Why The Media Relies On Polls & Nobody Else Should

As another election season heats up and the entirely-predictable media begins clutching their polls, please keep in mind how spectacularly they failed in 2016 and despite promises at the time to reflect and improve have since opted instead for denial and shamelessness.

The latest is the Fox News poll that shows Biden beating Trump by a gajillion points in every battleground state except ruby-red Texas where they are — wait for it — statistically tied.

Here we go again.

I almost feel bad for the grassroots left because they’re really the only ones who haven’t yet figured out the media’s game. The media still believe they control not only what we talk about and how those conversations are framed (they sadly and dangerously do), but they also believe they control what we think about those conversations (they don’t).

For example, the media think if they talk enough about the spike in COVID-19 cases (which, coinciding with precipitously declining deaths, is what happens when a virus enters its last leg of the race) and frame that conversation as a dire warning then we’ll all agree that we must continue torturing our economy to death, and hold the 2020 election entirely from home including virtual debates with no audiences, and mail-in ballots only.

They also believed if they talked enough about the Mueller Report proving Trump colluded with Russia, that it would do so.

They also believed if they said “the walls are closing in” and “it’s the beginning of the end” and “this feels different” and “it’s his Katrina” or “it’s his Watergate” enough, then eventually they’d be able to make those things become true.

And what sustained them through these disastrously wrong predictions and promises?

The polls they conducted along the way.

Because no matter what the media’s preferred narrative may be, they could always drum up polls to help validate it. And if the polls didn’t say what the media wanted them to, they’d get to work trying to change public opinion with marketing instead of reporting.

And the poor, battered grassroots left still buy into all of it. They’ve been burned and duped so many times but they just keep coming back for more. And honestly, if this is how things went in America for the next few centuries, I’d be fine with it: The media investing all of their time and energy into demonizing the right and deifying the left while changing exactly nothing in the real world except giving their audiences a lot of false hope that makes their continued losses more painful and our continued winning that much more satisfying.

And it’s because of the media’s painfully flagrant bias that there’s really only one poll question that might actually be of some use in 2020:

If the legacy news media spent 4 years insisting that all people who drink Pepsi are either racists or idiots, would you be more likely or less likely to admit that you drink Pepsi?

In case it’s not obvious, “drink Pepsi” is a placeholder for “support President Trump.” Because that’s what the media have done. They’ve spent 4 years insisting that anyone who supports President Trump is either a racist or an idiot. And they didn’t actually scare people out of supporting him, but they did successfully bully a lot of people out of saying so out loud.

Even, as we’ll learn in 4 months, when they’re talking to pollsters.

Most Americans don’t even have to think about how to answer that poll question because we buy into the power of the media and their “cancel culture” mobs. We’re all terrified to speak up. We just a few weeks ago watched the entire medical community let itself be disgraced by ~1,000 leftists among them who ran to the media with a signed letter saying COVID-19 means nobody should be allowed to leave their homes unless they’re packed like sardines and spitting on each other in the streets to fight racism with myths that only perpetuate racial disparity and disunity. That, they claimed, was not only entirely safe but would improve public health.

And nobody outside of that woke faction — none of the serious, objective, honest and far more powerful voices within the medical community — said a thing.

The entire Fortune 500 has been taken hostage by the cancel culture left. These are the most powerful organizations in the world and they’re on their knees because the media and their mobs have bullied them into an appearance of submission.

Now don’t get me wrong: the medical community is still doing the most important work on the planet and their most potent contributors are still some of the greatest minds and most important hands among us. And corporate America still gets up way before you and goes to bed way after you all in service to kicking butt and taking names en route to turning out the products and services that make your life better. But both must feign deference to the mobs because the mobs promote the media’s preferred narrative, and America is convinced that still matters.

In reality, it doesn’t.

Just like polls which today are nothing more than badly-cooked buffets of confirmation bias for the media themselves to gorge on, it’s all just for show.

Yes it’s true that by exploiting a novel flu strain which in the end might take twice as many lives as the average seasonal flu, the media was able to shut down the medical and corporate communities thus creating myriad downstream health and economic crises for individual Americans and our nation more broadly. And that act and the carnage it left behind is a testament to the power that our corrupt, dishonest and disgraced legacy news media does still have.

