Media To Trump: ‘Either Start WWIII Over Unverified Rumors Or You’re A Russian Spy’

I mean it’s just so asinine I can’t even believe we’re talking about it.

But as Fox News’ unstable not-genius Julie Banderas unwittingly revealed, of course we’re talking about it because the New York Times told us to talk about it, dum dum.

I’m just gonna be honest: I didn’t even need to read the story to know it was trash. The sourcing on it is entirely unverified and literally everyone involved — people who are extremely careful to watch what they say and how they say it for fear of career-ending retribution — have said it’s an utter crock.

So here’s what likely happened…

Some “career” grifter in the swamp — we’ll give him a fictitious name: Alex Eric Vindman-Ciaramella — heard a rumor about an entirely unverified intelligence report that included some degree of suspicion that Russia might be paying Taliban fighters in Afghanistan to kill U.S. and coalition forces.

There’s no real vetting to the information. There’s no evidence backing it up that isn’t wildly speculative in nature. It’s slightly better than the Steele dossier that fueled the media’s humiliating, 3-year Trump+Russia collusion hoax because while the Steele dossier was just lies spun from whole cloth mixed with actual disinformation planted by Russians to mess with us (mission, thanks to the media, wildly accomplished) — this latest media-driven conspiracy theory likely stemmed from what was at least a good faith guess within the intelligence community. A “we should probably consider this as a possibility” good faith guess, but a good faith guess nevertheless.

So in that way, it’s at least not as bad as the Steele dossier was.

But the person who leaked it to the New York Times is every bit the hack that every Trump+Russia collusion truther was.

Because whoever leaked it to the Times knew that it was entirely unverified. Whoever leaked it knew Trump hadn’t been briefed. Whoever leaked it knew it didn’t carry nearly enough veracity to actually be worth discussing even at middle-manager levels let alone the highest ranks and roles and offices in the U.S. government.

Because it was just a guess. And one that, if anything, was disproven by the lack of corroborating evidence.

But Alex Eric Vindman-Ciaramella knew that if he leaked it to our pathetic legacy news media, they’d turn that “we should probably consider this as a possibility” guess into…

BREAKING: This definitely happened and Trump doesn’t care because he’s a Russian spy who colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election!!!1!

And that’s exactly what they did.

And because we’re still 100% subservient to the legacy news media — and we talk about exactly what they want us to be talking about literally every minute of every day — that’s the conversation now.

We’re so stupid. I mean not me. And not a lot of you reading this. But for the love of all that’s holy when are the more powerful among us going to get a clue and stop ceding the entire national conversation to NBC, CNN, The New York Times and The Washington Post? When are the most powerful voices in the GOP and conservative media going to get fed up and say…

You know what? Literally everything they talk about is designed solely to hurt us. Even if we win the conversation, we still lost the 3 days or 3 years talking about exactly what they wanted us to be talking about. Maybe we should stop dignifying the conversations that these #AmericaLast leftists in the media clearly want us to be having. And maybe we should tell people out loud that we’re gonna stop dignifying those conversations.

Will we ever wise up? Man I hope so. Because on this one — all it took was some dude floating an entirely unverified rumor that is far closer to disproven than proven, and the media will make it a 10-week story with endless follow-ups and a House Oversight hearing or two all predicated on their staged belief that Trump is either a Russian spy or an idiot because he didn’t pick a fight with Russia over an entirely fabricated rumor that had no substance until the media decided to pretend it was a thing that actually happened.

It didn’t. It’s completely made up. But here we all are, just like Julie Banderas unwittingly admitted, talking about it because we were told to.


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One comment

  1. I love the snarky meme with Putin putting on sunglasses and saying…I don’t want to destroy America, that’s what democrats are for.
    It is odd that the CPUSA lusts for war with the land that tried the communist utopia for 70 years and failed.


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