weaponized the intelligence community against Trump in 2016. They got caught for the IRS scandal years ago and were of course largely absolved by the media, but they still had to at least feign outrage over the bad behavior. In 2016, however, the media actively participated in the Democrats’ dishonesty and abuse of power by prolonging it for over four years.

These are the people you’re allied with. And their bad behavior may be rewarded thanks to your apathy and eagerness to trust them.

Do you honestly think that dirtbag Hunter Biden — and believe me, some of my best friends are dirtbags — but do you honestly think he got paid millions for any other reason than who his dad was? And do you honestly think Joe didn’t know? Do you honestly think that laptop and the emails implicating Joe were fake? Do you honestly think the myriad witnesses who have come forward to corroborate the veracity of the evidence were all staged?

Do you honestly think a drug-addicted criminal like Hunter Biden could get rich off foreign governments without his dad’s help, and that his dad — a career politician who before Obama was best known for plagiarism and grifting — wasn’t aware of it?

My Lord, people.

Joe Biden and Barack Obama presided over some of the most unAmerican and dishonest abuses of power in our history and the media completely absolved them for all of it. Donald Trump’s greatest crime in life has been womanizing but he’s been tried and convicted by big media, big Hollywood, big tech and corporate America as being the most heinous and vile person alive.

What he has done for this country compared to career politicians like Obama and Biden, who had never once made a single red cent in the private sector before politics, is absolutely historic.

And win or lose this election the most powerful forces in our nation will reward him for it with scorn, mockery and hatred. And their tens of millions of loyal audience members will goosestep right along.

The Republican party under Trump in 2020 made significant inroads with Americans who long believed the GOP didn’t care about them. I don’t love that he had to pander the way politicians have always done, and I dream that one day we’ll see how gross it is to view voters through racial lenses. But the Democrats and media have been exploiting, pandering and lying to minorities for generations, and, well…

…at least our guy didn’t exploit or lie to them!

If President Trump loses, I want to offer my most sincere thanks for all of his hard work. For taking all those slings and arrows for all of us. From the very beginning I wrote that the only reason he got in the race was because he truly loves this country and truly wanted to help influence greater pride in it and representation for it. And the only reason he started taking it so incredibly personally is because he found out early on what it was like to be one of us. To be lied to, and about, by the media. To be called the most vile and ugly names imaginable and not have any meaningful recourse. Only he did have recourse. He had a massive platform and a bank account full of “F You” money that meant he didn’t have to play by the ruling class’s rules. (Fun fact: he once retweeted me for making that point. Twitter of course banned that account so you can’t see my tweet, but his saying “True” in response is still up.)  But when they lied about him, claiming he called “all Mexicans rapists,” he fought back. Unlike feckless, weak Republicans before him who would quickly cower to the mob — he showed them zero fear.

The Donald Trump political success story reinforces for all of us how toxic fear can be to the person who lets it live in them. The Republican party and its alleged leadership had become useless amid its fear of the media and their allies. Some may feel that “useless” is too harsh but when you’re in the base and the nation’s most powerful forces are calling you “RACIST!” because you want our borders secured and our laws upheld independent of skin color or ethnicity, and your leaders are kind of egging that crowd on and giving in inch by inch while telling us they’re doing their best…it looks and feels pretty damn “useless” to us.

Trump did exponentially better. And if he loses it will be extremely narrowly despite facing more corrupt and dishonest opposition than any other President in the history of our nation.

From all sides, at all times, all the most powerful forces were working against this guy. Your idiot brother-in-law will pat you on the head, “There, there, Trumpster. You keep telling yourself that.” But anyone with a pulse could see that the most powerful forces in our country were hellbent on making sure people hated Trump and anyone who supported him. It’s a reality and it’s an obvious one and anyone who denies it is either stupid or gaslighting you. (“Gaslighting” is when someone tries to make a perfectly sane person with a valid gripe look or feel crazy because they don’t like the person or their gripe.)

