Trump Fights Like Someone Who Actually Cares

The debate was tough to watch because the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, couldn’t care less about your delicate feelings when it comes to fighting for America.

As for legacy grifters like Joe Biden and Chris Wallace who have never made a living outside the swamp and depend on it for survival, they’ve got one setting when it comes to fighting for America: leisurely.

So you get a brawl like we saw last night: one person just steamrolling everyone in sight while they cry and whine because he’s not being nice enough to them.

Only one person last night did any name calling: Biden.

Only one person last night focused more on his personal feelings instead of the matters at hand: Wallace.

And only one person last night showed he wants this job and has the toughness and tenacity to fight for and in it: Trump.

Trump was pleading with the American people, “Put me in, Coach!”

Biden was more like, “Put me in, Coach?”

The only time Biden and Wallace have to face people who legitimately care about this country is when they’re forced to speak to a fan for more than 5 seconds. Other than that, their entire world revolves around hoity toity snobs who think those of us who truly care are just dumb rubes.

Biden and Wallace and their ilk believe they know what’s best for us, and we should just keep our heads down while they auction off our country and trample its honor.

They are conditioned across every facet of their lives to hate our country, and to mock or pity those who love it. In education and academia, in their social lives, in their professional lives — they are exposed exclusively to #AmericaLast and #SaveTheSwamp groupthink.

And it’s where people like Joe Biden and Chris Wallace learned everything they know.

And now they’re seeing everything they know get blown up. And neither of them know how to fight back but both look hilarious trying.

The media writhing in pain is hilarious to watch.

The hand-wringing Biden supporters who “just can’t believe how mean Trump was to our poor little Joe!”, are hilarious to watch.

The former Republican operatives who Trump drained from the swamp (aka “Never Trump”) crying in their pillows about all of it, are also hilarious.

Some Trump supporters not being exactly sure of what they just saw…

…that’s less hilarious.

And I’m seeing a decent amount of it.

Heck my own initial reaction was “Not great. But he’ll study the tape and figure out how to do better next time, just like he did in 2016.”

But after thinking about it more, I realized what really happened: I just watched a guy who, for as storied of a showman as he is, couldn’t care less about optics and can’t help but duke it out for the country he loves.

And I can’t fault him for that. I can’t fault the guy for spending a solid 4 years enduring the hatred and dishonesty from our media and their anti-America allies. I can’t fault him for, four years later, knowing exactly how the game works and who the players are. I can’t fault the guy for lacking the patience to suffer fools who re-write yesterday, lie about today, and want to stifle our nation’s tomorrow.

Trump simply doesn’t have the patience to play nice with these people and be coy about what he’s done and will do, versus what guys like Biden and Wallace have done and will do.

So he just steamrolled the heck out of them both. And it was tough to watch. But as is so often the case when it comes to Trump and the goings-on around him, with clear eyes and a full heart having had time to process, I realize not only did the guy I saw last night not turn me off — but he reinforced exactly why I voted for him in the first place.

He cares for better reasons, works harder, fights tougher, wants it more, loves it more, and doesn’t care how it looks as long as the job gets done. And that’s exactly what we need after decades of weak Republican leadership.


Jesus Took The Wheel & Trump Is Riding Shotgun

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