Trump Should Contact Sleepy Joe Directly For Debate Scheduling

President Trump should be tweeting non-stop at Sleepy Joe, challenging him directly to a debate and letting him pick the time and place.

What the heck do we need a “debate commission” for? I’m pretty sure everyone already knows that the debate commission has been revealed many times over to be very anti-Trump. Even Bob Dole, no fan of Trump, lamented the state of the commission:

We should just cut them out immediately and go straight to the source. In fact that’s what the American people deserved from the beginning.

I forget who initially made the point but in a nutshell: Biden and Trump are the only two people on the planet who will seriously be considered in just under a month to be the leader of the free world. These two individuals made their way to the top of the ballot, and they are the only two people on the planet in serious contention for this job.

For the love of all that’s holy, unleash them and stop forcing a babysitter on us that we neither asked for nor need.

Let them go at each other however they want, and see where the chips fall.

We don’t need some swamp-drenched “debate commission” trying to social engineer outcomes and protect our delicate sensibilities anymore than we need John Roberts doing it on behalf of SCOTUS, Jim Comey doing it on behalf of the intelligence community, or the media doing it on behalf of their globalist betters. These elitist DC insiders need to break their egotistical addiction to social engineering and just do their jobs unimpeded by what they personally perceive to be of greater moral import.

In the case of a “debate commission,” that should simply mean making sure both candidates show up and there are cameras there to catch it. Period.

But since they can’t or won’t do their job, Trump should start laying into Biden directly…

Former Vice President Biden,

The people deserve to hear our competing ideas. If I’m a “clown” as you claim, then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about and that will reveal itself. We don’t need a moderator. We don’t need a commission. We just need a time and a place. We can both show up and have a conversation, however hot or cold it might get, about our competing records and visions for helping preside over this nation for the next four years. You can pick the time and place. There are plenty of days left for us to get at least 2 more debates on the calendar. You talk about wanting to help the American people but you rarely speak to them without a teleprompter. And they’re about to embark on the single most important election of our lifetime. We don’t need a commission or other bureaucracy to execute what the we both want and what the people all deserve. As for COVID-19 concerns, I’m not worried about getting it anymore because I already had it. But to allay your concerns, I’ll obviously submit to testing and make sure there are two negative tests before we go forward. You just need to pick the time and place. If I don’t hear back within a day or two, I’ll suggest a few times and places. Thanks,

President Donald J. Trump

P.S. I promise I’ll try to go easier on you than before. I know that was a hard night for you!

Just lay it all out there, plainly, in language every American can understand and appreciate. And cut the commission out and stop talking about them. Make this thing happen by going right to the source, and make it more valuable by eliminating the swamp’s bureaucracies.

These are the only two people on the planet we get to pick from next month. There’s absolutely no reason we shouldn’t be able to hear them speak, unvarnished and without a babysitter, to us and each other about their records and plans. In fact not only can We The People handle that type of engagement, but we deserve nothing less. If one or even both of these individuals prove intolerable or worse, then that’s a lesson we need to learn immediately. And if a debate like this can bring it out then we should be sprinting toward that debate rather than hiding from it.

The social engineering (i.e. moderating) done by the swamp to try to protect themselves is of zero value to real people and should be drained with the rest. And the “debate commission” is swirling near that drain as we speak. But the opportunity to schedule more debates is also slipping away.

So kill both birds with one stone and just start talking directly to Sleepy Joe about a time and a place.

The man has been unable to take criticism without challenging people to push-up contests or fights. Call him out this way and he won’t know how to not respond. His staff will try to do it for him but he’ll pull his veto power out and, before he knows it, land right where we want him: on stage getting housed. But it has to be done immediately, often and very intelligently because one wrong turn and the media will derail the entire effort.



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