The Libs Wanted Football, And Now They Have It

They’ve hated football for the last 40 years and, for my part, I’m finally ready to hand it over to them.

Take it.



Just blow it all up.

I’d long noted that players have every right to protest. And owners have every right to fire them. And fans have every right to stop watching.

My beef with the kneeling wasn’t about the players right to do it or not. It wasn’t even about them hating our country which, while obscenely stupid, they’ve been taught to do and are teaching others to do as well. My beef wasn’t about any of that.

My beef was that the players are perpetuating a myth that only exacerbates literally every problem they purport to combat.

And I wrote about that many times.

But now with the anti-American sentiment being so pervasive and the COVID hysteria that’s being given center stage, I’m throwing the towel in.

I promise, my right-minded and Trump-supporting friends: we are in a very good way right now and on track to protect this great nation and all of its freedoms for a solid 1-2 century run. In the next decade alone we could very well see 1) the media decimated and forced to rebuild the entire institution, 2) Romney and Flake et al leading the Democratic party and 3) the beginning of another GOP-led civil rights victory that happens culturally as Americans who are black reclaim their birthright freedom from the institutional left which has worked so hard to hijack it.

I’ll digress, but things are good.

As for football, however — if these players truly want to show us how “brave” they are, let’s make them put their money where their mouths are.

Let’s see how brave they are when the salaries dry up.

Will they think this was all worth it?

I doubt it.

Now bolt on the awful COVID restrictions just to even play the games, and I’m finally done.

There’s no way I could or would watch a game with no fans. And to see everyone else on the screen wearing masks, and all the PSAs and stupid virtue signalling about all things leftist — I’m out.

I don’t want the idiotic Fortune 500 / corporate America advertising about “Stay Home, Save Lives!”, or “We’re All In This Together!”, or the wildly overplayed sob stories for gainfully employed, well-paid Americans who — because they work in the elite and fantastically well-heeled healthcare community — are alleged to be “on the front lines.” I don’t want the announcers inserting their pathetically sleepy nods to the trashy political hijacking that’s occurred in the NFL. I don’t want to pretend to be excited about these athletes who hate our country, or the league who rewards them for it and eagerly goes along with the COVID-19 panic attack that’s created exponentially more avoidable damage than it ever helped mitigate. As everyone reading this already knows: the virus was always going to do its damage and nobody ever claimed that we could prevent that reality. The goal was to mitigate avoidable deaths from occurring due to a lack of hospital resources. But the virus was always going to do its damage and there was nothing we could do in the immediate term to stop it. Our fear of COVID-19 however, pushed by the media and leftist “experts,” did a ton of damage. And none of it was necessary. Fully 100% of the collateral damage caused by our nation’s panic attack over COVID-19 should have never happened. And I’m too mad about that reality to give the NFL even one more minute of my time because, just like they always do, they’re going to play right along with all the media and political/social posturing of the left.

The entire NFL was already on the bubble from my seat.

So now I’m just done with it.

Football is as American as it comes. It will make a comeback. But the entire professional sports world needs a market correction and millions of us tuning out will help drive it. And I know millions and millions of you feel the same way. For a lot of you the kneeling was all it took. But there have to be a few like me who didn’t like the kneeling for various reasons but with the stupid COVID hysteria on top of it all, it’s just too much.

I simply can’t abide it anymore. I didn’t even check in on the games yesterday. Today I hear they might bring Big Ten ball back after all. Guess what? I couldn’t care less.

I’m out. They lost me. They’re tools of the left and I’ll tune back in after it’s clear they’ve learned what a losing posture that is for them. In the meantime, I don’t care what they do. But I’m not gonna be involved in any way.


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