Dear Suburban Women Pretending To Be Appalled By Trump’s Character: Get Over Yourselves

I’d like to share a quick message to all the “suburban women” who are pretending to be so appalled by the state of civility in our country.

Where the hell have you been the last 5 decades while literally the entirety of the legacy news media, Hollywood and academia have all been shitting mercilessly on the half of our country who identify as Christian and conservative?

I’ve spent my entire life watching the far more artful, hurtful, pervasive, well-heeled, “cool” Democratic left absolutely pulverize the aptly-named Christian and conservative right.

In basically every corner of American life the person who loves God and who loves our country is the one who has to shut up and be lectured to about how terrible America is and how racist and evil the people are who deny that “fact.”

My whole life I’ve seen the nice person who just wants to be left alone have to sit there and take it from an institutional left that permeates every facet of our lives: schools, businesses, sporting events, entertainment of all stripes, even corporate America and churches are being hijacked by the “I love America but” crowd.

The “I love America but” crowd are the anti-America leftists who hate our country, its history and its people but love what America might someday become if only we’d get out of the way so they can destroy and rebuild it. They think our country is evil and those who love it unapologetically are just uneducated rubes. But they can’t admit that out loud and so they pretend to love our nation…

Oh I love America. This is the greatest country on earth! I just think white supremacy is the rule in our country and dominates every aspect of daily life, our principles are juvenile, our excess is humiliating and our founders were all war criminals whose bad behavior has brought shame to us all and we must now spend our collective lives atoning for. But other than that I totally love this country. USA! USA!

Right. Nobody buys it.

Still the “I love America but” crowd has been there my entire life, right out in front.

The virtue signaling and dishonesty of the informed left is a hard enough battle to fight. But to lose sleep over the threat of “suburban women” whom we are told by the media think Trump is too much of a meany to do a good job…

…I’m sorry.

I know a lot of you “suburban women” and I’m just not gonna play the game.

Literally every one of you — whether you’re an authentic leftist or just a virtue-signaling airhead trying to fit in — you can all go jump in a lake and take your lazy, stupid, laughably uninformed activism with you.

You’re not a threat. You’re not the powerful force the media want you to believe you are. You’re a segregated demographic thoughtlessly aligned with roughly half the country and you’re shitting all over the other half who your media allies say either don’t exist or don’t deserve to. And you’re gonna lose badly and it’s going to be hilarious and I don’t apologize for enjoying your misery after all you and your idiot heroes have done to the rest of us and our nation for so long.

So spare me your pathetic crocodile tears, Karen. If you’re pretending Karen that Donald Trump makes you uncomfortable Karen but you’ve sat idly by Karen while the media and left have torn our country apart with their hatred for our history and people, Karen, then you deserve to be as powerless and clueless as those you support ensure you always will be.


And not to overstate the obvious, but I’m not trying to win you over. I honestly couldn’t care less what you do at this point. The #AmericaFirst and #DrainTheSwamp right is going to win, and America is on pace for another few centuries of peace, prosperity and dominant global influence. I’m not worried about that. This was me explaining why you shouldn’t buy the media’s hype. Any of it. But if you insist on uncritically subscribing to it — regardless of whether you truly care about leftism, or if you’re just trying to look cool for the other PTA hostages — this was just one example of the rhetorical dressing down you’ve more than earned and should come to expect.


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  1. Exactly. If I were to mention Piss Christ or Andres Serrano, the Left’s response is “get over it.” If I point out that Supreme Court rulings like Obergefell can be reversed, their first response is “No, they can’t” (until I point out the reversal of Plessy versus Ferguson (separate but equal),
    United States versus Dred Scott (Blacks aren’t citizens), & Buck versus Bell (compulsory sterilization) are just the tip of the iceberg.


  2. Absolutely bravo for this essay!
    I say to the self righteous and priviledged “Becky’s” as they call them that in the ‘hood’ where I resided.
    Just stop with the superficial grandstanding and rather oppressive empathy.
    I lived in West Central Chicago for 7 years, and I would look with relish and relief each time I would leave there to bike over to the Suburban town 6 miles to the West. I assisted in building sculptural projects out there, I loved my time there, and I had a girl friend who owned a house there but definitely was not a “Karen”, she clued me in on the rot in the city council that festered beneath the veneer of that desperate to be more diverse town.
    And thankfully she turned me on to the beauty and grace of the Trump administration.
    I would think to myself this is bloody heaven! I did not have to look over my back and wonder what “cray-cray” drama I would come across riding through my neighborhood. Those lawn signs along these laconic and pastoral homesteads left me perplexed and confused….: “Another Family for Inclusion”, “Hate has no Home Here”, “Practice Tolerance”. Well if they would only put down the Cava Rose, chilled Champaign, Rochefort and pickled olives and hop in their BMW-SUV’s and Jeep station wagons and drive to where you can actually work to provide aid and help to Community Centers and Churches, and Catholic Schools, they would appreciate volunteers and donations with profound gratitude. Joining in with your country that is how we work it.


  3. There’s no way I can think of to top the prior three comments so I’m just going to say thank you to the author of this piece for nicely telling these self aggrandizing bltches where they truly stand in the true perspective of life in these United States.


  4. Oh dear, the author mentioned “crocodile tears” these over educated dummies will mistake that as a real crocodile just like they don’t know about the “coyotes” who smuggle humans across our border.


  5. You always write what I think but could never put into words. Love your essays!!! All so true! Keep ‘em coming. Trump 2020!!! Love you, Dan!


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