But if he does lose then I’ll thank President Trump for his courage and the leadership that he showed. Because we started seeing the same thing with the cancel culture mobs. People who showed them fear were quickly consumed, never to freely walk the earth — cyber or otherwise — again. People who showed them no fear were largely unscathed and the mobs quickly moved on. Of course they kept coming for Trump because he’s in the most powerful position on the planet and had a mandate and Senate enabling his agenda. But he continued showing them no fear, and in doing so showed us just how powerful and possible that can be.

I also have to think about those “hidden Trump voters” if Trump loses. The ones I feel the most passionately for and who make up what appears to be about 16% of Wisconsin, for example, where polling said Trump would lose by 17 and it looks instead like he’ll lose by 1.

Imagine if 16% of Wisconsin had COVID-19 for a few days. Sure 99.9% of them would recover with no negative results, but the media would spend months freaking out about it. (Under Trump, anyway. Under Biden it will magically disappear, just like Trump said it would.) Well it looks like about 16% of Wisconsin has had their sacred right to free speech utterly frozen. They have been scared into silence and threatened by the clear and present bigotry of the media and their mobs. And they live with that fear to speak and express themselves freely 24×7.

That 16% or so exists in every state to varying degrees.

And now, if Trump loses, many will again feel like we have nobody truly standing up for us and our country. And if we let it, that will feel very rough.

So we’re not going to let that happen.

We’re not bad people. And I think a lot of our country knows that. And while a Trump loss would surprise me, I won’t behave like the so-called “Resistance” did. I know at least some of my Trump-supporting peers will. There are some serious questions about this entire election and it crushes me to think about the once-good people who might become radicalized by the media to become exactly what that same media has for years falsely accused them of being.

These good people, who wanted nothing more than to support our President and be proud of our nation without apology, have been attacked and marginalized by our media. And one can only withstand so much of that before they start fighting back. And that really scares me at this point. I know when a leftist attacks a Trump supporter everyone looks the other way, and that form of violence has become totally acceptable in our media and thus society more broadly. But the second a Trump supporter lays a finger on someone else or acts out in any way, the entire movement will be painted as violent and extremist. And now, if Trump loses, I’m not convinced we have anyone with the guts to stand up for us. I’m not convinced that a narrow loss is enough to show others in and around the Republican Party that we are real, and we are here, and we support them as long as they don’t bow down to the media and sell us out. And without anyone standing up for us in a meaningful way should Trump lose, the media may get the Frankenstein crazy Trump supporter they’ve long tried to create. And all they need is one or two to sustain a years-long campaign against anything even  remotely “America First” or “Drain The Swamp” related. Don’t give it to them.

For the vast majority of us who are smart and strong enough not to give them what they’ve long wanted (a reason to literally start killing us), a Biden win will mean the media and Democrats at some point very soon make laughably limp efforts to patch things up with us.

Please pardon my language but no. fu*king. chance.

The legacy news media needs to go no matter what. We need to stop engaging with them. We need our elected officials to stop engaging with them. We need to stop letting them control the national conversation, and stop participating in their version of it until we’ve succeeded. I’ve been ringing that bell when Trump was in office and if the media and their bullshit COVID-19 faux crisis manages to push him out of office, then the necessity to strip the media of its power is more pronounced. Not less.

As for Democrats and the GOP, the song will remain the same for us. There may be some elected Democrats whom we can influence to vote our way at times, but ultimately we will work within the confines of the law to thwart their agenda. There will be some Republicans who let us down along the way, but ultimately we will work within the confines of the law to support them and their agenda.

We all know that if the media aren’t demonizing a Republican in the White House then they’re demonizing Republicans in Congress. So if Trump loses then Cocaine Mitch will become public enemy number one. And Trump supporters can still enjoy that show because I’m told by sources who know him that Leader McConnell didn’t do much that Leader McConnell didn’t want to do. He loved fighting hard alongside President Trump and is very committed to his legacy of meaningful judicial productivity and governance. And the American people not only failed to deliver the repudiation against Trump that the media and Democrats so desperately needed, but we also made sure the GOP kept control of the Senate. That means no big mandate for any big changes, no green new deal or any of that garbage, no court packing, Cocaine Mitch still picks judges, no filibuster reform, and they’re now probably stuck with Kamala in 2024 who should be exceedingly easy to beat.

