Media’s ‘Spike In Cases’ Meltdown Is Just More Weaponized Fear-Mongering

The reality too few of us understand is that we can’t stop a virus that’s hellbent on spreading any more than we can stop a climate that’s hellbent on changing.

So if we truly wanted to “defeat” a droplet-based contagion like COVID-19 then we really only had 2 choices…

  1. A vaccine / cure
  2. Herd immunity

Without one of those two it will exist among us indefinitely. And with it, in the case of COVID-19, all the fear and collateral damage that the media and left have worked so hard to generate along its side.

A vaccine / cure would be great but there’s no guarantee we’ll have one at all let alone in the next few years.

But here’s the good news! It would appear as cases dramatically spike while fatalities precipitously decline that, as predicted, herd immunity is busily rolling out its own vaccine that — despite the media and medical community’s inexplicable dismissal of it — is far more intelligent and effective than anything Bill Gates will ever concoct.

There have been three constants since March when the media’s smear campaign against President Trump, which has been going on since he won in 2016, went from “China travel ban?! He’s racist!” to “People are dying? He’s incompetent!”

First, they’ve been wrong about everything.

Second, while being wrong about everything they’ve been “backed up” by doctors and scientists who share their social and political views.

Third, everything they’ve reported has been designed to inspire fear and marginalize rationality.

Let’s be really clear right out of the gate: our country’s wildly hysterical response to COVID-19 was a national humiliation. And the collateral damage from the fear has already left us with exponentially more avoidable carnage than the virus ever would have. And I say “avoidable” collateral damage because nobody ever claimed we could lessen the number of deaths that occurred directly from the virus. This is a tough pill for many people to swallow but, without a vaccine, that’s simply not how viruses work. (You’ll recall that “flatten the curve” always meant prolonging the spread and subsequent deaths over a longer period; not reducing those numbers.) The goal of our irrational response was to mitigate deaths that might have been avoidable if not for what we were told would be a shortage of hospital resources. So the virus was going to do its damage and the only question was how long it would take to complete its spread. Our wildly overblown response, however, left a great deal of carnage in its wake that could have been avoided.

Yes President Trump went along with the overblown response and stands by that decision, but I think it was a political calculation and probably — hard as it’s been to watch — a very good one given the alternative choices he had by the time the media and their allies had laid the foundation.

Still, in the end, COVID-19 will claim maybe twice the number of lives that the regular flu does every season. And if a Democrat were president, that’s how the media would have framed it. And nobody would have batted an eye because while all death is tragic, those numbers just aren’t all that staggering. And they certainly don’t merit wiping out every Americans’ life savings, killing 47M jobs and more than 150K small businesses, stripping every American individual and family of our most basic rights and freedoms with draconian “stay at home” measures, creating myriad brand new health crises because we either prohibited people from seeking treatment for anything non-COVID related or scared them out of doing so, adding $6 trillion dollars to the credit card we are all responsible for paying, and creating brand new social and psychological viruses that have infected our friends and family from coast-to-coast all while dividing an already-suffering nation even further.

But that’s really the media’s goal at this point. And that will remain their goal until we elect someone they approve of. Which, for people who have the guts and foresight, is all the more reason not to appease the terror network that our national legacy news media has become.

The truth is, like bad pop music, COVID-19’s wildly appreciated brand is the result of really good marketing and not much more.

The one thing we’ve truly known about this virus from the onset is that the vast majority of people who get it will either have very mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. And for a long time the media eagerly insisted that was the virus’s scariest quality.


To be fair, the implication was that there’s a good chance you won’t even know you’re sick which means you won’t have the good sense to steer clear of vulnerable populations: the elderly and immunocompromised.

But the answer wasn’t to kill our nation and virtually everyone and everything in it. If the media really cared about protecting the elderly and immunocompromised, the simple answer from the start would have been to strongly suggest (not order) they take extraordinary precautions and those of us who interact with them work smartly to accommodate those precautions.

