The American Left’s Bigoted Fear Of Black People

We all know there are bad cops. There are also bad doctors, accountants, teachers, lawyers, nurses, etc. Suggesting the entire law enforcement community must be held accountable over the actions of a very, very, very few, is stupid.

And unnecessarily racializing that already-stupid indictment is dangerous, evil or both.

The reason blacks have more run-ins with the police (and thus more interactions with bad cops) is because Americans who are black disproportionately have worse outcomes in critical areas like education, income and employment. And those worse outcomes lead to more hopelessness, desperation and anger. And more hopelessness, desperation and anger mean more proximity to, if not inclination toward, crime. 

And that — blacks having worse outcomes — that is the result of racism: it’s the racism of the legacy news media, academia, Hollywood and corporate America who, in service to a Democratic party that derives every shred of its power from racial pain and disunity, claim those worse outcomes have nothing to do with the absence of 2-parent homes and everything to do with America being a racist hellhole where white supremacy rules.

And they spread that destructive lie proudly and casually despite the reality that Asians, who have the lowest number of broken homes in America, crush everyone in every meaningful metric.

 The sleepy American left are uniformly afraid to have the honest conversation about broken homes because they don’t think black people are rational enough to listen, smart enough to understand, motivated enough to do anything about it, and/or civilized enough to respond without some element of aggression.

The American media and left don’t “fight racism” because they know what they’re doing, talking about, thinking or even feeling. They do it because they’re too afraid of offending or angering black people by speaking the truth.

The truth: Black disparity in America, up to and including that which exists throughout the criminal justice system, stems entirely from the destruction of the family which occurred by design at the direction of Democrats who have always derived their power from the pain and suffering of brown people. 

For any who are still pretending they don’t know that reality, sorry you had to find out this way. 

By promoting the “Black men in America can’t walk down the street without getting killed by cops!” lie, the legacy news media and left are only perpetuating fear and division, while yet again completely ignoring what truly drives disparity among Americans who are black: broken homes.

That is what we have to work toward fixing. Even marginally suggesting the problem lies with “racist cops” or “institutional racism” instead of focusing on the the flagrantly obvious root of the disparity, will only ensure brand new racial divisions emerge and existing disparities get worse.


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One comment

  1. How many Jan 6th convictions will it take for you to see that the system isn’t magically more honest when it goes after black people. Because it seems what happened to Gen. Flynn, Papadopoulos, and Stone failed to wake people like you up.

    Let me reframe this for you, let me know if it helps. BLM rioters = white drug dealers. Capital protesters = Black drug dealers. Given the size of the BLM riots would you be happy if only one BLM vandal got convicted for every 4 Capital protesters that got convicted. Furthermore how long would it take for you to become quick to anger if the lack of BLM convictions was used year after year as proof MAGA people are just more prone to violence than BLM protesters.

    Don’t get me wrong fatherless homes are an important issue. However it looks to me like conservatives are about to find out how taxing it can be when the system is out to get you.

    You people need to start working on real police reform before conservatives lose all faith in the police and the only idea on the table when that happens is defund the police.

    Got a notice it wasn’t posted so I hope this was not submitted twice.


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