Debunking The Media’s Lie About Trump Lying ‘20,000 Times’

The most destructive and pervasive lie of our time is the one that the media tells about President Trump being a liar.

It’s the media’s go-to smear on the duly-elected president — the duly-elected president, I should note, who is keeping his promise to drain the swamp that the media rely on for survival.

The Washington Post is even keeping a list. And that list is cited repeatedly by the media and their leftist allies…

This President has told over 20,000 lies since he took office!

You hear it over and over and over again. And that number — 20,000 — is based on the list that the Washington Post leftists created.

But the Post’s list isn’t “20,000 lies.”

It’s “20,000 Falsehoods, Misleading Claims and Flat-Out Lies.”

Okay, I guess. But who decides what a “misleading claim” is? And what’s the difference between a “falsehood” and a “flat-out lie?”

I’d bet good money that if we randomly pick 100 of the Post’s claims, the breakdown will be in the neighborhood of…

  • 5% lies / deception
  • 35% embellishments / spin
  • 60% subjectivity / opinion

And 100% of it is perspective and politicking that the leftists at the Washington Post absolutely hate. So they keep a list and when he says something impossible to quantify like “Nobody loves the Mexicans more than Trump!” they say “That’s a ‘lie’!”, and they add it to their list.

Then the rest of the media cites that list when they casually say, “He’s lied over 20,000 times!”

And eventually, like other lies the media tell so much that they seem to become “true,” it just kind of becomes accepted.

Don’t get me wrong. Because the media has disgraced and discredited itself beyond repair for at least one generation and probably several more, nobody actually believes that lie or any of the others they tell. But there are some media lies that we stop pushing back on and the “Trump’s lied over 20,000 times!” appears to have become one of those.

Speaking on behalf of the Biden campaign earlier this week, Andrew Bates said “Fact-checkers have caught him telling over 20,000 lies to the American people while in office alone.”

That was just 2 days ago, as reported by Fox News.

Notably, neither Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin nor John Roberts — who both contributed to the report — corrected the lie. Instead they and the others at Fox News, like those throughout the rest of the media, let the smear stand unchecked.

President Trump hasn’t told 20,000 lies. He’s done a lot of spinning and has opinions that left-leaning “fact checkers” dishonestly call “lies” because they don’t like him and he’s a threat to their livelihood. But the idea that he’s lied 20,000 times and it’s all documented, or even that he lies more than any other politician, is itself one of the most destructive and divisive lies being told today. And, as usual, it’s being told mostly by the media.

UPDATE: Very useful feedback from a reader!


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  1. Can you demand a list of all his “LIES”? He takes comedic licence at the rallys and embellishes some facts to be entertaining he loves to make people laugh but doesn’t lie about the facts. If he said something like Pelosi is hiding in her house eating ice cream, he obviously isn’t lying, just being sarcastic but they’ll count it as a lie. I’m so grateful for you. Thank you for standing up for him. (How about the Larry and Leo TV Show??)

    Liked by 2 people

    • The media calls everything he says that they DISAGREE with a lie. The man knows his every word is going to be fact-checked. He brags, he hyperbolizes, he exaggerates, but he doesn’t say anything for the purpose of actually DECEIVING people, which would be impossible for him to do.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Actually, Nazi PigLousy IS probably hiding in her mansion gobbling down gourmet ice-cream from one of her many $27,000 freezers. She’s already boasted that she keeps over 100 different flavors on hand!

      Liked by 1 person

    • You mean like the searchable list of his “lies” in the link in the story? I looked at it and I looked at a few. For example, President Trump stated that we had the best economy ever since he took office. The fruits at WaPo then said that was a lie and listed some economic crap from the past, then declared that a LIE!!! Then that was counted as a lie 360 times.

      Then there’s this gem: ““If I’m not I’m not elected, you can end up with a depression, the likes of which you’ve never seen.”” The WaPo sissies “debunked” this by writing, “This is fear-mongering. If Biden wins, stocks and money will not be worthless.”

      So basically you are correct in your assessment.


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