The Resistance Was Futile & Legacy News Media Will Be Deservedly Hardest Hit

The days after the election are going to be brutal for a lot of people whose only real mistake will have been trusting the clearly broken legacy news media.

Donald Trump will win re-election in a landslide and it will be a relatively early night. The media won’t change a thing regarding their bad behavior. They won’t even acknowledge their failures let alone repent or atone. They’ll begin crying foul immediately…






Whatever the narrative, it will be intended as has become the norm to further divide and misinform us.

The really good news is that this time it won’t work.

Do the media even know?

Do they honestly think Biden is going to win?

Do they truly not see the massive enthusiasm gap, the incredible inroads President Trump and his team have made with historically reliable Democrat voters, the mood of the nation after watching the media spend 4 years blatantly trying to obstruct our duly-elected President…

…do the media truly see none of this?

Do they truly think the allure of Sleepy Joe Biden can inspire enough passion to eclipse that of President Trump’s supporters?

Despite the narrative they so angrily and dishonestly push, I can’t possibly think they actually believe Biden is going to win.

Their faithful audiences, however, believe it with all their heart. And they will be absolutely obliterated. Right on cue, the media will focus on the tiny minority who look like a scary majority when they’re seething with hatred and violence in our streets. They’ll try to convince the country that, well, in my best Jake Tapper voice…

This may be the new normal. I never thought I’d be saying that to you today but…here we are. President Trump, however it happened and we can debate that later, will serve legitimately or not as President for the next four years. And it appears there’s nothing anyone can do about it. And people are angry. And rightfully so. And this is what that anger looks like. It’s ugly. It’s tragic. You want to turn your head away, but you can’t. You must’nt. Because no matter who sits in the White House and how legitimate that person is or is not, we are still the United States of America. And what you’re witnessing right now is the anger and pain of our American brothers and sisters who, like about 65,000,000 others, are unable to make sense of where our nation is right now.

That will be the media’s voice after Trump wins: righteous indignation, carefully contextualizing mob violence and whatever else they can exploit to obstruct our president and punish our country for electing him.

But no one will buy it. Their audiences will tune out. They’ll be so utterly crushed because the media worked so hard to a) make them mad and then b) make them hopeful only to c) crush their dreams leaving them entirely hopeless and madder than they were before.

They’ll recognize that NBC News, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post and the rest are none of what they thought they were. They believed these were critical media institutions that were serious about the truth. Trump’s re-election will reveal them to be carnival-barking children inexplicably committed to social and political engineering in ways none of us wanted or needed them to be.

Who knows what will become of the Democratic party once the media that did most of its work begins to noticeably deteriorate. But when so many people who once trusted them wake up after Trump’s re-election, they’ll be completely depleted of faith in or energy for the media’s angry conspiracy theories and Trump bashing. Eventually they will return to the conversation, liberated from their loyalty to the corporate left, and it will feel like one more of Trump’s “promises made / promises kept” as America enjoys yet another notch toward becoming greater than ever before.


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  1. I believe our President will win. But, my wife and I are armed and ready if insurrection begins. Either way, we are ready. I haven’t believed anything from the major networks for years.


  2. The MSM and internet social media will not change. They are ‘owned’ by the DNC/swamp/China consortium. The CEO’s are all bought and paid for. The politicians like Biden, Kerry, Schiff, dead McCain, Pelosi, Obama, Graham and others are as corrupt as that can be imagined. Soros will continue throwing money at the marxist/democrats to cause violence. Expect nothing but negativism and attacks, same as before.


  3. Let’s assume he does win. I really do think the next big question would be “who is worthy of being his replacement?” You know, in 2024.

    Pence probably doesn’t have the gusto. Neither do any of the other “career” politicians.

    Whoever runs next time – needs to have most or all of Trump’s “team,” don’t you think?

    PS – does anyone ever talk about the behind the scenes of the DJT administration? Who are the key “brains” behind it (besides 45)?


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