Top 5 Ways Media Deluding Itself Through 2020 Election

The media’s newly-emerging inability to shape our opinions has resulted in a perpetually skewed view of reality from inside their bubble. When they were able to control social sentiment it empowered them and they understood their surroundings. Today however, as the media’s mask has been lifted and their divisive partisanship broadly recognized by most of the public, their disconnect from the world around them has become more pronounced and easier to spot.


The media actually believe they’ve convinced our country that Hunter Biden’s many indiscretions aren’t really a thing. Even if someone is only listening with one ear a few minutes a day, all honest observers have already consumed the truth: There’s now evidence that Hunter has been getting rich by exploiting his dad’s roles in the government, and there are serious and credible questions about Joe Biden being party to all of it up to and including receiving payment from his son.

That evidence is out there, and people know it.

When Twitter and Facebook tried to bury the story they discredited themselves and made it a bigger story. The media is now doing the exact same thing only they have no idea because from inside their bubble their plan appears to be working perfectly.


The media are party to the greatest political scandal in our country’s history and they think nobody knows. They think nobody knows because they refuse to report on it and so they believe you don’t know about it. Because that’s the world they live in, where they still create the realities.

But that world has long since disintegrated.

The world today is much more open and free and informed, and even if people don’t know about the smelting smelters or array of foreign names and times and dates and files and lawyers — they know damn well that the media and corrupt members of the intelligence community colluded to spy on, obstruct and frame Donald Trump. Honest observers who aren’t even listening closely already know that the entire Russia collusion investigation was a hoax perpetrated by the media. They know today like they knew yesterday that Russia, like so many other countries, always tries to meddle in our elections. And we try to meddle in theirs. There was nothing unique about 2016 except the media got pummeled by an outsider who promised to drain the swamp on which they depend for survival, and put America First in defiance of the globalists and European betters that our pathetic media persistently submits to.

That and that alone is why they pretended the Russia stuff was a big deal, and honest Americans all over the country have long known that. The only people who took the Russia nonsense seriously were the media and their far left base.


Everything we see on television, right down to the riots and “burning down of our cities,” is staged for the media’s social engineering.  Antifa and BLM are nothing but props rolled out by the media and left when and how they choose. They can set their movements ablaze or send them all home to their shame closets with the flip of a social switch. Obviously the damage these mobs do is real. The damage to property and brutality against people — the death — it’s obviously all very, very real. But it’s also anecdotal and not nearly as pervasive as the media wants people to believe. It’s not actually what’s real in America and it’s not what people are thinking about or focused on or worried about in their every day lives. And honest people know that. Honest people know the media are working hard to stoke racial tensions and division, and to make us believe our nation is fraught with division and detriment.

It’s not. And the vast majority of honest observers, even those who don’t watch politics real closely, know that.


People know it’s a lie. They remember 2016 all too well and they know the media are reading from the exact same script this time around. You almost feel bad watching literally every one of these dolts on TV and on Twitter, though.

They legitimately think we believe them.

They legitimately think there are still Americans who don’t see through their charade.

Heck, some of them legitimately even believe what they’re doing is morally good and just!

But everyone sees through it.

The media truly believe they’ve convinced the country that we shouldn’t re-elect President Trump, and that Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States. They legitimately believe they’ve made that happen. They believe their polls and they believe their hype.

They’re going to be harder hit than anyone.


People are over it. They’ve been over it for a long time. That the media are the last to know should surprise nobody because the media, as evidenced throughout this piece, are the most disconnected-from-reality population in America other than celebrities.

“Well you may be ‘over’ COVID but it’s nowhere near done with you!” Okay. Fine. You say that unless 85% of Americans “mask up” and we cancel all non-essential life then we’re all doomed in perpetuity, assured a slow and painful, pandemic-induced genocide. I say you’re crazy and we could all stop wearing masks tomorrow and it wouldn’t make a bit of difference. This thing is gonna spread and we are either gonna live with that or die because of it. Honest Americans have already opted to live with it. So meet me back here in 20 years and we’ll take an honest look at real numbers and see who was right.

The media want everyone to believe that a) 220K people died from COVID-19 in America, b) Trump is responsible for most of those deaths and c) the economic hardships caused by the lockdowns are also Trump’s fault.

That’s the media’s story on COVID-19 but honest observers who live outside of the media’s bubble know better. Honest observers know that the death count number is wildly uninformed and likely as inflated, that Trump did as well if not better than any other POTUS would’ve done and that viruses ought not be weaponzied and exploited by the media for social and political gain. Most honest observers in America, the people who are going to re-elect Trump in a landslide on November 3rd, they know all these things. But the media, pathetic as they’ve become, still believe they’ve convinced us otherwise.


The media truly think we believe them when they say “No Biden could ever do anything illegal and anyone who says otherwise is racist!”

The media truly think it helps their case when they say “Donald Trump is a Russian spy who stole the 2016 election and anyone who says otherwise is a conspiracy theorist and probably a Russian spy!”

The media truly believe they can make the world a better place by shouting “America is a racist hellhole and the whole country is on fire because white people are terrible and black people need pity!”

The media truly think they got away with weaponizing a virus and then exploiting the pain they were able to cause with it; that we’re blaming Trump and that their plan is working perfectly. In the real world we know better and with little fanfare and zero news coverage (go figure), we’re phasing that story out and all the media’s laughable talking points with it.

And the media truly think if they just say “Donald Trump has no path to 270!” enough, then he won’t yet again absolutely route and humiliate them.

The media are wrong.

As usual, about all of it.


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  1. My favorite is the contention that America is racist and we need to come to a reckoning by electing the guy who counted himself among the segregationists. We need to fix racism by voting for the guy who argued against the Civil Rights Act.

    The only way it could be better is that Biden had a few recorded statements like LBJ using the N-word.


  2. “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country….. If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing about it.”

    Edward Bernays


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