Sleepy Joe Removing His Mask To Cough In His Hand Is Gross, Sad & Hilarious [VIDEO]

You have to see it to believe it.

The year is 2020 and a grown man is wearing a mask in an alleged effort to help reduce the trajectory of his breathing and specifically any potentially lethal droplets that might accompany it. Long before people were worried about these potentially lethal droplets, the same man was Vice President of the United States when coughing in one’s elbow instead of one’s hand became conventional wisdom throughout our country as a benefit to our individual health as well as those around us.

Now watch that man remove his mask so that he can cough directly into his hand…

It’s mind-numbingly hard to watch on so many levels.

Let me try to count the ways…

The mask thing itself is the dumbest thing on the planet.

The person wearing it knows it’s the dumbest thing on the planet but is proudly doing so anyway because he and his leftist allies value virtue-signaling far more than honesty.

No pun intended, but the media won’t even breathe in the direction of this clip. They’ve spent months telling Americans that our single greatest obligation is to wear a mask to help mitigate the spread of a contagion, and their posterboy for the entire charade literally pulls his mask away so he can cough in his hand — and the media won’t even flinch.

He wasn’t even properly wearing his mask to start with. It was under his nose! (That’s what I do when I go to a store. I’ve never worn an actual mask — always a bandana. And it’s always under my nose. It’s my own little peaceful protest everywhere I go.)

And seriously, who still coughs in their hand? I recently watched one of the least socially aware people I know cough in his hand and then quickly pretend that he actually used the inside of his elbow instead. He couldn’t care less what people think of him but is hard-wired to know we cough in our elbows now.

So here’s this disaster, Sleepy Joe Biden, wearing a mask to virtue signal how much he cares about good health and proper hygiene and not spreading a virus…

and then he removes his mask so he can cough in his hand!

The entire 3-second event is just such a perfect encapsulation of the uselessness, hypocrisy and giant humiliation that this entire virus hysteria and mask insanity has long foist upon our nation and world.

It’s time to stop the insanity.


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