Even If I Die From COVID-19 Your Hysterical Response To It Will Still Have Been Stupid

Watching the media and their base react to news that President Trump has COVID-19, I wanted to write this just in case it ever kills me and I’m no longer here to say it myself.

Obviously if you spend any time here at LBA then you already know my thoughts generally on COVID-19: our humiliating response to this virus was driven entirely by a desperate and dangerous legacy news media colluding with a corrupt and dishonest wing of academia to punish our nation for electing Donald Trump, and to engineer crises and pain in a bid to meddle in our next election and prevent us from electing him again. Moreover, that humiliating response to the virus created exponentially more collateral damage than the virus itself ever possibly could have.

In other words — the media and their leftist allies weaponized the virus to inflict far more pain and suffering than it would have on its own, and they did it because they’re mad at America for electing Trump and want to make him look bad so we won’t do it again.

And I think what I want to write today is that even if the COVID-19 virus someday killed me, my thoughts on it remain unchanged from what you just read.

People die. It happens. And lots of things kill people. But just because COVID-19 is actually a virus and actually kills people, doesn’t mean using it to terrorize our nation and create myriad new crises was even remotely justified.

And yes I realize President Trump has responded to the hysteria in kind, going along with the lockdowns for a while and the rest of it. But I wrote back in March that he was left with no choice: either go along with the hysteria and claim victory when you “save millions of lives,” or look like a madman shouting in the streets about media conspiracy theories.

Because the media had already incited so much of it, responding commensurately to the hysteria was the only option he had.

The fact remains however that none of it should have ever happened. And just like if I die in a car crash I’ll ask that you not use my name to institute a universal 4 mile per hour speed limit, if I die from COVID-19 I’m asking that you not use my name to justify the hysteria we’ve seen in response to it.

The masks, of course, are the worst. Their singular purpose is to create walking advertisements for the fear. And the fear, far more than the virus itself, is what caused every last shred of otherwise avoidable carnage — from stunting the growth of literally every child in America, to the depression and substance abuse and domestic violence, to the unemployment, to the decimated life savings, to the shuttered businesses that took decades to build and were wiped out in months, to the end of professional sports as a form of entertainment, to people not being able to visit with their dying loved ones, to people not getting other medical needs treated, to people being too afraid to leave the house, to the dramatic decline in overall morale that’s functioning like a massive depression weighing down our entire country…

all of it was entirely avoidable.

The only thing that wasn’t avoidable was the virus, and there wasn’t a dang thing anyone could have done to stop its destruction.

And as some of you may recall, nobody ever said they could stop its destruction. The goal, we were told, was to control how fast it spread so that we wouldn’t overburden hospitals. Nobody ever said we could control how far it spread. In fact, before His Highness Fauci and the rest of the leftist social engineers appeared on your television screens, the idea of “masks and social distancing” preventing the spread of an airborne virus wasn’t even discussed.

Because it’s too difficult of a task? Because people would never comply? Because we couldn’t possibly spread the word fast enough?


It’s because the idea is so fantastically stupid.

I’m sure regular readers are getting sick of this line, but: you can’t stop a virus that’s hellbent on spreading any more than you can stop a climate that’s hellbent on changing. And it’s nothing short of voodoo and rain dances to pretend otherwise.

But here we are however many months later — tens of millions of us already got and recovered from the thing and don’t even know it — half of you haven’t washed your hands in 2 days — virtually none of you are caring for or wearing your masks properly — the massively vast majority of you have never been and will never be personally impacted by this virus in any meaningful way, shape or form — and yet there we all are out there happily complying to help promote and spread the one thing that really did all the damage…

The fear.

In April I started seeing the media implicitly celebrate the COVID-related deaths of people who said out loud that this entire thing has been stupid and way overblown. And now with President Trump and Melania both testing positive for COVID-19, the media can hardly contain their excitement. These people have spent the last 4 years actively trying to undo the results of America’s last presidential election. More recently, they scared our nation into closing down entirely and enduring all the pain and suffering that goes with it. And they did it all, they laughably claim, to thwart a virus that will be slightly more deadly this year than the flu is every year.

The media and left have become completely unhinged in their desperate bid to destroy Trump, and we’re on very safe ground assuming that they’re salivating over the idea of COVID-19 killing him.

But here’s a spoiler alert: it won’t. The guy will live to be 125 because he’s just that good at getting under the media’s skin, and he’s going to show the world that you can not exercise and eat nothing but a big bag of McDonald’s every day but if you never smoke or drink or do drugs, you can still live a very long and healthy life.

And I’m comfortable promising you that he and our incredible First Lady Melania will both be fine. In fact Trump will likely still be out campaigning through the whole thing. He’ll find a way. But while I’m quite certain I already had COVID-19 back in March, if it does ever circle back around and end up killing me, I want my thoughts on it to be very clear…

The novel coronavirus of 2019 was weaponized by a desperate and dying institutional left (media, academia, Democrats) to create widespread destruction and despair than it ever would have on its own. And who the virus kills will never change the reality that the media and left used it to unleash so much unnecessary pain and suffering.

That reality will never change.

Nor should it ever be forgiven, or forgotten.


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