America’s Disgraced News Media Successfully Weaponized COVID-19

I just can’t believe we’re here. I mean I can’t believe it actually happened. The media, in order to punish our country and hurt the person we elected to lead it, were able to exploit and weaponize a virus on multiple fronts and now it’s alleged to be one of the most important “issues” Americans will be considering when they elect the next President.

And that’s absolutely insane.

I write all the time about the media’s ability to control our national conversations, and characterize those conversations with whatever spin they prefer. I write that while they’ve lost control over what we think about most issues, they still dictate what the headlines are and what conversations we have. And had Hillary Clinton won in 2016 then they still would have exploited and weaponized COVID-19, but it would’ve been through a social rather than political lens. If the media wanted COVID-19 to be part of the story attached to a Hillary Clinton Presidency, it would sound like this in the run-up to the election…

The COVID-19 virus, while brilliantly managed by our expert scientists and government administrators, has still revealed fractures in our social make-up. People who refuse to wrap their heads in the sterilized plastic headgear that’s been mandated by the WHO have exposed Americans’ ignorance and America’s greatest weaknesses.

Instead, with Trump, they exploited it this way…

Thanks to the incompetent and science-denying Trump Administration, more than 200,000 people have died who shouldn’t have and another 200,000 will likely die if you re-elect him. Yes masks are morally just but nothing can save our planet if Trump is given a second term.

If the media were honest however, the story would’ve sounded like this…

There’s a novel coronavirus out of China called COVID-19. We don’t yet know much about it but it’s highly contagious and will be particularly hard on older and immunocompromised populations. The vast majority of people infected will be fine but if you’re older or immunocompromised we recommend talking to your physician and following guidelines to help protect yourself from this threat.

That would’ve happened in March and been largely the end of it.

Instead, because the disgraced news media is hellbent on terrorizing our nation and creating pain for us under Trump, COVID-19 has been turned into a front and center election issue. They’ve used it this entire year to batter and bludgeon our nation, and they’re riding the same wave right through an actual presidential election.

It’s hard to digest because you’d think just destroying our nation’s economy and tens of millions of jobs and hundreds of thousands of small businesses and stunting the growth of literally every child in America and exacerbating depression and dependency issues and domestic violence would exhaust our ability to be shocked or outraged by the media’s dishonest, destructive malpractice and their determination to collude with Democrats and meddle in our nation’s politics.

But it didn’t exhaust it. There was at least one more act remaining. Maybe more. Who knows. When Trump wins in a landslide and the media don’t give us a single second to celebrate, the next story they take on could also be COVID-19 related. Can’t you see it?

House Democrats Subpoena Everyone Trump Knows In COVID-19 Probe

They’ll introduce our nation to “Jane Smith” who died of COVID-19 and they’ll help Jane’s family sue Trump and they’ll make it a national story that lasts a year or longer.

Just watch. They’re more than capable of that or anything equally destructive and disingenuous.

But for now, as noted, incredibly to me, they pulled it off. The media’s ridiculously overblown hysteria about a virus that nobody was ever going to stop is now literally a central issue in a presidential campaign. And it’s absolutely astounding to me.

Granted I take great comfort in my beliefs that a) Trump will win in a landslide, b) the media will be badly damaged when he does, and c) America is on the path for centuries more greatness so the world can understand our most sacred values including freedom, liberty, equality, justice and opportunity for all.

So we’re in a good spot.

I truly believe that.

But I’m just floored today thinking about the fact that they actually pulled it off. They took a seasonal flu bug that was this year alone going to kill a uniquely high number of people compared to the standard flu, and they used it not only to inflict massive collateral carnage and pain all across our nation, but they’ve turned it into a seemingly legitimate campaign issue on which many millions of Americans will unfortunately base their voting decision.

It’s just so stupid. And sad. And while I feel bad for the people who are truly afraid of this thing, I’m mostly furious with the media for doing this to us. And I’m eagerly awaiting their continued descent into powerlessness and obscurity. It’s coming, and they know it, which is why they’re behaving so badly.


Masks Are Turning America Into Northern California

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  1. I disagree with your analysis as a point runner, but agree that the media failed in their own right. It looks to me like Russia just trounced NATO with covid-19. If you look at the high impact territories, it’s all NATO members. Look at low impact regions, Russia and related, and China. The Oligarths are playing puppet master very successfully.


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