Congratulations, Jake Tapper and Chris Wallace! How proud you must be of yourselves!

But that was a uniquely shameless act of desperation by the media that netted them wildly successful results by their standards, and should not be confused with the far less consequential gamesmanship found in their continued reliance on polls.

In 2016 they got everything wrong and promised to improve. Since then they spent 3 years dragging our entire nation through one of the most profoundly absurd conspiracy theories ever concocted (that Donald Trump is a Russian spy who partnered with Vladimir Putin to steal the election). When that didn’t work they devised another impeachment plot that was foiled immediately but they laughably saw fit to ram through anyway (the Ukraine hoax which Trump crushed out of the gate by releasing the transcript).

Picture a guy running down the street screaming “I HAVE NO SHOES!” and when it’s pointed out to him that he does in fact have shoes and is wearing them right now he stops briefly, looks down, shrugs, then takes off running again screaming “I HAVE NO SHOES!”

You just pictured the media’s Ukraine impeachment hoax.

Then came COVID-19 and George Floyd’s barbaric murder; two pieces of real news that the media ignored the actual substance of so they could instead exploit and then weaponize the stories in their ongoing anti-Trump smear campaign.

Throughout all of it the shameless and dangerous legacy news media have not simply gone after President Trump but also put targets on the backs of any and all private citizens who support him. If you don’t believe me just put a MAGA hat on and go spend a day in any major American city. You won’t make it to lunch before before you’re viciously assaulted by one of the media’s most proud and faithful audience members. But don’t expect those vicious political assaults and attacks on our First Amendment rights to make the headlines because in addition to promoting violence as a response to speech (as long as that speech is in support of President Trump), the media have also normalized it and thus refuse to even talk about it when it happens.

Of course as we all just witnessed with the Bubba Wallace hoax, they’ll breathlessly and uncritically report on any hint of a hate crime that they can pin on “Trump’s America” and President Trump’s supporters more broadly. And then ignore it or sway it away after the damage is done and the “hate crime” is revealed to be a hoax.

Meanwhile, bombshells like this undercover video of Facebook’s content moderators promising to meddle in our free and fair elections by deleting Trump-supporting content and users “for terrorism,” doesn’t even earn a mention from the legacy news media.

They’re dug in. They have to be. The legacy news media is not only the swamp’s most articulate and powerful spokespeople, but they also rely on the swamp for survival. They, like the rest of the swamp, are parasites within it feeding constantly off their We The People host; promising they’re working with our best interests in mind while doing nothing but enriching themselves while laughing at and dividing the rest of us. And among his many promises made, promises kept — President Trump has been draining their swamp since day one and it could very well be barren by the end of his second term.

One thing is certain from my seat: When President Trump wins in November and yet again proves all of their polls and analyses and promises wrong, the media will be forced to reckon with the reality that while they were still able to control what we talk about (they literally write the headlines), they didn’t have nearly the same control over what we actually think. And their faithful audiences, duped even harder and more painfully this time around, will come to that same conclusion. And then those faithful audiences won’t be as faithful anymore and will start dropping like flies. And hundreds of already-fledgling media outlets will shutter, and thousands of liberal activists pretending to be impartial journalists will lose their jobs. And shortly after that a poll may come out saying the majority of Americans feel bad for the disgraced, discredited and largely hollowed out legacy news media.

And that poll will be wrong, too.

For the next 5 months the media are going to promise everyone in America that Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States and that Donald Trump will be forced to leave the White House with his tail between his legs. And their primary evidence for that promise will be the polls.

And they’re going to be wrong. Again. And rather than uselessly bicker and quarrel about it with those in the grassroots who are backed by the media and their corrupt peers in the research communities who have bastardized science and worn objective fact down to a subjective nub, just let them have these moments. Because as history continues to show us, “false hope” is the only thing they ever really get anymore. Our time is better spent preparing for how to handle the remaining media’s post-election reaction to their continued descent and the conservative American right’s continued rise. So if you really need something new to think about, put the useless polls away and instead start working on that.


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