Wild Irregularities In Wisconsin & Michigan Must Be Investigated

There are some really glaring irregularities that appeared overnight in Michigan and Wisconsin, and Americans of all stripes should hope and pray we get a good explanation for these.

I’ve long suggested Democrats are not going to “steal the election.” I said it would be too hard to do. A few of their idiots might try around the margins to get an extra vote or two, but pulling off tens of thousands to really make a dent would be too hard to pull off.

It now appears they went for it anyway and decided to make it easier on themselves by not even trying to hide it.

You tell me.

Give me a plausible explanation for Joe Biden getting literally 100% of votes that were “found” overnight in Michigan.

Help me understand why the graphs for Wisconsin and Michigan show VERTICAL LINES of votes being dumped in for Biden this morning. Fully 100% of the votes.

No write-ins. No third parties. No Trump votes. Nothing. Just 100% Biden votes, and just enough to give him leads in both states. At best that’s weird and we need answers. At worst it’s fraud and we need votes thrown out and people sent to prison.

Meanwhile over in Democrat-run Pennsylvania they’re counting any votes they find until November 6th, even if those votes don’t have any postmark to prove that they were cast on or before election day. So that should be fun.

Again, there might be a perfectly plausible explanation for Joe Biden getting literally 100% of overnight votes. And there might be a perfectly plausible explanation for the number of those votes being just enough to help him edge past Trump. I’d like to hear those plausible explanations, and I don’t blame President Trump one bit if he fails to play nice without those answers.

It looks like, to my surprise, this whole thing will end up in the courts. The GOP and Trump team will do everything they can to get to the bottom of some of this stuff. I really, really hate it. I was really anticipating a decisive Trump victory that would let us all move on. I stupidly didn’t think the Democrats and left would actually try to fabricate and plant tens of thousands of votes right in front of us, but barring some other explanation here they are doing just that.

And the media will let them. The media won’t ask a single question about these statistically impossible irregularities. The media that spent the last four years droning on about the importance of electoral integrity, and railing against those forces that seek to meddle in our elections, they won’t be even remotely curious about statistically impossible dumps of votes landing in Biden’s column overnight that were just enough to give him the edge in two critical battleground states.

Not a peep from the media. If we hear anything at all, it’ll be either snarky (“People in that state just hate Trump that much!”) or dismissive (“Nice conspiracy theory, bro”).

So it will be left to the courts. And even if we win and Trump is duly re-elected as per the Constitution, the media will cast perpetual doubt about that result. They will stoke yet more anger and division across America. They will punish our country for another four years for yet again disobeying them. And forged thanks only to the bad behavior of their own bedfellows, this will become the media’s weapon of choice:

Trump is an illegitimate President

If Biden ends up winning and we don’t get good answers on these things, God help us. If they can’t explain these statistical impossibilities then the temperature will rise significantly in this country. And the source of that heat will be the utter shamelessness of the media, Democrats and their trove of Biden-only ballots.

As for a Biden presidency itself, if that were to happen I just have to say…


Anyway it now appears Trump is on course to win Arizona despite Fox News inexplicably calling the state for Biden very early in the night. If he gets AZ and holds PA, he’s re-elected. NV is still in play as well. There are still paths. And legal operations. And questions. As a Trump supporter, having watched all this play out, I’m content with knowing we’re not going to concede any time soon. I’m surprised to be writing that because, as noted, I anticipated a decisive Trump win. The problem as I write this is that he might have gotten that win. But Fox News stupidly called AZ way too early and Democrats found 100% Biden-only ballot boxes overnight and then they shut it all down for six hours and when it started up again Trump was losing and, well, here we are. It’s not where I wanted to be. It’s not where I thought we’d be. And it’s not a spot I personally condone lightly. Not in a million years did I think I’d be looking forward to court cases and delaying the result. But we saw some really weird stuff in WI and MI and we really, really need answers about what happened. They’re not allowed to separate ballots by party so that’s not it. We need an answer.

In the meantime, we’ll keep watching AZ and if Trump can win that and hold PA then it’s four more years of glorious winning.

And if he loses then 1) the Democrat party is still utterly humiliated and their own internal fighting around a President Harris administration has already begun, 2) the media will still see their power and influence reduced to a nub, 3) the GOP will have still held the Senate and made gains in the House and 4) we have 4 years to convince Trump to run again. (Ha! I kid. Or do I?!)

Still not tired of winning, and I remain absolutely certain that our foremost agendas — America First and Drain The Swamp — will in the end defeat the bigoted, fascist, anti-American left.

UPDATE: A plausible explanation has surfaced for the MI irregularity.


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  1. The Democrat Party can simply not afford to lose this election. The Durham investigation is about to expose the D. fake russian plot. Biden is about to be exposed for taking money from China.

    They have no choice but to steal this election. The only question is whether the Coronavirus panic was coordinated by globalist forces in the greatest scandal in history. We now know, the mortality rate is about that of the flu, the deaths being attributed to the virus are almost half 80 year old people with pneumonia. the flu and / or chronic respiratory problems, and that experts are claiming we should wear masks while admitting there is no evidence that masks work.

    Unfortunately for Trump, the RNC is part of the global network and he has no one on his side with any power.


  2. WTF difference would an investigation make? LOL! Who’s going to conduct it? Barr’s DOJ or Wray’s FBI? Don’t make me laugh. What good would another 8 year investigation do? After spending the entire time having coffee and playing grab-ass the “authorities” would just tell us there’s nothing wrong and there would be nothing done to rectify the situation. That’s why the Democrats no longer bother to even maintain the pretense of honesty.


  3. Fox TV coverage was an integral part of the election fraud and everyone could plainly see it right from the very beginning of the evening. They rushed to declare for Biden, posting even irrelevant numbers and then later produced the decision desk guys to rationalize it all, the very questionable and subjective decisions, which all favored Biden in a huge fashion.


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