Biden Compares Growing Up In Scranton To Being Black In America [VIDEO]

When asked whether he benefited from “white privilege,” Democrat party embarrassment and presidential nominee Joe Biden went on a tangent about how difficult his life was because he grew up in <checks notes> Scranton, PA.

Biden was obviously trying in a not-smart and very ineffecive way to connect with, and compare himself to, Americans who are black.

“Sure I’ve benefited [from ‘white privilege’] just because I haven’t had to go through what my black brothers and sisters have had to go through, number one. But number two, you know, grow up here in Scranton. We’re used to guys who look down their nose at us. We’re looked at people who look at us and think that we’re suckers; look at us and they think that we’re not equivalent to them.”

He’s nakedly saying “Black people had it bad because of slavery and racism. And I know that pain because I grew up in Scranton.”


So to demonstrate how he’s benefited from “white privilege,” Biden’s entire answer was about how hard he’s had it and how much he’s overcome.

And nobody batted an eye.

Granted I assure you his staff were behind the scenes freaking out. Why? Because even though the media and Biden’s other cheerleaders want to pretend this was some great answer, everyone else who actually listens to it — people of all races — will shake their head.

Of course the media sprung into action on Biden’s behalf regardless.

POLITICO’s Chief Political Correspondent, Tim Alberta, thought Biden’s “growing up in Scranton is kinda like being black” answer was not only a great moment for Biden but also included the most powerful attack leveled against Trump since he entered politics.

An interesting assertion, Tim, especially considering the bad math behind it. (To most Americans, turning a $1M loan into a multi billion-dollar global enterprise isn’t “squandering” that capital.)

NBC News producer and America-hating leftist Kyle Griffin also cherry-picked the part of Biden’s answer he liked and put it up against the part of Trump’s he didn’t like.

Surprising nobody and completely in line with the rest of legacy news media that’s been hijacked by America-hating leftists and is now nothing more than propaganda for Democrats and an assault weapon against Republicans and Trump supporters, Griffin completely ignored the part that so many Americans who are black have long told us they find offensive: claiming to know their pain despite never having lived in their skin.

Charlotte Alter, a National Correspondent for Time Magazine who claims without evidence to be impartial, was smitten with another part of the same answer: that Biden was the first in his family to go to college. As Mollie Hemingway pointed out, that part of the answer was also badly botched.

You seriously can’t make it up. And you know when they were prepping for this his staff said “You have to concede that ‘white privilege’ has helped you,” and he said “Okay but I’m gonna hit them with a one-two punch acknowledging white privilege but then talking about how I know what it’s like to be marginalized and discriminated against because I grew up in Scranton.” And his staff was like “Please dear God don’t do that, Sir” and he was like “Too late I’ve already deluded myself into thinking it’s a winner” and they’re like “We’re begging you please please please don’t do that” and he’s like “Too late. I’m walking on stage now. Love you mean it bye!”

But because things are going that badly for them, that’s the moment the media (aka Democrats’ most effective spokespeople) are pointing to as a stellar one for Biden.

Unfortunately for the media, people aren’t stupid. Yes the media still control what we talk about — Russia, Ukraine, Bob Woodward’s recycled claims, Trump’s 3rd grade teacher’s neighbor’s son’s girlfriend’s brother’s opinion of Trump’s character, every Republican on the planet who doesn’t support Trump getting 2,500 words worth of prime print real estate so they can write op-eds explaining themselves, the evils of not wearing masks and virtues of relinquishing Americans’ freedoms, name it — they get to control what we talk about because we let them. But the media has so disgraced itself and their influence has so drastically deteriorated that they no longer hold any sway over what Americans actually think about their headlines and stories. So while they want to turn this answer into Biden’s strongest moment of the night, anyone who actually listens to it will know better.

I mean he may as well have been Rick James talking about Eddie Murphy’s couch.

COOPER: “Do you believe you’ve benefited from white privilege?”

BIDEN: “Yeah I benefited from white privilege. <short pause> No I didn’t benefit from no damn white privilege!”

Hilarious. But sadly expected from Sleepy Joe and his media allies.

Anyway I’ve been mostly checked out lately and not writing nearly as much because a) I’m almost thoroughly convinced that Jesus has long since taken the American political wheel and it appears things will be great for our United States and her patriots for at least another 1-2 centuries, and b) I don’t have the patience for how stupidly we all go along with what the media want us to say and do. But I heard this answer when it happened in real time and was floored when I checked the Democrat Party’s locker room this morning (aka Twitter) and they were all excited about the answer. So I had to write about it and point out what they never will.


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