Defund The Media

They’re not going to stop. They won’t change.

They’ll keep baiting us, and we’ll keep taking the bait. And for as long as we let them they’ll keep torturing us with dishonesty and hypocrisy so blatant it feels like a psyop mission to break our sanity.

It’s not going to end and it won’t “get better.”

It’s time for intellectually honest Americans to simply end our relationship with the mainstream / legacy / corporate news media.

It’s time to Defund The Media.

For decades we sat and listened as they lied not only to us, but also about us. We nodded along as our elected Republican betters explained to us the importance of respecting our media tormentors and thanking them for their overtly hostile coverage of us and the causes we care about. We watched as the media helped their leftist allies quietly take over our country’s most powerful institutions: Hollywood, academia, healthcare and corporate America have all been hijacked by fascist, America-hating leftists who package their politics in love but administer them with hatred and bigotry.

And the media have enabled all of it by celebrating, supporting and apologizing for the left while demonizing, lying about and marginalizing the right.

The media is the sole conduit for effective communication that the Democratic party has left. In fact, if not for the media’s fawning and exponentially smarter political messaging and posturing, the Democratic party as we know it today would be a distant and ugly memory from our nation’s history.

It’s not an overstatement to suggest that the media are really all that’s keeping today’s pro-violence, anti-free speech, pro-racism, anti-America Democratic party propped up.

But it’s not just Democrats that our disgraced news media cover for…

it’s the entire swamp.

Before President Trump came to town and started draining it, the swamp’s make-up was: Democrats and their Republican whipping boys were the breadwinners, the enormous universe of usually-grifting consultants, advisers and “career professionals” were their pawns, the corrupt wing of the intelligence community was their security force, and the media was the marketing arm and PR department for the whole thing.

In just his first term President Trump has already drained the swamp significantly of its corrupt intelligence community and weak establishment Republicans. A large swath of DC’s massive grifting class has been furloughed, fired or otherwise sidelined as they hope to “wait out” this new guy who has a nose for gumming up their gravy train.

All that remains is the media because when they fall, the Democratic party they prop up will fall with them.

It’s entirely possible that when the media lose again this November and their “blue wave” never comes, a good chunk of their already-fledgling industry will collapse. Exhausted by 5 years of being lied to, let down and losing, a huge chunk of their faithful audiences (i.e. the Democrat base) may very well stop reading, watching, following etc. And that’s great. Most so-called “journalists” and “reporters” in 2020 have utterly disgraced themselves and their profession, and they deserve to lose everything and watch the industry they purport to love be effectively incinerated and rebuilt from scratch.

But it won’t be incinerated, yet. It will only be decimated. And the major players who remain — NBC, CNN, WaPo, NYT to name a few — they’re not going to change a thing. They’re going to keep working diligently to save the swamp and put America Last because they believe deep down that our nation is full of dumb and evil rubes and while our country can never actually atone for its sins we’d all do well to die trying. They think we’re all very lucky idiots because they and their snobby friends are here to tell us what to think and do.

And man oh man they’re gonna be furious at us on election night.

Consider just some of what they’ve already done to punish us for electing Trump…

They’ve put targets on the backs of every Trump supporter, insisting however implicitly that anyone who supports President Trump is either a racist or an idiot and a definite threat to everyone and everything on the planet. They’ve aggressively infringed on our free speech to the point that people aren’t even honest with pollsters anymore, and they’ve normalized violence as a response to speech so long as it’s a Trump supporter doing the speaking.

They spent 3.5 years demanding our nation focus exclusively on the psychotic, insane conspiracy theory that President Trump is actually a Russian spy who colluded with anti-American forces to steal the 2016 election. They did it breathlessly. They did it all day, every day. They did it for 3.5 years. And they did it with a straight face while burning at the stake anyone who didn’t share their psychotic enthusiasm.

When that failed, they cry-bullied the Democratic party into giving them an “impeachment” narrative. It was laughably based on testimony from a handful of people who had opinions about a phone call the nation had already read the entire transcript to.

