Trump Should Just Tell The Truth About White Supremacy

I’m a Trump supporter and I’m frustrated that yet again we’re talking about President Trump’s alleged “refusal to condemn white supremacy.”

I know he’s done so many, many times, and I’ve written about that and defended him many, many times.

But I don’t know how he so often misses the chance to do it clearly, unequivocally and on the big stage when everyone is watching. And frankly I’m getting very frustrated by that. In part for myself but also for friends and family who support him, but find it extremely hard to defend or justify when the entire world around them can’t stop talking about how he “refuses to condemn white supremacists.” And then he botches the biggest and best opportunities to prove those critics wrong.

I mean thanks to a media that we all know will always jump on this stuff with the worst possible construction and the most dishonest interpretation, we’ve already been down this road. And then a big chance comes during the debate for him to be crystal clear, and he fails to deliver.


Mr. President, I’m begging you, throw us a bone here. Keep us in suspense about the election results. Keep us in suspense about a vaccine. Keep us in suspense about war with North Korea if it’ll help you manipulate and distract the media idiots. But please for the love of all that’s holy don’t keep us in suspense about your stance on white supremacy and its many stupid little splinter factions. (Which incidentally, from what I can tell, does not include The Proud Boys. Yet they’re the ones who got dragged. That just goes to show how off the rails this whole conversation has become and how much thought Trump, understandably, does not give it.)

I get that he doesn’t want to fuel the media and left’s narrative that “America is a racist hellhole!”, but he’s not an idiot. He’s a smart man. He knows racists are trash and racism is a net negative for everyone and everything. He knows it’s not nearly as pervasive as the media want us to believe. He knows that every person who supports him based on racism could disappear tomorrow and it wouldn’t even register in the numbers because it’s such a small group. He knows this movement has nothing to do with racism and that it’s just the media and Democrats’ narrative to thwart our America First and Drain The Swamp agendas. He knows all of that and so it would be great if he just told the truth like he always does, without any speeches or teleprompters. Just speak the truth from the head and the heart. For President Trump, I’m guessing it would sound like this:

I hate racism. I hate racists. Nobody loves the black African American and Latino communities more than Trump. Did you see what we just did for Puerto Rico? Like nothing anyone has ever seen. And the blacks and Latinos…they love me, too. Even the Muslims. People don’t know this but I have many, many friends who are Muslim. And let me tell you — they know better than anyone who gets hurt the most by radical Islamic extremism. Do you know who it is? It’s other Muslims. That’s who. They know it. You know it. And I know it. But I love black and brown people and they love me. And I hate racism and racists. And frankly if you’re a racist of any kind, I really don’t want your support. And I denounce all racism and especially white supremacy and Nazis and the rest of it. And if you’re a racist I want you to listen to me very closely: I don’t like you and I don’t like what you stand for. And I don’t want your support. You should go support the Democrats because they’re the ones who thrive off of racial disparity and disunity. You’ll love it over there. If you’re a racist, you’ll fit right in. As for the Republican party and my campaign, supporters and administration? We don’t have room or time for racism. Because it’s stupid. And it only helps the other side — the Democrats, the media, really the whole swamp — they want us all to be divided. And racism whether it’s white supremacy or any other kind, it only helps the left. It only helps the people who hate this country and want to destroy it. We have real work to do to make this country greater, safer, stronger, and more prosperous than ever before for all people. That’s what we’re going to keep focusing on. And we will. And we don’t want any racists coming with us because they only hurt our cause and we renounce them and what they stand for entirely.

Thank you I’ll take a few questions now. Oh this one’s a real beauty. Okay let’s see what he says today. Go ahead, Jim. You know you’re fake news, right? Go ahead with your question…

He should say it. I feel bad for him because I’m pretty sure he has no idea any of his supporters feel this way. I’m pretty sure he has no idea that there’s still a legitimate need for him to once again be extremely clear about white supremacy. And I feel bad for him because I truly believe that he just botched the answer during the debate and has no idea that anyone besides his haters noticed or cares.

But there are rumblings now among some of his less enthusiastic supporters who were already on the fence a bit. And even I, a staunch supporter who can see through the media’s bs about both Trump and also about America being a cesspool of racism and hatred (it’s not), even I need him to atone for the botched debate performance and just be really clear and honest about it. Not from a teleprompter, but off the cuff like he normally speaks. Just come address the cameras about that and be clear about it and don’t deflect for even a minute. Then come out 20 minutes later and give another speech about the KKK and Antifa both being terrorist organizations, or whatever. But take a minute and with no teleprompters or anything else, just get out there in front of those reporters and their microphones and speak honestly about white supremacy.

I write this appeal not because I doubt where his heart is, but because I’m sick of the other side having this fuel against the rest of us.

UPDATE, 2:35PM ET: A friend asked for thoughts on this video of White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany answering questions on this topic. Below is the video and my reply.

