The Media Love Masks Because They Promote Fear, Not Health Or Safety

There’s only one reason the institutional left is so gung-ho about masks, and it has nothing to do with health. From the onset of the media-driven COVID hysteria, fear created exponentially more avoidable collateral damage than the virus itself ever could or would have. But that fear is beginning to subside as Americans realize the carnage that was promised never actually came. And that’s bad news for both the media, and their partners in a wing of academia that abandoned scientific integrity long ago and began pursuing social engineering instead.

The media and their leftist allies relied on fear to retain control and, ultimately, to hurt our nation and in turn its president whose name will appear on the ballot this November.

They’ve done everything they can to destroy President Trump and put targets on the backs of any person in America who dares support or defend him. And exploiting a virus that would have dropped from the headlines in March had Hillary Clinton been president, is their last hope to do some real damage to him before the election.

So what can they do?

Already they helped China shut down the global and U.S. economies.

They cost us 40,000,000 jobs.

They destroyed 150K small businesses.

They added $6 trillion dollars to our debt.

They decimated the stock market.

They created myriad downstream health-related carnage across the medical spectrum.

They’ve utterly destroyed childrens’ lives, wantonly retarding their growth by stealing months that function more like years to their impressionable and developing minds.

They trampled our freedoms. They put us at each others’ throats. They’ve humiliated us and convinced us to eagerly humiliate ourselves with both sanctimony and utterly stupid submission in response to a virus that, in the end, will kill maybe twice the number of people the regular flu does; a paltry number, to the intellectually honest, relative to the damage we let them do.

They stopped briefly only to stoke yet more racial disunity in America, which is and always has been the sole source of power for our nation’s left and Democratic party.

So what remains?

How else can they keep the fear alive now that we’re largely ignoring their fear-mongering and moving on?


Masks ensure that every person wearing one is a walking advertisement for fear.

They have nothing to do with mitigating a droplet’s mobility because the virus to a mask is like a baseball to a doorway.

The masks are intended to create fear, and the fear is being used by the media, academia, Democrats and anti-America global left to meddle in our election by hurting the man who is defying them all by draining their swamp and putting America First.

They can keep pumping the headlines about the “grim spike in cases” without ever noting that this is what it looks like when a virus begins to die down and herd immunity is established.

They can keep scolding President Trump for capitalizing on his greatest strengths (enthusiasm, exemplified and multiplied by his rallies) and protecting Sleepy Joe by clearing a path so he can avoid his greatest weaknesses (the inability to endure criticism in front of a crowd without challenging someone to a fight or a push-up contest).

They can keep inching toward debates that are restructured to help Sleepy Joe and hurt President Trump (eliminate the pressure of an audience so Biden has a better shot at hiding his cognitive decline, and so Trump will lose the power of having an audience there to watch firsthanf as he pummels Biden).

They can steadily lean into the necessity for mail-in ballots being sent to every American come October because “we can’t possibly be expected to stand in long lines and risk getting a virus” that by then fully half or more of us will have already gotten and become immune from without even realizing it.

They can keep doing all those things, but they need to keep the fear going in order to pull it off.

And that’s what the masks are for.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

They’re not about your health. They’re not about your grandma’s health. We can’t stop a virus that’s hellbent on spreading anymore than we can stop a climate that’s hellbent on changing. And the two simple realities that the media never mention are: 1) the vast majority of people who get this virus will either have very mild symptoms or no symptoms at all, and 2) tens of millions of us already got the virus — and can thus no longer get or spread it again — and we don’t even know it.

This virus is not a threat. In the scheme of healthcare crises, it’s a joke. In the end it will take maybe twice the number of lives that the average flu does every year. And in the years to come that number will drop exponentially lower than the flu.

And none of this — nothing you or the government or the healthcare community did — will have impacted the number of lives this virus took one iota beyond very slim anecdotal anomalies at the margins.

The hysteria over the virus was never about health. It was always about fear. And now that Americans have had enough of the fear and want to get back to their lives, the media and their leftist allies must find a way to keep that fear prominently publicized at least until the November election.

And so they want you to wear a mask. Because by wearing a mask, you’re a walking advertisement for the fear.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Quick note to regular readers. I spent the last 3 weeks in a rough, cross-country move. This is me coming up for air and trying to get more visibility on the “Top 4” piece linked below, which I wrote during the first leg of the move. That piece and the crux of its theme really needs to get out there. Nobody is talking about it yet but they should be so if you haven’t read or shared it, please do. Thanks.


Top 4 Reasons Media Promote Masks: Fear, Rallies, Debates, Voting

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. I just dropped my child off at camp to a sea of masked faces. He told me it looked like a scary science fiction movie. These images will last a lifetime in young minds. I will not send my child to school in a mask but it is looking like I may not have a choice.


  2. Now that Trump wore a mask the other day at the military hospital look for the comrades to say that masks are…wayciss!


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