Here’s What Will Happen When Trump Wins Again

Trump will win in a landslide and everyone will know it the night of the election. I’m not sure if Biden will concede that night but the loss will be so massive that even the media won’t be able to help him sustain a prolonged stand. If Biden doesn’t concede on the night of the election then he will within a week of it.

The media will immediately begin doing everything they can to undermine Trump and anyone who supports him. There won’t be even a hint of introspection, apology or accountability this time around. They won’t even pretend. They’ll have spent a solid year lying to our nation about the election and assuring voters on every side of every aisle that Biden would win. Every conversation they have, every report they run, every poll they pretend to analyze, every alleged expert they have on — every ounce of it was designed to inspire Biden supporters with joy while submerging Trump supporters in pain.

And when the exact opposite of what the media promised unfolds they’ll simply shift gears away from the election and right back into demonizing Trump. This entire election — all of the media’s bad behavior, all of their dishonesty and propagandizing, all of their partisanship and trying to tip the scales, and Trump supporters yet again overcoming all the odds to win — it will all, if you listen to the media, never have actually happened.

In the days following Trump’s election the media’s disdain for our nation and its people will manifest more clearly than ever before. In a shared and scripted voice they’ll lecture us about America being a profoundly flawed nation rich with voters who are determined to never let equality and/or progress take hold again.

It will probably sound like this:

What does it say about our country when so many Americans are too ashamed to admit they support President Trump; a man we all know to be an apologist for racists and a lover of tyrants and dictators? What does that say about our country? It says we still have a long, long way to go. And it says that so many of our American brothers and sisters who today are so afraid, they need our love and support now more than ever. Because the fight against bigotry and hate, as we just learned from President Trump’s astounding re-election, is going to be even longer and more brutal than many of us expected.

That will be the crux of their analysis about the election: angrily blaming our country for disobeying and humiliating them. And that resentment for our nation and its people will guide the media’s posture in the days, weeks and months after the election.

And slowly, as previously predicted, many of their employers will start folding because a significant chunk of the media’s audiences will have been burned too many times. They’ll start tuning out and cancelling their subscriptions in even greater numbers, and the legacy news media that’s so disgraced itself over these last four years will have to come grips with their ultimate demise. Those who remain — including the worst offenders like Jake Tapper at CNN, Chuck Todd at NBC, Maggie Haberman at The New York Times and Josh Dawsey at The Washington Post (for example) — will not change. They will not admit they were wrong. They will not stop trying to destroy our country to protect the globalist swamp wherein they and their parasitic peers have long made such cushy livings. They will be even angrier and I’d say even more shameless but that’s impossible: we just watched the media try to kill our country with this COVID-19 junk all in service to a political agenda. They can’t possibly be more shameless than they already are, but they will be much angrier.

And you know what? That part will actually be fun. Because Tapper, Todd and the rest have already effectively been neutered. They’re nothing but Democrat party errand boys responsible for messaging and public relations, and everyone knows it at this point. So when Trump wins again in a landslide and the media start dropping like flies, and those who remain are still the same hacks as before only a lot angrier, I’m going to laugh. They’re just no longer the meaningful threat they once were and they’re so easily predictable that I find it hard to take them seriously anymore. Which is why I’ve been arguing for some time that we stop dignifying them with our time, energy, responses and attention.

In the meantime, I know a lot of people are really worried. And many are worried that the Democrats and media are going to steal this election. They won’t. A few may try here or there around the margins — and the media will do all they can to stoke your fears and uncertainties — but Trump will win and everyone will know it on election night. Biden will want to explore legal options but the media won’t be able to help him hold the line and he’ll concede likely that night but definitely within a week of the election. The media will act like the election never happened. If they talk about it at all it will be through one of these two lenses: 1) Trump cheated in some way so it’s illegitimate, or 2) It proves how terribly flawed and evil our country is. Their real task and most important work will remain derailing Trump and putting targets on the backs of his supporters. And while they’re angrily doing that, they’re going to start seeing their own numbers sink even lower. And then the closures will start and the massive layoffs all across the media. I’d normally have no problem finding the sensitivity to empathize with the hundreds or even thousands of legacy news media employees who will soon find themselves unemployed, but those days have long past for the media. They will get none of my empathy and, as noted, I’ll actually enjoy watching them get their comeuppance. And so will millions of other Americans.

The only things we really still have to worry about are 1) who we will nominate in 2024 to fill Trump’s shoes, and 2) what to do about Big Tech. I have an idea about the first question. The second I’m noodling with and will have to get back to you but, spitballin’, I don’t love the idea of the government being the solution to our Twitter / Facebook / Google problem. There’s gotta be another way. I like the idea of the market doing this work for us, and us doing the work to make that happen. More on all that later. For now, two weeks until the big day! Godspeed, everyone! And great work! And keep your head up, stay diligent, stay vigilant, stay safe…but don’t forget to enjoy this time! It’s smart for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that half the media’s hard work is designed to bring you down. Don’t let them win!


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  1. Let’s not forget one more thing that will bappen when Trump wins: BLM/Antifa terrorists will throw the riots into overdrive. They’ve been convinced they’re the New America. The media will pull their pin and they’ll explode like a grenade.


  2. There will be riots and disruption when Trump wins a second term. Antifa, BLM and their ilk think that they can ramp up their antics. Guess what. Conservatives and Christians can do the same. Granbury Texas is Trump country big time. I don’t expect trouble here, but we are ready.


  3. I dunno. In Pennsylvania, they will have three days to come up with ballots after 3 November. Still, if President Trump sweeps the other battleground states, Sleepy Joe will have a hard time explaining how he won by more than the population of Pennsylvania in Pennsylvania.


  4. Eventually the loud-mouthed protesters and rioters are going to pick the wrong fight, and when they get knocked down HARD the rest are going to go running. Antifa and blm will go back underground, and the rest will be leaderless and will shut down, go back to their worthless lives. The masses just never opted in for the kind of shut-down they are facing. They will recoil in fear. I guarantee it. They are truly weak in their convictions, they are the fringe.


  5. Just came across your website and this article “What Will Happen….”. Outstanding piece of writing and I will be forwarding this article to a bunch of folks on my email list.

    Can’t wait to dive in to the rest of your articles.


  6. Do not forget the time for rebuilding, repositioning and restauration of all our heritage monuments sculptures and buildings.


  7. I’m surprised the Dems haven’t trotted out Gretta Thunberg as the Canadian Liberal PM Trudeau did to win his second term! I’m hoping Yanks aren’t as stupid as Canadians, however they have more media brainwashing to put up with!


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