When that failed, they literally shut our country down with their fear-mongering over a virus that has been hyperbolized and sensationalized and blown way out of proportion by the media and their social engineering allies in the academic and healthcare communities.

The virus was always going to its damage and nobody purported an ability to prevent it. The goal, we were told, was to “flatten the curve” so hospital resources weren’t overwhelmed. We met that goal but the media kept pushing anyway. Why? Because it was never actually about health or safety. It was always about a story and a narrative meant specifically to hurt and punish our nation and its president.

So “flatten the curve” quietly became “slow the spread.”

And we all know where we’re at now…

Dear America,

We know masks are useless but they’re all we have left to promote the fear. So please wear a mask at all times so you can be a walking advertisement for the fear, at least until the election is over.

Thanks so much,

The Legacy News Media

P.S. You may choose not to wear a mask but we’re going to encourage our unhinged audiences to attack and berate you while blackmailing American businesses into not serving you. Have a great day!

Forget about “election meddling.” What do you call it when the media meddle in our government’s ability to function, our nation’s ability to unite, and our elected leaders’ ability to work together?

Do you honestly think the media and academia would have hijacked the entire American economy and stunted the growth of literally every child in America with their utterly bsc lockdowns if Hillary were president? Do you truly think they’d have allowed, let alone purposefully manufactured, such rampant social, economic and health-related carnage if we hadn’t defied them in 2016?

Many in the media are already bracing for a Trump landslide, but they’re still going to be livid when it actually happens. And they won’t even pretend to give us a day to celebrate. They’ll drag out the results of the election or foment some insane conspiracy theory about it from the day after and all the way through to the inauguration.

They will be unrelenting and, like always, shameless.

And we, like always and understandably, will be furious.

How can they do that? How can they be so dishonest? This is the second time we and President Trump have defeated them but they won’t even give us a minute to celebrate let alone change their behavior and start reporting honestly and fairly!?

It’s time to end the madness of doing the same thing over and over and over again with America’s legacy news media.

And “Defund The Media” means, simply, stop engaging with them.

They decide the stories we talk about. They decide what spin is attached to them. They decide how long we talk about the stories and they decide what emerging facts and evidence are actually worth discussing. The sad reality is that today’s legacy news media has made useful idiots out of anyone who even dignifies their version of “the news.”

Stop letting them.

Stop engaging with them.

I can hear many of you already: “I turned off the media and cancelled my subscription long ago! It’s all Rush Limbaugh and OAN for my family these days!”

That’s great. But we need our most powerful voices in conservative media and the Republican Party to do the same thing now, and to go just a few steps beyond that to make sure everyone knows what they’re doing. I’ve written about it several times and would encourage you to read one or both of these for a sense of the plan…

Letter To The Right: ‘If You Want Some, Get Some, Bad Enough Take Some!’

America’s Dangerous & Divisive Media Must Be Dealt With Once & For All

Here is what I know for sure: I know for sure that the media spends more time spinning narratives than they do reporting facts. And I know that 99% of the time those narratives are supportive of the left and in opposition to the right. I know for sure that President Trump is the first leader we’ve had in my lifetime who is truly willing to stand up to the media. And I know the media is the left’s most effective marketing arm and that they’re working extra hard to destroy President Trump and marginalize and/or bring harm to anyone who supports him. I know Trump is going to win again in November and I know the media will take a hit but ultimately keep trudging on — creating as much division, disparity and destruction as possible — all in service to a Democratic party that derives its power from each.

I know all of this with absolute certainty.

What I don’t know is how to convince our side not to take the bait.

How to convince you to share this idea and promote it far and wide.

How to convince conservative media leaders to adopt the perspective and start publishing their own pieces laying out the plan and importance of it.

How to convince elected Republicans to tell the media out loud they’re no longer going to play their game or respond to their baseless, nakedly partisan garbage anymore.

The best I can hope this time around is that the tag line Defund The Media somehow helps me get this idea out there, and helps people get a better sense of how we can actually defeat the media instead of continuing to be perpetually punked by them.

Your move.

Make sure to check out WhatFinger News for all the best right-minded media content from around the web.


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