The media and medical community, however, couldn’t be bothered with such rational responses. Instead — in service to a) hurting our nation and with it the person we elected to lead it, and b) taking their most extreme social engineering capabilities out for a test drive — the media and medical community went straight to “Shut it all down and anyone who disagrees hates people and loves murder.”

And just as the media has done with every story they’ve scripted since President Trump took office in January 2017, they’ve put the most destructive possible spin on every new revelation that suits them while dismissing or marginalizing any new revelation that counters their narrative. And heading into the second half of summer 2020 that means melting down over the increase in cases while ignoring the massive decline in deaths which, combined, provide clear and important corresponding implications about the onset of herd immunity and exponential drop-off with respect to lethality.

But they’ll keep doing all they can to inflict as much pain and suffering as possible on our nation unless we elect a new president in November. That’s all any of this has been about. It was never about your health or your safety. It was never about science, models, deference to data or being good social stewards. This was about punishing our nation because we elected President Trump and have stuck with him even after 4 years of the media trying to destroy him. (The media still control what we talk about, but they are rapidly losing our trust and with it the ability to influence what we think.)

And why do they hate and fear President Trump so much? Because they’re parasites in the swamp that he is busy draining. The Democrats and old guard Republicans are the swamp’s breadwinners. The so-called “deep state” (corrupt and politicized members of the intelligence community) are the security force. And the media is the marketing arm for the whole thing. And they are all parasites feeding off of middle class America which serves as their host. (The rich are their friends and the poor are their pawns.)

That’s why they’re so determined to destroy Trump and create more hatred and violence in our country by putting targets on the backs of your friends and family who support him. It has nothing do with any of the noble endeavors our insufferably sanctimonious media — Chris Wallace, Jake Tapper, Chuck Todd, etc — claim it does. It has everything to do with Trump being an outsider who doesn’t fear them or their swamp and, to the contrary, is determined to free our nation of these globalist grifters and elitist snobs who have never done anything but serve themselves and each other at our expense and that of our nation more broadly.

So while many of you will for a variety of reasons, you shouldn’t buy into their fear-mongering anymore. You shouldn’t buy it with respect to increases in cases. You shouldn’t buy it with respect to the need or usefulness of masks. You shouldn’t buy into it with respect to America being a racist hellhole. You shouldn’t buy any of it. The media are at this point in full campaign mode and want three more things from their weaponization of COVID-19: First, for Biden to never meet Trump face-to-face because in addition to his clear cognitive decline, Biden is yet to incur any criticism without challenging the person who levels it to a push-up contest or a fight. He’s an utter disaster. So the media want to make sure he can’t debate face-to-face or with an audience and they want to use COVID-19 as the catalyst for that. Second, they don’t want President Trump to be able to hold the political rallies that energize his base so much more than his opponents’ ever could. And third, they want mail-in voting and in order to get it they need us all still submitting to their fear-mongering until November. That’s it. It’s not about your health. It’s not about your safety. It’s not about the best interests of our nation. It’s about politics and social engineering, and sadly there’s a very vocal wing of the medial and academic community who have abandoned their integrity and now support those same social and political goals.

I believe President Trump will win even more decisively in 2020 than the did in 2016. And when that happens, a large portion of the media will simply disappear because when the twice-bitten audiences who still trust the media emerge from their post-election depression, they’ll tune the media out this time because they’ll be exhausted by the obnoxious “the walls are closing in” and “it’s beginning of the end” and “sources say this is his Katrina / Watergate” and “I know we’ve said it many times before but this feels different” media narratives and lies. Those in the media who remain, however, won’t change a thing. They’ll keep doing what they have for 40+ years: demonizing the right and deifying the left. But because President Trump promises like no other before him to drain their corrupt, disgusting swamp — they’ll come at him, and anyone who dares to support him, even harder.

We should start preparing for that instead of simply reacting to it when it happens. Because it’s not going to stop and “Gosh all these new cases and declining deaths that imply good things for herd immunity and great things for lower-than-promised death rates sure do paint a really dire picture and maybe we should just keep everything shut down for another few months,” isn’t an anomaly. This is who and what the legacy news media have become. And it’s not going to change unless we take their power away and stop letting them drive our national conversations.

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