So if the election doesn’t go our way, get ready right now to pick your battle station heading into both 2022 and 2024. Mine will remain sounding the alarm about the institutional left and legacy news media’s negative influences on our society, and the grotesque penchant of the powerful left to judge us not by the content of our character but by the diversity of our identity.

As for President Trump, he never gives up. This fight might go on for a while, or it might end quickly. But while my heart breaks for President Trump if we ultimately lose the White House, and for those among us who won’t know how to handle this and who will have been successfully pushed to the fringes by our media, the rest of us will at some point find a lane in which to move on. We appreciate President Trump. We love him. We thank him. We owe him literally everything we have in modern times politically and socially because before him we were relegated to little more than Democrat-Light. President Trump sounded the alarm on the need to stop apologizing for our nation, and to start draining the swamp of those who for generations amassed power by selling off American influence and opportunity. He showed us courage in the face of the most corrupt, hostile and dishonest media and powers in American history. He showed D.C. what an actual work ethic looks like and kicked ass and took names all over the globe on our behalf.

If it doesn’t go our way, we keep fighting tough and smart as hell. We keep our messaging, to the best of our ability, simple and plain. We look for and elevate those who best represent and defend us. And for those of us who have it, we keep our faith. I wrote just 6 weeks ago that I literally believe Jesus took the wheel and Trump has been riding shotgun. I truly believed that and in some ways still do. It’s one reason I thought he would pull off such a massive victory despite so much working against him. And as of this writing, he still might at least win. But even if he loses I know God is well aware of what’s happening here and He’s not anxiously crossing His fingers that I will do what’s necessary to save goodness, morality and mankind more broadly. When I pray it’s largely for the wisdom to accept God’s will and if that’s for us to soldier on with, thanks to Trump, a higher standard set for defending the GOP base and 3 fresh SCOTUS Justices with which to preserve our nation’s most important tenets for decades, then I’m grateful for the wisdom to accept that and pray others find their way to that same place.

If we lose, do what you have to do to get there. Mourn. Take a break. But we must not give up. We must not cave. This isn’t Kevin McCarthy talking to Sean Hannity trying to amp you up. I’m one of you. I’m a grassroots Trump supporter who slows down a few times a week to write about what a lot of us are thinking but goes largely unrepresented in the media. And I’m telling you as a peer, we can’t give up. Lord knows they didn’t when they lost in 2016. We won’t stoop to their level of dishonesty and corruption, but the culture in America is shifting our way and Trump made an enormously important impact by teaching us all a critical lesson about 1) the toxicity of fear and 2) the depravity of the legacy news media. If we take those lessons with us then the next four years under a Biden administration will fly by. And they’ll get little to nothing done that we don’t want them to get done. And we’ll see an excellent 2022 then nominate someone deserving in 2024 and get the hell back to work.

We’ve long been relegated to closets and corners. And large swaths of us have long seen our free speech chilled if not outright stripped. We’re falsely accused of the most disgusting claims 24×7 by most of the media, academia, Hollywood, etc. It’s not easy being us. But don’t pick fights. Don’t act out. Just soldier on. We didn’t see Trump coming a mile away but he landed in our laps and accomplished an insanely rich level of agenda items. So keep the faith and don’t become what the media have long falsely claimed we already are. The American people repudiated the media and left far more than they repudiated “Trumpism” in this election, and the only thing that will distract from that repudiation will be content we give the media that allows them to focus on us instead of their own glaring failures. If one of you even tweets mean at somebody, the media can turn it into a 2-week saga if they so choose. So just everyone relax a bit, take a breath, we all worked hard, it’s been a crazy four years and a crazier campaign, we may have been cheated, if we were we may get justice but we also may not, God is still in control, we’ll live to fight again, and Donald J. Trump will forever be recognized and respected as one of the greatest presidents and political forces in the history of the world.

Still not tired of winning. Still not done making America great again. Still not done working to put our nation first. And nowhere near done draining the swamp.

Onward, in honor of the historically great President Donald J. Trump, with our many missions!

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  1. Enjoyable piece, right on the money. All I will add is WHEN Trump wins.. Ultimately he will. Justice WILL prevail. It must or faith in our republic will never return. Thanks again for the inspiration!

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