Masks Are Turning America Into Northern California

My big takeaway after living in Northern California for two years was this: the legal immigrants are great — they love this country and are happy to be living their lives here — but the natural born U.S. citizens of Northern California are uniformly afraid of their own shadows and in many cases hate their lives second only to yours.

It was a decent let down because one of my favorite bands, the Grateful Dead, got their start where I’d be living in Palo Alto. All the political awfulness aside, I was excited and thought surely there’d be at least a few solid remnants of the liberty-loving freedom and happiness that epitomized the Grateful Dead culture.

Boy was I wrong.

Palo Alto, like much of Northern California, was a cesspool of fear and grievance.

The work being done was obviously incredible; the coolest and most useful technology on the planet was all being born up and down the Bay Area. But the culture outside of the cushy campuses and start-ups was one of persistent paranoia. You couldn’t cross a street in Palo Alto without hearing voices warning you of the dangers that lurk about.

No, seriously. They had little recordings in the crosswalks that were on a 24×7 loop warning of general dangers. It was creepy.

Obviously there were some great people. But there was such a disproportionate number of entirely unhinged liberals who were largely incapable of functioning in normal, public life. They were like a bunch of Christine Blasey-Ford’s: utterly convinced that their lives are besieged by insurmountable trauma that’s either entirely imagined or wildly overstated, and it’s a small miracle they were even able to leave the house today.

That’s how they are in line for coffee.

That’s how they are in restaurants and stores.

That’s how they are everywhere.

Nervously scurrying along like white liberal women who just encountered a black man somewhere other than an Obama rally.

It made me feel bad for them, more than anything.

And with the help of masks, that’s how Jake Tapper and Anthony Fauci (the posterboys for their leftist institutions) want all of America to be. And there are plenty of people across the country who would gladly move into that kind of reality.

Liberals it seems, far more than conservatives, seem to detest and be sickened by actual engagement with real people. They’re far more scared and far less joyful. They’re far more content in their unhappiness and misery, and possibly even addicted to it.

And that’s right where the people who hyped COVID-19 want us all.


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  1. Fascinating observation! I had to laugh to myself reading this morning’s write up. Two days ago I had a conversation with a long time friend from NoCal and sited one of your articles to defend my position and opinion on Trump, CV-19, and masks…. Today, you described her to a T! Thank you for the refreshing clarity and amusement.


  2. I could not agree with you more, this state is getting more oppressive by the day. However, you might offend the “real”Northern Californian’s who reside in the counties north of there. That is the real nor-cal and nothing like the Bay Area.

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  3. This article nailed it perfectly. I’ve been living in the Eastbay for 30+ years and have the same observations. I moved out to the far reaches of Solano County a few years ago and it’s quite less paranoid as we are at the doorstep to normalcy compared to the greater Bay Area however it still isNorthern California.


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