No Debates? Trump Should Do This Every Night Until Nov. 3rd

If there truly aren’t going to be anymore presidential debates then Trump should hold “town halls” every night that are billed to focus on just two things: Biden taking a drug test, and Biden taking a COVID-19 antibody test.

He could do it at airport hangars. Just have his staff pass microphones around to people who wanted to ask questions. And make sure everyone knows that these town halls are focused on Joe Biden refusing to submit to a drug test, and also refusing to submit to a COVID-19 antibody test.

“What is Biden hidin’?!”

Pepper it all with a few “Where’s Hunter?” town halls.

Just troll the media and Biden campaign mercilessly with nightly events, maskless, passing microphones around, backing Biden into unsavory corners while also raising awareness around two very serious concerns…

  1. The fitness of a clearly declining Joe Biden who somehow shows up sharp and ready for debates but otherwise muddles through literally every exchange
  2. The possibility that Biden, like so many millions of other Americans, already got and recovered from COVID-19 and didn’t even know he had it

Trump should hammer those things every night, and he should have an open podium set up next to him saved for Sleepy Joe. He should announce publicly that his campaign is letting Sleepy Joe know where he’ll be in advance, and that Team Trump is even willing to foot the bill for Joe’s travels if he wants to show up and actually debate.

In fact, Trump can note:

If he actually shows up to debate me in person, I might not even make him take a drug test. That’s how much I really want you to hear what Sleepy Joe has to say.

A new stop every night…

Another beautiful night on the campaign trail. What is this, 12 in a row now? Well it’s a beautiful night for a town hall event and I think we’ll focus on why Sleepy Joe won’t submit to a drug test, and why he won’t take an antibody test for COVID-19. Also, where’s Hunter? But actually we can talk about anything you folks want to talk about. And we’ll be passing microphones around for anyone who wants to ask questions. But first let me say, wow we are doing a lot of winning!

And just go from there.

It’d be a logistical nightmare but that’s for Trump’s highly capable advance team to worry about. If just 2-3 people got to ask questions at any given event, it would more than suffice.

I’d love to see it because honestly I think about roiling the media before I think about convincing voters. That’s how massive I know the media’s influence to be. We can win more by throwing the media off their game than by trying to play nice with the hopes that the media will treat us fairly for it.

They won’t.

They never have and, until things change drastically for the media, they never will.

Will heckling Biden this way fire up and entertain the base? Of course.

Is it of serious and substantive value? Yes, it is. I’ve seen the Biden team release official ads with their candidate slurring his words. These are professionally produced and edited videos, and they couldn’t even get him to speak the words clearly. He’s rarely been pressed on the campaign trail without challenging those who press him to push-up contests or fights. The man is not well. Yet he manages to debate for 2 hours without skipping a beat? Folks, that’s Adderall at work. And a drug test (hair) will prove it. What’s the big deal, if he has nothing to hide?

As for the antibody test, Trump should hammer that because it aligns perfectly with his “Be less afraid” narrative.

Go give blood, get a free antibody test from the American Red Cross, because the vast majority of people who get COVID-19 won’t even know they have it…and wouldn’t it be nice to know if you already got it and recovered from it in the last few months or whatever, and you didn’t have to worry about it anymore? Wouldn’t that be nice? Go do it because I know millions of people out there are worrying themselves to death right now over something they already got and recovered from. And it’s important for people to know that as we move on from this thing.

Just get out there every night just days after the COVID diagnosis and go full throttle — town halls at every stop, challenging Biden to drug tests, challenge him to get an antibody test, invite people to engage, show the nation what moving on looks like, plant the seeds about what Biden is hiding, open the door to liberate ourselves from the fear, and throw the media into an absolute tizzy over our shared refusal to let them bully us.


America’s Disgraced News Media Successfully Weaponized COVID-19

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