Cancel Culture Cannibals: Democrat Mob Attacks Media That Created It

While elected Democrats are making themselves look petty and small in the face of a dignified and resolute Amy Coney Barrett, the Democrat base is making itself look petty and small in the face of two stories that they just can’t cope with.

We’ve warned “the Resistance” that they were being lied to by the media.

We’ve highlighted the media and left’s remarkable inability to win. Ever.

And now as all televised eyes are on President Trump’s third Supreme Court nominee sailing through her hearing, all social media eyes are on the New York Post’s bombshell story that includes pictures of Hunter Biden with a crack pipe and proof that Joe Biden was in fact directly involved in Hunter’s Ukrainian business interests.

It’s an enormous hit to Joe Biden personally, politically and possibly even criminally. But if a member of the legacy news media so much as mentions it, the Democrat base crazies come out in full force to cancel her. And that’s what is happening this very minute to the New York Times’ Maggie Haberman. For tweeting the story out, the Democrats’ grassroots mob dubbed her “MAGA Haberman” and are working hard to cancel her.

(You can read the latest “MAGA Haberman” tweets by clicking here.)

Not only is The New York Times’ brightest star on the chopping block, but apparently the mob also wants to cancel MSNBC because NBC News agreed to host President Trump’s upcoming town hall.

You can read the latest “#BoycottMSNBC” tweets by clicking here.

And those two hilarious examples of Democrat-on-Democrat cannibalism come to us on the heels of Nancy Pelosi trying to cancel CNN’s Wolf Blitzer of all people for not immediately taking her side on every issue that our nation faces. It, too, was priceless.


I once saw Ilhan Omar react similarly to CNN’s Manu Raju. He was in the middle of lobbing her softballs and she nearly bit his head off for it.

It was sad.

And hilarious.

Spoiled by a media that does most of their work for them, these elected Democrats are entirely without recourse or footing when faced with even the smallest amount of adversity.

Now, by comparison, think about Trump and his base.

No wonder we’re doing all the winning while the Democrats, media and left can’t stop losing!

From their elected leaders to their activist base, the Democratic party is a disaster. It has been for years and I’ve long noted that if not for the media, the Democrat party as we know it today would likely be a distant and bed memory. And who knows: within a few years the Democrat party might have Mitt Romney and Jeff Flake running things on the political side while Jonah Goldberg and Bill Kristol take charge on the media side. But as the leftist “cancel culture” mob begins cancelling its own creators and supporters, and the Democrat leaders begin attacking the only thing that’s actually kept them afloat all these years (the media), all Trump supporters have to do is sit back and enjoy the show.


UPDATE: Apparently Facebook and Twitter are both doing their part to keep the Biden story from trending.


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