Trump Supporter’s Advice To Biden Voters: ‘Make A Plan’ To Lose

I’ve already laid it all out there in recent months and not much in my thinking has changed. Yes I think the media exploited COVID-19 for political reasons to hurt and punish our nation. And yes I’m confident that we’ll see a landslide tonight for Trump and Republicans, and it will in the coming months devastate the legacy news media.

So that’s out there already and for the last few days all I’ve really wanted to do is enjoy the show. But now I want to offer a quick piece of sincere advice to Biden supporters…

You’ve been told for months to “make a plan.”

And that’s great advice. One should always try to be prepared.

Please take a minute right now and make a plan to lose this election.

Roleplay it in your mind.

Envision yourself finding out for the first time.

How are you going to react?

What will do in the hours and days after you find out?

The purpose of the plan should be to ensure you’re able to both accept the results of a duly-held presidential election while also being a responsible, functioning person. As we all know by now, too few of you were able to do both after 2016.

Let’s not see that again, please.

The last thing the children in the media need is your encouragement, and if it’s okay with you, for just a little while, we’d like to enjoy watching our country be stronger and richer and responsible for more peace and prosperity the world over than ever before.

We know the media have taught you to hate all of that.

But we’d like to enjoy it, just for a minute.


Want to understand what the media got wrong (again)? Here’s the one poll question they didn’t ask, but should have:

If the media spends 4 years insisting that all people who drink Pepsi are either racist or stupid, would you be more or less likely to tell people that you drink Pepsi?

“Drink Pepsi” is obviously a placeholder for “support President Trump.”

Do your own math, but the ultimate conclusion should land you here: the media’s bias has yet again taken a once useful application of math and science (polling), and bastardized it down to a useless nub.


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