Anti-Trump Media Darling Mark Zandi Disgraces Moody’s Analytics For Fourth Straight Year

As another election season rounds out we’re reminded of characters like Mark Zandi, “Moody’s Chief Economist,” who has never analyzed an economic scenario that didn’t lead him to believe that the world will be a much better place if the left were in charge and “that’s exactly what the markets are betting will happen very soon.”

He is to the stock market what Scott Gottlieb is to healthcare: a shameless media shill who dishonestly claims to be impartial and exploits his expert credentials so he can go on TV and become a pundit who does nothing but spin facts to fit the media’s anti-Trump narrative.

Just like his leftist media bosses Zandi will of course say, “I guess you don’t like the facts. I’m totally impartial and am just telling the truth!”

Also just like his leftist media bosses, Zandi’s version of “the truth” is around 5% facts and 95% opinion / speculation.

Also just like his leftist media bosses, Zandi’s version of “the truth” almost every single time amounts to terrible news and feelings for Trump supporters and reasons to celebrate for those who oppose Trump.

For example: In this piece from June 2016 Zandi explains that Trump’s economic plans would destroy the economy, and in this piece from November 2016 (after Trump won) Zandi reinforced his easily disproven fear-mongering.

He was wildly wrong both times and his speculation was based almost entirely on his own opinion and feelings. But that’s the “expertise” we get from the media.

This morning I caught him on CNN with that damp blob of talking lukewarm playdough, John King, and was unfortunately unsurprised to find myself in a timewarp back to 2016.

Can you guess what the media’s coveted “Moody’s Analytics Chief Economist, Mark Zandi” was saying?

He was saying that the markets are doing great because they’ve already factored in a Biden win and a Democrat sweep of Congress.

Yes, really.

That’s what this man wants CNN’s literally dozens of viewers to believe.

The clip from this morning isn’t up yet but while looking for it I found another recent Mark Zandi gem being celebrated by a leftist Twitter user…

Even if Zandi actually believes what he’s saying, where’s even a shred of deference to the reality that this same man said the exact same thing and more four years ago, and was wrong about all of it?

Where’s the deference for all of the people the media trot out as “experts” who got it so wrong in 2016 and now, four years later, are saying and doing the exact same things all over again? They spent the last four years trying to undo the 2016 election and the last four months pretending all their mistakes, shamelessness, dishonesty and bad behavior never even happened. And they’re playing all the same games and rolling out all the same characters to do it.

I’ve written about it several times. In this piece and this one I talk about the media not learning their lessons and in fact only getting worse since 2016. In this one I talk about the price the media will pay for it. In this one I talk about how we should fight back against the media, and in this one I talk about how we can actually win our war with them.

There’s plenty out there I’ve already written on all of this but as I saw this Mark Zandi character trotted out yet again, that 2016 vibe came flooding back and I remembered the same guy spewing the same bs four years ago under the same dishonest guise of impartiality being exploited under the same banner of expertise.

I’m just so sick of these same “experts” who are always wrong being trotted out year after year to help the media dose their viewers with placebo-based confirmation bias. And it was worth penning a piece with Mark Zandi’s name attached to call him out. Who knows. If enough people agree with and share this, he might even be forced to read it himself someday and reckon with the reality that we see right through him and his political media posturing will forever be nothing but a disgrace not just to Moody’s name but his own as well.


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