This Election Means 1000s Of Liberal Media Activists Will Soon Be Drained From The Swamp

After Trump proved them all wrong in 2016, they briefly pretended to be ashamed of their failures and promised to do better in the future. They admitted that they obviously weren’t connected to America the way they thought and hoped, and they assured audiences that going forward they’d work harder to do a better job understanding and telling the whole story instead of the one that exists solely in their very liberal and very elitist bubble.

And everyone in America knows exactly what happened next…

Within a few short weeks the media went from feigning contrition for their failures, to angrily and aggressively trying to punish President Trump for humiliating them, put targets on the backs of anyone who dared to support him, and terrorize our entire country with a 24×7 onslaught of marketing disguised as “journalism” intended solely to stoke fear, hatred, distrust, disunity and, whenever possible, destruction. And they have no intention of letting up unless we atone for our sins and elect someone the media approves of; someone who will obediently respect and nourish the swamp instead of unapologetically draining it.

Just look around for 5 minutes at election coverage and you’ll see the media has learned absolutely nothing since 2016. In fact, in their desperation, they’ve only gotten far worse and sunk to incredible new and obvious lows. And that failure to learn — that refusal to atone for their own sins — is going to cost them dearly when Trump wins again this November.

You can even, if you’d like, set aside the current depravity of our media manufacturing and then weaponizing fears about COVID-19 to ensure exponentially more avoidable carnage than the virus itself ever could have foist upon us.

You can even, if you’d like, set aside the current depravity of the media doing the Democrats’ bidding by trying to perpetuate racial hatred in our country, and manufacture as much pain and suffering as humanly possible for Americans who are black so that they can more easily be exploited as well.

Set those horrific realities aside which, as history will eventually note, reveal the most evil domestic terrorism our nation has experienced since slavery and segregation.

Instead, just look at the coverage more broadly.

Every story.
Every poll.
Every headline.
Every doomsday report from the White House lawn.
Every soundbyte.
Every faux data analyst’s dimestore analysis.
Every newspaper endorsement.
Every GOP swamp dependent who endorses Biden.
Every letter signed by “30 Helens” who all agree.
Every historian’s observation.
Every plea from a teacher.
Every cry from a nurse.
Every Christian who is “let down” by Trump supporters.
Every pontificating pundit.
Every “expert.”
Every focus group.
Every viral tweet with an out-of-context 12-second video clip.
Every minute of every day…

BREAKING NEWS: Literally everything happening for Trump and his supporters is awful, and literally everything happening for Biden and his supporters is wonderful.

That’s the narrative they’re desperately trying to create. They want everyone in the country, especially that sliver of the population who might be on the fence, to feel terrible about anything related to Trump and his campaign and nothing but blue skies and sunshine for Biden and his.

And hardest hit the morning of November 4th after Trump crushes that creepy, hair-sniffing pedophile the Democrats’ stupidly thought might stand a chance and dangerously put out there despite his obvious cognitive decline — will be the media’s most faithful audience: the Democrat base of almost entirely unglued liberals, socialists, progressives, SJWs, anarchists, communists and otherwise persistently joyless scolds.

They’ll have endured four full years of the media promising them that “the walls are closing in” and it’s “the beginning of the end” and “this is his Katrina” or “this is his Watergate” and “I know we’ve said it many times before but this <dramatic pause> feels different.”

And then, after being lied to and let down repeatedly for four years, they’ll have just endured a second election season where the media and their experts promised them Trump doesn’t stand a chance and victory over him and his evil supporters is basically guaranteed.

And to put it simply: it’s not gonna happen.

To the contrary, President Trump’s #DrainTheSwamp and #AmericaFirst message and results will ensure an even more resounding victory over Sleepy Joe than he won against Crooked Hillary. And the legacy news media is already cratering in trust, ratings, subscriberships, etc. Their constant pleas for us to support “local journalism” and the rest of their declining industry have become indistinguishable from telethons conducted on behalf of sick children.

The media already has one foot in the grave. They’ve had it coming for a long time but President Trump has in fact, to their dismay and his supporters’ glee, helped expedite their long overdue demise. They’ve been lying to the left and about the right with increasing shamelessness for 50 years. And because President Trump promised to drain the swamp that the media relies on for survival, they’ve had to abandon the tiny bit of integrity they pretended to still care about and even the appearance of objectivity in an effort to thwart him.

(Quick side note about the swamp as I see it, and the media’s role in it: the politicians are the swamp’s breadwinners, the corrupt members of the intelligence community are the swamp’s security force, and the media is the swamp’s marketing arm.)

So when he wins again the few people in America who still trust the media will be exhausted. And when they eventually emerge from their post-election depression they will uniformly start tuning the media out. And that’s when 100s of already-fledgling media outlets shutter, and 1000s of little liberal activists masquerading as impartial news professionals lose their jobs. Twitter will be flooded with members of the media who still have jobs weeping for all of those who don’t. Democrats will unsuccessfully try create a media bailout package. The heaviest hitters in the industry will band together to start new media brands with large contributions from their billionaire friends, and beset by civil war from day one within them, they’ll all flame out within 6 months.

And here’s more good news: As a byproduct of these little liberal fascists losing their jobs and careers in media, they’ll all have to learn to code and America will get 1000s of new Java Developers which, as someone who’s worked in tech for many decades, I can tell you our country desperately needs!

Today is June 28, 2020 and within a year from today the legacy news media landscape will change dramatically for the better. And that’s great news because a large part of “draining the swamp” meant ridding us of the flagrantly partisan and dishonest media that, more than anything else, has done nothing but divide our nation to keep us angry, scared and to the best of their ability submissive and obedient.

And I won’t lose a wink of sleep when it happens. I won’t shed a single tear. I recognize many of them are victims of their own circular indoctrination — from the schools they grew up in and the media they consumed, to their time in academia and the newsrooms they eventually landed in — but I can’t be bothered to mourn for those who worked so diligently and proudly to destroy our country. A new media will emerge that accounts for Americans’ increased sharpness and ability to do our own research. And that will be a good thing because we do need a robust news media. What we don’t need is a marketing arm for the globalist left who hate our country and want to destroy it, and works persistently to that end under the guise of being a free press with all the power and amplification that goes with it. So when that happens, and it will begin shortly after Trump’s victory, I’ll sleep like a baby and smile ear-to-ear about it every second I’m awake.

In the meantime, it’s going to be rough and ugly watching the still very influential legacy news media continue lying to our country and doing everything they can to hurt us. But stay the course. Keep the faith. Our win this November will be just as incredible as it was four years ago. The big difference this time will be that the media will have lost a great deal of their ammo and, if we’re smart, we’ll be better prepared to handle and eventually rid our country of those among them who manage to survive the blast.


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  1. Oh, that these predictions could become reality. Unfortunately, people revert to their basic nature very quickly (think of the solidarity after 9-11 and how soon it evaporated) and the basic nature of roughly half the people is to look for excuses to tear down their more successful and/or virtuous neighbors. The fascist left will always be funded, manned and sycophantically followed by the same people through the ages, because that is who they are.

    Liked by 2 people

    • There will always be those who hearken to the siren song of Socialism, free stuff at someone else’s expense. The politics of greed, envy and resentment are the tools of the trade of the Democrats and have been ever since slavery days.


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