Update From The Author; Political Analysis & Prediction

For regular visitors here at LBA I wanted to offer a quick explanation about why I haven’t written much lately…

My family relocated in July to a new home where we are surrounded by healthy distractions: woods to explore, creeks to walk along, a river to fish in, cliffs to navigate, rocks to climb, and an endless array of great sights, smells, sounds…you name it.

All this after nearly a decade of moving around for work, mostly to small apartments in big cities.

So it’s been — it’s been beyond words.

Every day I sit down to write about something…

The ongoing COVID hysteria which still pisses me off to no end.

The media’s “He’s messing with the mail / election!” hoax which serves four pretty obvious purposes: 1) Control the narrative today which is always the media’s foremost imperative, 2) Make Trump look bad, 3) Tee up an explanation for Biden’s imminent loss, and 4) Give Democrats ammunition to launch another years-long “investigation” that will distract from the nation’s attention and President Trump’s ability to focus on real work for his #DrainTheSwamp and #AmericaFirst agendas.

After watching night 1 of the RNC, I want to write about what appears to be a tremendous awakening on the right. I can’t tell you how great it is after all these years to finally start hearing speakers and strategists on our side talk plainly and clearly about how it’s actually the Democrats and media who stoke racial division by, among other things, demanding an incessant focus on race. I’ve spent 15 years of my life screaming at our side’s heavy hitters in media and politics to start ringing that bell (culminating in my most important piece on the subject ever which I was honored to have the great Mr. Larry Elder share on Twitter). And now it’s finally happening, and I’m thrilled.

I want to write about how I legitimately feel bad for a lot of the Democrat base at this point. Not the disgraced and dishonest legacy news media, or the power players in the Democratic party, or the hardcore activists. They can all go jump in a lake for all I care. But the actual grassroots base who just tune in casually — I feel bad for them. Because they’re being fed the exact same bill of goods that they got in 2016 and this time around it’s going to hurt so much worse. And they just have no clue. I watch the bs the media put out. Every minute of every day: “Everything for Trump and his supporters is terrible and embarrassing. Everything for Biden and his supporters is wonderful and important.” And when Biden gets absolutely pummeled in November it’s just going to be a bloodbath of broken heads and hearts because about half of our country will have been duped two elections in a row into believing the media’s garbage spin and hype. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to the schadenfreude on our side and celebrating bigly! But I want to write about how I “feel bad” for the Democrat base because I want to stick that piece right in the media’s eye. Just put it out there: “This race is already over and we all know it. And all of your happy-go-lucky spin and snark, your daily lies about the woes of Trumpworld and the happiness of Bidenworld won’t, in the end, change a thing. And the people you rely on most — the base, your audiences, your subscribers, etc — are going to be the most hurt by your lies. And this time around you will pay a heavy price for your dishonesty.” So I want to write that piece.

I want to write about how I think people like Mitt Romney, Jonah Goldberg and John Kasich are the future of the Democratic party. And how the far left extremists will soon be pushed out to the fringes where they belong. And how, coupled with the media’s final fall from grace, the national conversation is destined to improve tremendously along with our nation’s progress and unity more broadly.

There’s a ton of stuff I want to write about but just haven’t been able to get past the first few lines. I’m just so certain about what’s going to happen, and so surrounded great and long overdue distractions, that I’ve been too checked out to organize and articulate my thoughts on these things.

What’s going to happen, you ask?

Well I wrote about that a few times already but here’s the recap…

Trump will win by an even greater electoral margin than he did in 2016. It will be one of the most incredible stories in world political history but we won’t get even a single day of celebration because the media will immediately begin changing the narrative to something they love and we hate. I don’t know what the ingredients will be (extortion, Russia, mail fraud, voter suppression, racism) but the media will immediately find a reason to dismiss Trump’s victory, and then they’ll spend the next 4 years doing exactly what they’ve done the last 4. In other words, nothing will change. And you know what else won’t change? Our response to it. We’ll just keep doing what we’ve always done: chasing their narratives, letting them drive every twist and turn of every story, letting them decide what merits breathless coverage for days and what gets relegated to a quick footnote. We’ll continue falling into every trap they set by dignifying their bs stories and partisanship with serious time, attention and responses. If we’re lucky we’ll get another Trump-like figure in 2024, (meaning someone who isn’t afraid of the media nor beholden to the swamp). And if we do our country is destined for at least another century of prosperity, strength, growth, and spreading freedom far and wide. But if our 2024 nominee is another Establishment GOP type figure who fears the media and is beholden and loyal to the swamp (like the media and Democrats are used to and prefer) — then Trump was a nice reprieve but the steady leftist descent toward the total destruction of our nation will slip into full motion.

Not fun to think about. I know. But no matter what happens it’s all in God’s hands. There’s nothing you or I can do down here that God needs us to do. He likes our hard work and commitment to enabling freedom and free will the world over, but it’s hilarious if anyone thinks He needs it.

He doesn’t.

Our work is important. God loves America because we are the first nation to have codified the greatest gift He gave us after life itself: free will. (Except we call it “Liberty.”) But for just a minute in my life right now, at my best and most sound, I know that just because we are doing good work in God’s name doesn’t mean any part of His plan or Kingdom are in peril should we fail. Even if the left end up taking down America, God is still in control. That’s just what my faith tells me. Nothing happens on earth that God isn’t in control of, and capable of changing if He wanted to. So as meaningful as these things truly are in our personal lives, nothing man does on earth can come between my own trust and faith in God — nor will I ever assume I know more than God or about His plans, regardless of what happens around me here on earth.

I’m sure I’ll start writing again with regularity in the coming weeks. My hope is that when I sit back down and really dig in again my stuff will get shorter (500-1000 words) and more focused on more important themes. Right now, the most important I can think of is one I leaned into several times over the last year: How we defeat the media by ending the war with them instead of repeatedly engaging in uselss battles that do nothing but keep the war going. (And defeating the media is critical because right now they’re the most powerful messaging machine we’re up against; they are only thing still propping up today’s joke of a Democratic party as they explain away the anti-speech, pro-violence, and America-hating principles that guide them.)

So there it is. A little update on why I haven’t been writing, some of the things I’ve been thinking about, and what I can tell you with almost absolute certainty is going to happen.

And now I’m gonna head off for a hike. And I’m not going to be one of these preachy types who lectures you about how you should get outside a bit or put the politics down for a while etc etc blah blah. No way, no how, because having been in the midst of the battle for so much of my life I know the importance of it when you’re in it. For a split second here I’m out of it, fine-tuning a few things on my side and nothing but excited about all the future holds for us all — in my personal life, for my family, in my neighborhood, in my town, in my state, in our country, among our world and beyond.

Keep doing good. Keep fighting. Keep standing tall and responding with strength in the face of so much adversity that’s been thrown at us as Trump supporters and as Christians and conservatives before that. I’m there with you and will be back soon to write about it. And if you happen to be on a little sabattical at that time exploring some of life’s beautify away from all the craziness for a bit, I won’t hold it against you.

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