Time To Say It: Jesus Took The Wheel & Trump Is Riding Shotgun

I’ve held off writing this piece because I know how unbelievable it will sound, impossible it will be to quantify, and wide open for mockery and ridicule it will leave me personally.

The fact remains, all too clearly I might add from my seat: I believe Jesus officially “took the wheel” on behalf of our great nation and He’s been using Donald J. Trump as a vessel since the summer of 2016.

The most powerful forces in the world are united and relentless in their efforts to destroy him, and still all he does is win.

He’s smart. He’s a hard worker. He’s a good person who loves this country, and he’s a unique politician in 2 very critical ways that few discuss…

  1. Most politicians come to “do good” for America but eventually stay to do well for themselves. How many times over is up for debate, but President Trump was some caliber of billionaire before he entered politics. He doesn’t need the office to enrich himself. Indebted to no one except his grassroots supporters, Trump came to do good and he’s staying to do good. And that, unfortunately, is extremely unique in politics.
  2. Most politicians are nice for the cameras but awful in a variety of ways when the cameras are off. Trump is the opposite. He’s unapologetically tough-as-nails for the cameras, but a great listener who’s warm and caring when the cameras are off. Obviously he’s also a tough boss and brutal negotiator, but his ability and desire to connect personally has caught even his most ardent haters off guard.

His many outstanding qualities aside, he’s not some kind of genius who’s constantly out-maneuvering everyone. He’s not “playing 4D chess while everyone else is playing checkers,” as many supporters like to say. He’s tough and he’s smart and he’s a hard worker and he’s here for the right reasons, but that’s not enough when you’ve backed the most powerful forces in the world into a corner and they’re all working together furiously to destroy you.

Something else is at play.

There’s just no way you survive everything this man has — a campaign of hatred and disinformation spewing from the legacy news media all day, every day, for four straight years — a weaponized U.S. intelligence community whose most powerful chiefs were playing dirty to stop him — the entire global community of “betters” to whom we’re all supposed to offer bended knee, not to mention the world’s shadiest and dirtiest authoritarian leaders, all working diligently to destroy him and getting endless assistance from our own media — nobody else could survive any of that.

Trump not only survives it, but he keeps coming out on top. And what’s more, those who bear false witness against him ultimately do nothing but lose.

That string of events doesn’t just happen that way.

It can’t just happen that way…

…at least not without tremendous help from the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

I don’t know how else to explain or make sense of Trump’s ability to evade the barrage of dirty bombs thrown at him by our media and their leftist allies.

Not only did he survive their Russia collusion hoax, but the media’s insatiable appetite for it actually helped expose its corrupt and criminal nature. We now know both the media and “deep state” were bitterly clinging to Russian disinformation and committing crimes to help that disinformation guide our national discourse.

They raided his lawyer’s office for crying out loud, the ultimate breach of confidentiality, and got bupkis.

They impeached him and made themselves look stupid, petty, wasteful and dishonest in the process.

They called him the most unstable and ill-prepared President in history and yet he’s literally brokering peace in the Middle East while neutralizing North Korea and diluting Iran’s most potent leverage.

They said he’s a racist and his supporters are all racist and yet it’s the media and their Democrat allies who are losing black and Hispanic support while President Trump is gaining among both demographics.

They said COVID-19 was going to kill us all and so we must shut down the entire country. And as painful as it’s been all these months, Trump now gets to say “I literally saved millions of lives” and the media can’t say boo about it because they’re the ones who oversold the virus’s threat in the first place.

They watched with glee as their fear-mongering helped destroy our economy. But all the American people really see now is how incredibly the economy bounced back, suggesting a stronger and more vital economic landscape than most people realized prior to the virus.

In a bid to paint America as a racist hellhole and shame us out of sticking with President Trump, the media stoked racial pain and helped flood the streets with dramatic scenes and protesters. But the lasting impact of this ugly chapter was permission for the rest of America to say “Looks like the lockdowns are over!” and begin moving on with life in ways we might not have without those images plastered all across the media.

The legacy news media and Democrats created an America where violence is an acceptable response to speech so long as the person speaking supports President Trump. And for anyone who loves this country and values free speech, that’s been extremely painful to watch and experience. But as the media’s vitriol for Trump and his supporters boils over and as their Frankenstein (aka “the resistance”) becomes impossible to control, the nation can now see how pervasive and even normalized violence has become among the Democrats and their leftist allies.

