HUGE: Bubba Wallace ‘Noose’ Story Revealed To Be A Hoax

WOW. So that whole Bubba Wallace noose story was a hoax!

This guy’s Twitter thread has all the receipts.

I wrote a few years back that “Hoax Hate Crimes Are More Pervasive Than Real Ones.”

In that piece I noted that the media breathlessly and uncritically accept every hate crime accusation at face value, then flood a national echo chamber blaming “Trump’s America” thus inciting very real hatred for anyone who supports President Trump and then, when it turns out to be a hoax, they barely mention it if at all.

In that way, these hoaxes are starting to look and feel like actual hate crimes against the entire Trump base who are all blamed and attacked for every one of them.


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  1. Prison time needs to be given to these disgusting devils. They are inciting violence and race wars with this behavior.


  2. For those that are interested in some detailed analysis, the site that twitter is attached to is theconservativetreehouse

    There are a lot of great readers and comments, and the analysis is top notch, with supporting documents.


  3. What a comedy show we are missing. Hate crimes hoaxes time after time after time….just like Lucy pulling the ball out on Charlie Brown, yet the press keeps kicking at air.
    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, businesses torched, life works destroyed and 15 FBI agents head down to investigate one possible noose.
    The best part. This guy goes to MSNBC, The View and, wait, wait, DON FRIGGING LEMON for the TRUTH.
    I’m telling you, Where is the original cast from Saturday Night Live when you need them?


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