Dems, Media Claim Voodoo Will Stop Climate From Changing & Virus From Spreading

The most prestigious and powerful voices on the left have become so enraptured with social and political engineering that they’ve turned to voodoo as a solution for the environmental threats they exploit, weaponize and deploy.

Yes the climate is changing. In fact it always has and always will. And despite the science-denying assertions of those propped up by our media as the subject’s foremost experts, there’s not a thing we can do to alter that reality.

Yes COVID-19 is highly contagious and spreading. Nobody ever doubted that. But despite the science-denying assertions of those propped up by our media as the subject’s foremost experts, there’s not a thing we can do to change that reality.

You can’t stop a virus that’s hellbent on spreading any more than you can stop a climate that’s hellbent on changing.

But the Left, having been decimated in the last 200 years by America’s exceptionalism, has in recent decades resorted to science fiction and voodoo as their preferred means of consolidating power. And for a while, with the help of their splinter factions, it appeared to work.

Who are the left’s splinter factions here in America?

The Democrat party, the legacy news media (e.g. NBC, CNN, WaPo, NYT), the vast majority of academia, all of Hollywood and — most recently — most of Corporate America which has been hijacked by the hilariously impotent “cancel culture” mob — aka lazy, idiotic, irresponsible 20-somethings who have zero life experience but were radicalized on American college campuses and are now in the workforce threatening to sue or cyber lynch anyone who doesn’t toe their speech-hating snowflake line. Other than anarchists waiting to get killed in the streets, this is what the left has to work with in America these days.

It’s why they’re losing politically, legislatively, at the ballot boxes and — perhaps most importantly from my seat — culturally as well.

American Exceptionalism has depleted leftism and relegated its adherents to carnival-barking and magic shows. And all of their performances are bolstered by a disgraced and discredited news media that leans heavily on disgraced and discredited bad actors in academia.

And today they’re literally out there saying they want to stop the climate from changing and anyone who doubts them is <checks notes> a science denier.

They’re literally out there saying that a piece of cloth over your face can stop a virus from spreading and anyone who doubts them <checks notes> “doesn’t respect science.”

Their last gasp appears to rely on isolating natural occurrences in the world, sensationalizing them, weaponizing them for social and political gain, prescribing the modern equivalent of Rain Dances to overcome the threats, and eventually shouting “Science Denier!” at anyone who doubts them while demanding those people be banished from the public conversation.

If you can step back and actually see the media and modern left for what they are in America, it’s hilarious.

It helps also if you recognize like I do that the media — far and away the left’s most effective messaging and propaganda arm — is finally losing control of the narrative.

I’ve long lamented the media’s bias, citing specifically their control over our national conversation / what we talk about. But I’ve also noted, optimistically, that in the last several years the media’s ability to manipulate what we think about the topics they force on us has significantly waned. Now just in the last few weeks (critical weeks in the run-up to an election) they are losing their entire ability to control the narrative. It’s absolutely incredible; possibly one of the most impressive and important things I’ve seen happen since Trump won and started putting America First while Draining The Swamp.

If the media had it their way we’d spend the rest of this election talking about nothing other than COVID-19 and whatever they can drum up to attack Trump. But with an open SCOTUS seat and vaccine on the horizon, President Trump appears to have neutered the media in these last 6 critical weeks. It’s remarkable.

And more great news, I believe the media will be badly decimated after this election.

Everywhere I turn things just keep looking better and better for the patriotic Americans who love this country without apology and believe we have a lot more good to celebrate than sin to atone for; a lot more prosperity and opportunity to nurture than inequality to absolve.

Everywhere I turn things just keep looking better and better for Trump supporters.

And when you think about what the Democrats, media, academia, Hollywood and the hijacked pajama boys in Corporate America are working with — natural occurrences that they nakedly exploit and weaponize before applying science fiction as a means of amassing power — it becomes even more clear just how little they’re working with and weak they’ve become.


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Defund The Media

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