The media were going to spend the last 6 weeks of this election droning on about COVID-19 and masks and Bob Woodward and Trump’s 4th cousin’s brother’s friend’s wife’s sister recounting her personal feelings about that one time she met him 30 years ago.

And then, tragically, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died.

And as a purely political matter that will help Trump and Republicans far more than it helps the media and Democrats. (Not only will Trump likely fill yet another SCOTUS seat, but it’s a reminder to conservatives to “come home” if they were thinking about straying from Trump in November. As for the Democrats, they were already as fired up as they could be against Trump. So for them it really doesn’t change anything in terms of enthusiasm or motivation. It just makes their imminent two-tiered losing streak — the SCOTUS seat, and the election the media are currently convincing them they’ll win — that much more painful.) And now that open SCOTUS seat is what we’ll likely spend the rest of the campaign talking about, leaving the media uncharacteristically flat-footed with no opportunity to change the conversation before the election.

And that brings me back to where I was a few weeks ago when I wrote It’s A Good Time To Be A Trump Supporter. In reality, it’s always been a good time to be a Trump supporter. The toxicity and hatred cast upon us thanks to the media is tough to endure day in and day out. But no matter how many lies they throw, and how corrupt they get, and how low they sink, we still always end up winning.

And again, I just don’t know how one person who has so much stacked against him and so many powerful forces working so hard to bring him down can manage to survive at all let alone continue bringing us repeated wins.

Yet here we are.

And we and President Trump are about to prove them all wrong again. He’ll win in November by an even larger margin than he won in 2016. And if you thought he was effective when he had no real experience in politics, wait until you see what he and his teams accomplish in the second term!

We are winning the courts. We are winning the culture. We are winning legislatively. We are winning at the ballot box.

Despite the best efforts of the Democrats, media, Hollywood, academia and a big chunk of corporate America that’s recently been hijacked by the left — all we’re doing over here in Trump world is winning.

And as a result America is on course for another century or two of peace, prosperity and leadership the world over. The premiums we place on freedom, equality and individual liberty will continue brightening our planet with reflections of God’s greatest gift to us after life itself: free will.

Donald Trump is great. He truly is. But I’ve long felt there must be something else working in his favor. Maybe it’s just that the truth always wins out and that which is built on lies never stands. But those adages, true as they may be, can take decades or longer to play out. Trump’s enemies are foiled every few months and his own agenda is bolstered or enabled in significant ways just as often.

And it doesn’t stop.

Around every turn, every media “bombshell” that’s this time is sure to take him out, every corrupt swamp insider using any means necessary to destroy him, the world’s penultimate powers being aided and abetted by our very own media to help terrorize and destroy our country — and every dang time Trump comes out not only unharmed, but stronger and with more capital.

Sure there are other explanations…




It’s possible. Any of it’s possible.

But at this point I think it’s something stronger and more deliberate. And the only thing I can think of so capable and so powerful is the Lord God Almighty.

And so I say here and now that I truly believe God is using President Trump, flawed and imperfect as he like the rest of us may be, as a vessel to help save our nation for at least a few more centuries. This makes me think God is nowhere near done with our planet, and furthermore that there is more important work He wants and expects our great nation to do.

And consistent with God’s word, that certainly is good news.


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  1. What is interesting is that it seems that nobody can see the trick of the enemy of God and Man. It is the enemy’s purpose to put himself in God’s place. He is doing this by pushing the country to the left so far that there will be a backlash to the right. His goal is to unite church and state and have the church control the state. Those on the right all falling into his trap.


  2. Remember, the Watchers said the Holy ones commanded that the living know the Commander of all the Kingdoms of men is the MOST HIGH and gives those Kingdoms to whom He wishes. They further state, that usually it is the basest of men.
    I’m convinced that this time is not the USUAL norm….


  3. God truly has blessed us with this man at this time. We wandered through dark times with #44, but somehow, everything lead up to Donald Trumps election as a man waking from a deep sleep. I believe he is the right man at the right time for this position. God Bless him, his passion for us Americans and most importantly, for us as God fearing and loving nation.


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