It’s A Good Time To Be A Trump Supporter

Things couldn’t possibly be going better for President Trump’s supporters.

Despite the media’s best efforts to decimate our economy, destroy our jobs, terrify us socially and terrorize us politically — there isn’t a single metric that shouldn’t have Trump supporters celebrating and sober-minded leftist activists (if there are any) bee-lining for their shame closets.

Of course NBC, CNN, WaPo and NYT are spinning the exact opposite story. According to them, everything Joe Biden says or does is pure gold while everything Trump says or does is trash or worse. According them, all Trump supporters should be worried and upset while all Biden supporters should be inspired and emboldened. That’s how they spin fully 95% of the stories they tell, and it’s not going to change.

But outside of the DC-NYC media bubble, the truth is clear: Joe Biden, as predicted, is a bumbling shell of his former self who is being controlled by the left and is incapable of being criticized without challenging the person who criticized him to a push-up contest or a fight.

The media-inspired and enabled leftist mobs, who in the name of Marxism are burning down our Democrat-led cities, are exposed as the political props they’ve always been. The media and Democrats can raise those mobs up or bring them to heel in the blink of an eye. And after watching how the media and Democrats protected the mobs and ignored the violence until it began affecting their poll numbers, now the entire country is grossly aware of that heinous reality.

Trump’s support among Americans who happen to be black is through the roof. He’s currently at 19% in a recent Emerson poll, but it’s probably even higher than that because…

…more good news…

…one of this author’s longest-running theories — that Media Bias Makes All Trump Polling Useless — is now becoming mainstream. Our side is getting it. I’ve seen a handful of talking heads and commentators mention that the media’s bias has chilled Americans’ ability to vocalize their support for President Trump. And it’s a real relief to see our side telling that story coherently instead of just saying “Them’s poll is bad!” The media are getting a clear message that they’ve meddled in our election and chilled our speech, and that is why “them’s polls is bad.”

As noted in a recent piece...

[SUGGESTED POLL QUESTION]: If the legacy news media spent 4 years insisting that all people who drink Pepsi are either racists or idiots, would you be more likely or less likely to admit that you drink Pepsi?

In case it’s not obvious, “drink Pepsi” is a placeholder for “support President Trump.” Because that’s what the media have done. They’ve spent 4 years insisting that anyone who supports President Trump is either a racist or an idiot. And they didn’t actually scare people out of supporting him, but they did successfully bully a lot of people out of saying so out loud.

Even, as we’ll learn in 4 months, when they’re talking to pollsters.

The polling has been corrupted by the media’s crooked influence, and everyone knows it.

The media is nothing more than a propaganda arm for the pro-globalist, America Last, anti-America left, and everyone knows it.

The COVID hysteria was wildly overblown for political purposes by America’s legacy news media, the Democratic party, and their disgraced peers in the corrupt wing of academia, and everyone knows it.

Trump is going to crush Biden, and everyone knows it.

The media is going to be hardest hit when he does, and everyone knows it. Their already-cratering industry will lose massive chunks of their audiences who are exhausted and no longer trust the lies the media will have spent 5 full years telling them.

The GOP for the first time that I’ve seen in my life are absolutely crushing it on the race conversation. Finally they’re pointing out that it’s actually the media and Democrats (left) who keep the focus on skin color (instead of character), and who create the most division, disparity and destruction in our nation. It was all over the GOP convention and it’s having an important and long overdue effect on our nation’s march toward greater progress and unity.

If we don’t screw it up in 2024 (meaning as long as we nominate someone who, like President Trump, will never bow down to the media), then there’s a good chance that Mitt Romney and Jonah Goldberg will be running things in tomorrow’s Democratic party. And I’m fine with that. Our country needs a healthy, robust, 2-party system (at least). We need competing ideas. But we need them to be honest. And right now, thanks to the media who have spent decades running cover for them, the Democratic party of 2020 has been completely overrun by extremists and the face of the party — the media and figureheads like Biden — have no choice but to lie about their true agendas and intentions. It would be scary if it weren’t such a transparently spectacular failure that’s all becoming widely exposed in a perfect storm en route to November.

Everywhere I look, things are firing on all cylinders and then some for us on the right and in Trump Country. And I’m a pretty tough critic of this stuff. I know a lot of people see turmoil in the streets, the media working overtime against us, the lies, the prospect for cheating, etc etc. But I’m telling you — we’ve never been so solidly positioned. Not that I’ve ever seen anyway. And it’s on some of the most important issues of our time…

For people like me who have been ringing the bell for us to lead on conversations about race in America, and who have long known that the media are exponentially more powerful than the feckless modern Democratic party every could be — this is a tremendous time to be alive. We are actually winning both of those monumental fights.

“What about all the death and destruction!?” shrieks the liberal with her disgusting, soiled mask collecting bacteria under one of her chins.

The next time someone implies that I’m a heartless ghoul for not crying over COVID, I’m going to suggest a 4 mph speed limit. For everyone. Always. No matter what. And when the santimonious liberal balks (because they will), I’m going to ask why they want people to die.

If it saves just one life, it’s worth it. Why do you want people to die?!

If that’s the game they want to play, I’m happy to play it rhetorically with them. Because it won’t make a shred of difference in the long-term which, again, looks really good for Trump supporters and all who share the America First and Drain The Swamp goals.

And we didn’t even get to what Barr and Durham are doing, and how excellent that might actually turn out. 

It’s a good time to be a Trump supporter.

As usual!


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