Our Country’s Pain In 2020 Was Created By The Media, Not The Virus

All of this COVID-19 stuff has put our country in such a difficult spot but so much of it could and should have been avoided. So much of it has nothing to do with the virus and yet every facet of our lives have been altered in negative ways to make room for COVID-19.

A lot of our country, a lot of you reading this now, have spent the last 7 months on the fence. You’re not actually terrified of the virus but for a variety of reasons you’ve been happy to play along: better safe than sorry, don’t make waves, set a good example, be a team player, etc.

Your inclination toward conformity — harmony, really — is often to be commended and, despite the damage you’ve unwittingly helped create, this is one of those times.

Just like President Trump, you really didn’t have a choice: the word “mandate” entered the mix early on and the social stigmatizing was right on its heels.

“We’ll do what we have to do,” most thought.

And who could blame you?

Everywhere you looked all the experts and professionals were telling you this was going to be the single most devastating health event of our lifetime. They were basically promising as much. But many of them were also telling us the truth in those early stages. It often sounded something like this:

There’s really nothing you can do to stop a highly contagious airborne virus from spreading. The real goal is to make sure it spreads more slowly — to ‘flatten the curve’ — so that people we can save don’t perish due to lack of hospital resources.

That was the goal initially. It was very simple and made sense, because legitimacy tends to have that effect.

But just like “do right by the earth” eventually became “stop the climate from changing,” our own “flatten the curve” became “slow the spread.”

What started as a noble endeavor that was grounded in reality quickly became a tool for social engineering that denied science.

And that’s when the real pain and devastation was about to become a long-term part of our lives. That’s also when many Americans went from “We’ll do what we have to do” to “I think I’ve made a terrible mistake but it’s too late to say anything about it because everyone will say I’m trying to murder granny.”

And we’ve been there ever since: held hostage by the social pressure, sensationalism and hyperbole that the media and left have used to weaponize COVID-19.

Many of you truly are terrified of this thing. And I wish you weren’t carrying that load but there’s nothing I can think to say that will help unburden you. The only thing I can suggest is to please go give blood so you can get a free antibody test from the Red Cross. I won’t get into all the reasons that could be good for you but it’s just something I recommend doing that could be helpful for you, and others, on many levels. 

As for those of you who aren’t afraid but must still pretend to be or at least go along with the brutally hard-to-watch idiocy, I’m right there with you. I named this website “Love Breeds Accountability” because it’s true. And here’s yet more proof of that. If I wasn’t surrounded by people I love and who love me then I’d have been arrested dozens of times for fiercely refusing to comply with mask requirements. But because I don’t want my behavior to make things difficult for those I care about, I’ve had to play along.

And whatever your own reasons are, you’ve had to play along too.

The collateral damage has just been so incredibly devastating. And none of it needed to happen. The virus was always going to do its damage and there was nothing we could do to stop it. But all the other damage — social, economic, health-related, marriages, drugs, alcohol, depression, suicides, stunting the growth of literally every child in America…

…friends, neighbors, people: none of THAT needed to happen.

But we’re never really going to be able to admit that to each other because it’s too humiliating. The legacy news media led by NBC, CNN, The New York Times and The Washington Post — these allegedly impartial media outlets, in order to punish our nation and hurt its President, so battered and used and exploited and humiliated us that we’ll never actually be able to admit it out loud.

That particular truth, deserving and useful as it may be, will never get the disinfecting sunlight it deserves.

Even when Trump crushes Biden in a landslide the media will still work hard to hurt our country and punish us for electing him. Whether they terrorize us with fear, paralyze us with distrust or antagonize us with disunity, the media will be unrelenting in their efforts to create an unhappy and uncomfortable United States of America for everyone in it. 

It’s what they’ve spent the last four years doing with increasingly sociopathic disregard for the consequences of their actions. Here in 2020, they sensationalized and weaponized COVID-19 to harvest as much pain as possible from it. And the vast majority of carnage, loss and devastation was a result not of the virus itself, but of the fear the media worked so hard to make part of our lives.

We might never be able to say that out loud to each other in a meaningful way that can be heard across our nation. And the media will obviously never admit to any of this and will likely never be held accountable. If you’re reading this however and you’re an intellectually honest person, please just try to appreciate the media’s role in all of this. They are the single greatest threat to our nation’s progress and unity, and the sooner we all realize that the sooner they’ll lose the power to abuse us this way.


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One comment

  1. While I agree with you, I really don’t agree on a very minor detail.

    I agree that the Democrats in the press have been a major problem in invoking fear in the populace; however, it is also the political class of Democrats that have done great harm in Harris County, Tarrant County (both liberal bastions in Texas), New York, Pennsylvania, and a number of other liberal jurisdictions.


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