On first question: great that she had quotes of POTUS denouncing white supremacy by name. But even she fails to read the room / misses her mark when asked if she can denounce white supremacy here and now. On that one question, at this point after so many bizarre misses on our side, we should be trained seals for the media on that question. Any time we hear “Can you here and now, today” when white supremacy is the topic, we should be ready to start with “We hate racism and racists and all forms of white supremacy. We denounce all of it without exception.” Then go into whatever they want. But on that one issue, I’m telling you, any squishy support he has grows not insignificantly more so every time they’re asked to denounce white supremacy and fail to by name without equivocation. Not to mention the black voters they’re working so hard and smart to make a good impression on.

On second question: She wouldn’t have to work so hard if he’d do what I’m asking him to. I know he thinks they’re losers. What I don’t know is if he truly believes he’s gonna lose a lot of support if he calls them out firmly. But he really hasn’t done it. He talks about losers all the time. He talks about dirtbags all the time. I get the Putin and Kim things. (Friends close, enemies closer.) This isn’t that. He’s either just not grasping that it’s a real thing we’ve all been stuck defending for all these years, or he’s legit afraid to call them out. Neither is okay. But she wouldn’t have to get pressed on this stuff if he just does it. Go tell the truth. They’re losers. They’re filled with hate. Yes we love America and our culture but racists are total criminals really. They steal from our nation. They steal its unity and really all we stand for. He should go stand up somewhere and tell the truth about them and them only for a few minutes. And it’s frustrating that it really feels like he hasn’t yet.

The other thing Kayleigh and the whole team are missing is turning it around. On that second question she was on defense the whole time. It’s so damn easy to turn it around on the media who seem to celebrate and stoke racial disunity, and on Biden and Democrats who told us in plain sight they think they own black votes and that all blacks think alike. It’s just so easy to turn it around. It’s so easy to point out, “This type of wildly dishonest and partisan characterization is designed solely to create racial discord and disunity. You’re actually working hard to create fear. You’re putting the worst possible construction on every story you can and working as hard as possible to do as much damage as you can to this President and everyone else in our country. The Democrat party always has thrived off of racial pain and disunity and they’re still doing it today, and you’re all helping them. And you know it.”

Kick ’em in the head with this stuff already. It’s time. I started seeing some REALLY GOOD STUFF at the convention, mostly from the regular joes and jills who spoke. It’s coming. We’re getting there. Kayleigh is an all-star in that journey. Trump, obviously, too. But on this one damn subject FFS we gotta get out there and be clear and stop missing the mark on this one when the media tee it up.


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    • You are wrong. Trump has made it clear for DECADES. The lying Democrats and Fake News just won’t report Trump’s statements or accept them as his final word.


      • No, I am not wrong. With lying Dems you can’t just gloss over something and say it quickly. You have to spell it out very clearly and repeat it at least three more times. Even at the debate, Trump was asked if he would denounce white supremacy and Trump said, “Sure”. That is not nearly enough for them. You have to tell them to watch your lips and listen very closely. “I, Donald Trump, do hereby swear and affirm that I denounce white supremacy in all of its forms for all times in the past and for all time in the future.” Then he will have to say it three more times in various ways to get them to even acknowledge that he said anything. That is what I mean by missing opportunities. He does not take the time to make it perfectly clear so that they have absolutely no excuse for every saying that he didn’t say it.


      • You know nothing about debating or communication. I reject your premise. And nothing Truml says will ever stop the lies of the Leftists, Democrats or you. Never apologize. Your friends don’t need it and your enemies won’t believe you anyway.


  1. OK. Here us the truth about “White Supremacy”. It is a MINORITY point if view actively promoted by at most a few thousand people in America. Done. Final. I bet you will argue with that.


  2. ? He probably doesn’t say it cause he doesn’t believe it. Racism is everywhere. It’s in my own little white heart if I don’t aggressively seek to weed it out with every positive and negative encounter I’m tempted to attribute to a person’s skin colour instead of their personal maturity. Trump needs to be aggressive about the issue but he is not. Donald Trump is so rude I have to be careful to not think rudeness is a white problem when I’m hanging out with all my kind respectful Black friends. No matter how Christian and Conservative I am I would be ashamed to vote for someone so rude. But these days people aren’t looking for a leader with character. Their looking for a leader who can play a political game to protect their interests. It’s because they are wealth supremacists. Trump has never pretended to care for the poor and that’s enough of a reason not to vote for him.


  3. Exactly! And not to mention, it was an idiotic question by Wallace. “White supremacists” aren’t even on the radar and Wallace was trying to somehow tie that into all the destruction/chaos going on in Dem cities by Biden’s BLM/Antifa rioters, looters, and voters. Apparently, lba has fallen right into the distraction trap.


  4. This question, and the rabid request that the president “denounce” in a more forceful manner, is similar to “When did you stop beating your wife?” Regardless the answer it will never be enough for those wanting the “gotcha” moment. Then will be other “gotcha” questions, real or imagined. No one in their right mind supports the “Give us Barabbas” rabble or subversive organizations or supremacist factions…no one. Those that do are criminals or willfully ignorant. For the media hyperventilator’s to repeatedly require the president give an answer means no answer will be good enough. The president is a serious man on a serious personal mission to help America, the media are a bunch of rabid children demanding answer to things “not serious”. It show every time they open their daft “mask-wearing” mouths.


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